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open floor plan remodel
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Have you ever looked around your home and felt it was just too dark and dreary? A dark room can definitely make you feel down, especially during the winter months. Check out these 5 tips to bring new life to the darkest of rooms.
Shane Gibbs, foreman for The Painting Edge, paints the bathroom trim at Angie's List members George and Carol Curnutte's home in Geist. (Photo by Brandon Smith)
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Todd Cartmel, owner of The Painting Edge, provides tips on painting a bathroom, including preparation, choosing paint colors and dealing with moisture issues.
You only need about a 1-inch square of the original paint color to make a match. (Photo by Eldon Lindsay)
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Trying to make that wall patch repair fade away? Check out these tips to match the paint color and use the right tools and technique for this DIY job.
a paint can and brush sitting on a ladder
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Learn the difference between oil-based and latex paints before mixing up the perfect color.