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Founded in 1995, Angie’s List is a leading online ratings and reviews platform that provides trusted reviews and information to help millions of consumers make smart hiring decisions.

Angie’s List offers more than 15 million verified reviews in over 700 service categories, providing its members with a credible resource for researching and comparing local service providers.

Angie’s List is based in Indianapolis, Ind. and is an operating business of ANGI Homeservices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANGI).


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Angie Hicks

Co-Founder, Angie’s List

Angie Hicks

Ms. Hicks co-founded Angie’s List in 1995 and served as its Chief Marketing Officer from May 2000 and on its board of directors from March 2013 through its acquisition by ANGI Homeservices. Currently, Ms. Hicks is the Chief Customer Officer for ANGI Homeservices. Ms. Hicks earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from DePauw University, from which she received a Distinguished Alumni Award for Management and Entrepreneurship and the Robert C. McDermond Medal for Excellence in Entrepreneurship, and a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School.

Ms. Hicks has received multiple awards for her entrepreneurial achievements, as well as her leadership in both the community and the technology field, including (among others) being named the Women Tech Founder of the Year in 2016 and awarded both the TechPoint Trailblazer Award and Harvard Business School's Alumni Achievement Award in 2017.

Mischa Fisher

Chief Economist, Angie’s List

Headshot of Mischa Fisher

Mischa Fisher is the Chief Economist for ANGI Homeservice and Angie’s List. Prior to assuming the role of Chief Economist with ANGI Homeservices, Mr. Fisher was Chief Economist at the State of Illinois where he served as the economic policy advisor to the Governor while overseeing the state agencies responsible for workforce, housing, and professional licensing.

He is an instructor in quantitative analysis at Northwestern University SESP and was formerly a deputy director of the Illinois Department of Commerce and a legislative director in the United States Congress in Washington, D.C.

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