Sprinkler head
Alarms and Home Security SystemsFire Safety & Sprinkler Systems
Fire extinguishers are handy for putting out fires you know about, but residential fire sprinklers can quell fires you're not aware of.
man with security system
Alarms and Home Security Systems
Many people look at security systems as a one-time investment that will keep them safe.
Some basic home safety checks will give you and your family peace of mind in your new home. (Photo by Steve Mitchell)
DIY MovingAlarms and Home Security Systems
After weeks and weeks of planning a move, packing and traveling, it’s finally time to arrive at your brand new home.
jack-o-lantern Halloween house
Alarms and Home Security SystemsHoliday Lights & Decorating
Keep your property and trick-or-treaters safe on Halloween by following these security tips.
Outdoor lighting for a house
Outdoor LightingAlarms and Home Security SystemsHome Automation & Entertainment Systems
Learn quick tips and terms that span the alphabet and cover home security, safety, storm preparation, insurance coverage and other common home disaster incidents.