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patching the seams on drywall repair
Drywall and Plaster
Minor drywall repair isn't too complicated, but many homeowners prefer to leave it to the pros.
Drywall instillation
Drywall and Plaster
We’ve all been there… the moving guy runs a desk into the wall, the kids are playing hockey and someone gets tackled into the wall, the roof leaks and now the drywall has been damaged.
mudding a drywall hole
Drywall and Plaster
Drywall installation is simple, but most homeowners (and many contractors) make mistakes, some of which can lead to long-term problems.
drywall hole
Drywall and Plaster
If home repair is beyond your abilities, use Angie's List to find a highly rated Atlanta drywall contractor to help.
walls with drywall patched
Drywall and Plaster
Big dents or small holes, here's how to make various repairs to your sheetrock.