artwork in frame on wall
Artwork and Framing
One highly rated provider explains the most important elements to choosing a frame to display your artwork in way that compliments the art itself.
The Veal's have been building the Ice Tree since 1961. (Photo by Steve C. Mitchell)
Artwork and Framing
Indianapolis residents brave the cold each winter to visit the Veal Family Ice Tree, which is a colorful ice structure the family constructs on their property.
BathroomArtwork and Framing
We've all read it, whether we've been appalled or perplexed, and even some of us have been guilty of writing it.
Blice Edwards
Artwork and Framing
If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s the value of a mural? Artists Blice Edwards leave their mark on Indianapolis with larger-than-life images.
Artist Walter Knabe at his Indianapolis studio with custom wallpaper designs behind him
Knabe clients include a U.S. president, mega entertainers and hall of famers.