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contractor supervises siding installation during home remodeling project
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How do you determine a remodeling project's ROI without hiring a contractor to do it?
Crawl space door
Crawl Spaces
Heavy storms cause flooding in your crawl space? Learn what to do with water that's above your vapor barrier.
Outdated crawl space standards promote the growth of mold because they allow significant amounts of moisture into the crawl space. (Photo courtesy of Basement Systems of West Virginia)
Crawl Spaces
Imagine building a home today to the standards of the 1950s.
Wet crawl space
Crawl SpacesCrawl Space
Foundation vents may be causing more harm to your crawl space than you realize.
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Have you ever received a water bill that seemed unusually high? The reason for such a drastic increase could be a leak in somewhere in your house. Hire a plumber to help you find out where the leak is coming from.