Building one's dream home starts with a plan, design, and budget.  Finding the right home builder to pull off the project is who another matter.  It's important to get multiple quotes from different home builders near you before signing anything.  Talk with local governments over zoning and other programs including possible rebates.  Always be sure to have the proper permits and insurance before starting any work.

Many folks work with planned developments so they are limited in certain styles or floorplan configurations, but custom home builders are able to produce home's from scratch with unique designs and elements that are envisioned by a professional architect.  An experienced home builder will be able to provide many details about the project and keep you informed throughout the process.


Sidewalk crack and grass
Sewer and Main Drains
Chicago's private drain program requires the city to pay for some sewer line repairs.
Tree roots and sewer pipe
Sewer and Main Drains
Invasive tree roots can cause major plumbing problems, especially in older neighborhoods with clay sewer lines.
p-trap and sink drain
Sewer and Main DrainsCommon Plumbing Problems
A sewer smell in your house could be the result of a dried-out P-trap or drain with improper ventilation.
Basement bathroom
Common Plumbing ProblemsPlumbersSewer and Main DrainsBasement WaterproofingBasement
You'll need this if you install a basement bathroom.
plumber with camera in sewer pipe
Common Plumbing ProblemsPlumbersSewer and Main Drains
Several times a year, customers with clogged sewers find out someone else should foot the plumbing bill.