a woman and child painting a wall
Interior Painting
Whether you’re painting the kitchen, hanging photos or installing something heavy-duty like a flat-screen TV, it’s nice to have a few gadgets to make the job easier. These cool tools promise to help the next time you feel like banging your head against the wall!
a paint store clerk helps a customer pick a paint color
Interior Painting
It costs anywhere from $350 to $4,510 to paint the interior of a house. But most homeowners report paying around $1,765 for the job. Many factors can affect the final price.
low-VOC paint benefit
House Painting | Exterior PaintingInterior Painting
VOCs are toxic chemicals emitted from drying paint that can cause health issues, especially for those with asthma and allergies. Get tips on low-VOC paint.
painting over wallpaper
Interior PaintingWallpaperWallpaper Removal
While painting over wallpaper isn't the best option, sometimes it's the only option.
two-toned spiral staircase
Interior PaintingWrought Iron, Welding & Metal Repair
The grand staircase often serves as the first focal point in a home, wowing guests the moment they walk through the door.