Fire elements have grown in popularity in recent years, both as gathering places and as purely aesthetic elements. (Photo courtesy of
Fire Safety & Sprinkler Systems
Constructing and supervising your fire pit correctly can make it a safe and dramatic feature of your yard.
firefighter at controlled burn in Indianapolis
Fire Safety & Sprinkler Systems
Thirty seconds is the length of most television commercials. It’s also the length of time it takes for a fire to get out of control in your home.
Pretty wood fence and green grass
Dear Angie: The fence that encloses my back yard is shared with three other neighbors and is in bad shape. With a shared fence, are maintenance or replacement costs typically also shared? – Steven O., Vallejo, California
Gray old fence next to fresh new fence
Dear Angie: What’s involved in restoring and staining a grayed-out fence? – Srinivasa V., Plano, Texas
tall wooden fence
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Keep your outdoor living space secure to safeguard patio furniture and other valuable items.