Home is where the heart is.  The outside of a home is just as important as the inside when it comes to maintenance and style.  Making sure things like the siding, fencing, and other areas are properly care for will go a long way towards the home value and comfort.

Finding local pros that can work on the exterior of a home is important. Quality house painters, siding experts, local pressure washers, and solar panel pros can all help make the exterior of the home even better.  Angie's List does recommend getting at least 3 estimates before starting any exterior work on the home. 

solar panels
Solar Panels
Tesla announced they will soon sell versions of their battery packs to consumers to help power their homes.
Solar panel installation
Solar Panels
Connecting your residential solar power to the utility grid comes with advantages, but for some homeowners a stand-alone solar system is a better fit.
solar panels on home's roof
Solar PanelsRoofPanelsSolar Shingle
Considering a solar power system? Learning a few key solar energy terms will help.
Astrum Solar in Howard County, Maryland, is one of the area's largest manufacturers of solar panels. (Photo courtesy of the U.S. State Department)
Solar PanelsEnergy Efficiency
Officials expect to create more than 200 new jobs
Window Cleaning
Most professional window cleaners charge per pane, but a number of variables can affect the final price.