Landscaping is like the dressing on a salad. It's okay without it, but really adds a lot to it when done well.  Having a professional landscaper manage your lawn and yard can really make the difference between an okay lawn with decent grass coverage and a really great one with a thick lush yard.   It's not always smart to go with the first landscaper near you that you find, but rather get at least 3 estimates from various professionals that can help you evaluate the process.

Whether it's putting in new edging, adding river rock, or hardscape features, a professional landscaper will be able to provide the right tools and materials to make sure the lawn and yard are well maintained.

gardening tools for cover crops (Photo by Doug McSchooler)
GardenLandscaper and Landscape Designs
Cover crops revitalize your garden with little effort.
two-story brick home exterior lit up at night
Landscaper and Landscape DesignsOutdoor Lighting
Avoid nuisance lighting and glare that bothers neighbors and interferes with the night sky view.
Simple landscaping mistakes can harm your tree's health. (Photo courtesy of Juan Alberto Garcia Rivera)
Landscaper and Landscape DesignsTrees
It's important to care for your lawn, but you will want to be careful when it comes to your trees.
An Angie's List member turned his backyard into a relaxing retreat with an outdoor kitchen and fire pit. (Photo by Reuben P.)
Landscaper and Landscape DesignsHardscaping – Pavers & Stepping Stones
With a tight timeline and HOA restrictions, one Angie's List Member turned his backyard into a beautiful retreat.
vertical garden
Landscaper and Landscape Designs
Looking for garden ideas but short on outdoor or indoor space? Go vertical.