Landscaping is like the dressing on a salad. It's okay without it, but really adds a lot to it when done well.  Having a professional landscaper manage your lawn and yard can really make the difference between an okay lawn with decent grass coverage and a really great one with a thick lush yard.   It's not always smart to go with the first landscaper near you that you find, but rather get at least 3 estimates from various professionals that can help you evaluate the process.

Whether it's putting in new edging, adding river rock, or hardscape features, a professional landscaper will be able to provide the right tools and materials to make sure the lawn and yard are well maintained.

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You might wonder what type of landscaping additions or upgrades fit into your budget. The good news: There is an array of projects in various price ranges. We break down what you can get for $50, $500, and $5,000 to spruce up your landscape.
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A well-designed landscape can increase the curb appeal of your home. If you find it hard to keep up with the maintenance of your lawn, consider hardscaping. Hardscaping is a type of landscaping that uses hard elements such as pavers, patios and popular stones to expand their living space outside the home. The design options are limitless. Properly preparing the base of any project is critical so work with a reputable company who is certified in installing the material you want and know how to get the job done right.
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Yard clean-up and mulching are lawn care jobs that many homeowners can handle. But when it comes to using chemicals, those jobs are best handled by a professional.
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Homeowners are spending more time in their backyards. Having a functional patio with landscaping and furniture creates a great outdoor living space.
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Remember last year when you woke up to find 8 inches of snow? Not only did you have to dig your way out, but you were late for work. You vowed to never be snowed in again! But have you done something about it this year? Even before the snow starts trapping you in you can set up with a snow removal company to plow the snow from your drive and sides walks and avoid some of that stress. Ask your landscaping company if they provide snow plowing in the winter, a lot do.