Giving the code to your electronic keypad lock to someone who needs access to your home is a lot easier than having additional keys made. (Photo by Brandon Smith)
Door and Window LocksLocksmiths
Today’s high-tech entry systems offer ease of use ... but are they more secure?
Door deadbolt
Door and Window LocksLocksmiths
Highly rated locksmiths say having a deadbolt installed in your front door is an inexpensive way to add an extra layer of protection for your home.
Two deadbolt locks
Door and Window Locks
The potential danger these lock systems pose can trump any security benefit.
Keys on a ring
Door and Window LocksReal Estate Agents
Changing locks should be standard procedure for new homeowners before taking up residence.
Door and Window LocksLocksmiths
For major renovations or new construction, contractors often install locks with master pins that work with multiple sets of keys. Learn more about master pins and tips to hire a trustworthy locksmith.