glass block window, basement window
Replacement WindowsGlass Blocks
Looking to replace a bathroom or basement window? Consider glass block windows, which offer privacy and security.
JBL Glass paid great attention to detail when installing a shower enclosure for Richard Burgess. (Photo courtesy of Richard Burgess)
Glass Blocks
Angie's List member Richard Burgess praised JBL Glass for their work installing bedroom shelving and a shower enclosure, among other glass and mirror jobs.
bathroom with glass block wall
Glass Blocks
The average amount homeowners spend is $721. The lowest glass block install price is $220 while the highest is $1,500 per window. The installation price should not be assumed.
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Whether you have $40 or $40,000, use this list to create a home gym with everything from resistance bands to saunas.
People running on treadmills at a gym. (Photo by Photo by Aiessa Ammeter  )
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Weight management starts in your mind. Thinking positive can help you to meet your fitness goals.