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finished basement
RemodelBasementBasement WaterproofingHiring a Contractor
Debating whether to remodel your basement yourself or hire a contractor? Here's what our experts had to say.
Wet basement floor with mold
Basement WaterproofingStructural Engineers
A structural engineer explains why to hire an engineer and draft a plan before repairing a wet basement or crawl space.
Water in a basement
Basement Waterproofing
Water, a basement’s archenemy, does more than cause a foul odor in basements, but can cause serious damage to walls, windows and floors, as well as your health.
Crawl Space
Crawl SpacesBasement Waterproofing
Forgetting your crawl space can have plenty of negative consequences for the rest of your home .
A home's foundation is repaired
Basement WaterproofingFoundation Repair
During periods of prolonged dryness, the soil surrounding your home shrinks, causing foundation issues.