Replacement Windows

household fire alarm
Fire Safety & Sprinkler Systems
Prevent a house fire by ditching these habits.
adjusting a hardwired smoke detector
Fire Safety & Sprinkler Systems
Pros recommend changing hard-wired smoke alarms after 10 years.
a digital space heater
Electrical TroubleshootingFire Safety & Sprinkler Systems
Space heaters may seem harmless, but they're a major cause of home electrical fires.
inspector examines electrical circuit breaker panel
Electrical TroubleshootingElectrical Wiring and Circuit BreakersElectricianFire Safety & Sprinkler Systems
If you've never inspected your home's electrical wiring, now is the time.
Earthquake-resistant reinforcement
Foundation RepairHomeowners and Renters InsuranceBanks & Credit UnionsElectricianDumpster and Garbage CollectionFire Safety & Sprinkler Systems
Read these tips on cleanup, recovery and how to find the right help after disaster strikes.