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Rustic wood photo with clock and lantern
Interior Designers and Decorating
Transferring your family photos onto wood can add a unique, rustic look to your home that allows you to display your favorite memories.
Hallways are an important part of your home, but decorating them may seem tough. (Photo courtesy of Mackenzie Cain)
Interior Designers and DecoratingHallway
Hallways are the by-ways of your house; the spaces that impact you while on the move.
grouping of blue and green sea glass bottles
Interior Designers and Decorating
Turn old bottles into sea glass with a little spray paint and very little DIY craft time.
DIY candle holders in a basket on table
OutdoorInterior Designers and Decorating
Creating an outdoor living area makes your home more warm and inviting.
Rustic terracotta pots as bookends
Interior Designers and DecoratingPlanters
Add some vintage charm to any room by transforming terracotta pots into vintage-looking plant holders.