walls with drywall patched
Drywall and Plaster
Big dents or small holes, here's how to make various repairs to your sheetrock.
crack in plaster
Drywall and Plaster
You look up at your wall and notice it: a crack in the plaster. Here's what's causing it.
Professional insulation installer
InsulationDrywall and Plaster
Insulating plaster walls can be a good idea, but you'll want professional help.
Crawl space door
Crawl Spaces
Heavy storms cause flooding in your crawl space? Learn what to do with water that's above your vapor barrier.
Outdated crawl space standards promote the growth of mold because they allow significant amounts of moisture into the crawl space. (Photo courtesy of Basement Systems of West Virginia)
Crawl Spaces
Imagine building a home today to the standards of the 1950s.