Home is where the heart is.  The outside of a home is just as important as the inside when it comes to maintenance and style.  Making sure things like the siding, fencing, and other areas are properly care for will go a long way towards the home value and comfort.

Finding local pros that can work on the exterior of a home is important. Quality house painters, siding experts, local pressure washers, and solar panel pros can all help make the exterior of the home even better.  Angie's List does recommend getting at least 3 estimates before starting any exterior work on the home. 

Solar Panels
Here are four renewable energy tax incentives to think about:
Smartphone and spiral staircase
Home OwnershipHomebuilderSolar PanelsSustainable Living & Design
Expect to see virtual home design and integrated home automation take off in the coming years.
solar panel installation on roof
Solar PanelsSolar Panels
Learn how a solar energy installation works, and whether it’s the right choice for your home.
workers on roof installing solar panels
Metal RoofingSolar Panels
Take a look at the top green roofing materials to determine which is the best for your home.
rooftop photovoltaic solar panels
Solar PanelsMetal Roofing
Adding solar power on a metal roof is an expensive investment, but offers significant long-term savings.