Building one's dream home starts with a plan, design, and budget.  Finding the right home builder to pull off the project is who another matter.  It's important to get multiple quotes from different home builders near you before signing anything.  Talk with local governments over zoning and other programs including possible rebates.  Always be sure to have the proper permits and insurance before starting any work.

Many folks work with planned developments so they are limited in certain styles or floorplan configurations, but custom home builders are able to produce home's from scratch with unique designs and elements that are envisioned by a professional architect.  An experienced home builder will be able to provide many details about the project and keep you informed throughout the process.


unclogging main line
Sewer and Main DrainsPlumbersCommon Plumbing Problems
Sinks and tubs average between $100 and $275 for basic clogs. More complicated projects that involve toilets or hydro jetting can max out at $400.
 (Photo by Doug McSchooler / Angie's List)
Sewer and Main DrainsCommon Plumbing Problems
Repairing a clogged drain costs an average of $217. Most job costs range between $135 and $302 depending on the severity of the issue.
A water main shutoff valve (Photo by Photo courtesy of Michael Pereckas)
Sewer and Main DrainsCommon Plumbing Problems
Installing a water main costs on average $1,550.
Sewer and Main Drains

When it comes to getting rid of things like junk mail or banana peels, there isn't a lot of mystery involved those are pretty clear-cut recycle, trash or compost situations.

Sewer and Main DrainsCommon Plumbing Problems

Anytime you turn on the sink, run the washing machine or flush the toilet, that water runs out of your sanitary sewer line and into the city sewer or your septic tank.