How to hang a picture
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Whether you want to hang a single piece of artwork or make your place look like the Louvre, knowing how to hang a picture is a great skill to have in your home improvement toolbox.

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Pallets are easy to find (just check out your local garden supply store) and even easier to repurpose! With a few nails and a can of paint, these wooden crates can be turned into beautiful wall art, bookshelves and even bed frames.

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Is your coffee table looking a little bare-bones these days? For less than $10, you can transform an old baking sheet into a unique serving tray that's functional and beautiful. As an added bonus, you can end that game of hide-and-seek with your remote once and for all!

bookshelves extending over couch
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Built in bookshelves cost an average of $2,523. Most job costs range between $1,247 and $3,953.
A small bathroom with frameless glass shower doors
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Small baths can live large when designed with care.