Building one's dream home starts with a plan, design, and budget.  Finding the right home builder to pull off the project is who another matter.  It's important to get multiple quotes from different home builders near you before signing anything.  Talk with local governments over zoning and other programs including possible rebates.  Always be sure to have the proper permits and insurance before starting any work.

Many folks work with planned developments so they are limited in certain styles or floorplan configurations, but custom home builders are able to produce home's from scratch with unique designs and elements that are envisioned by a professional architect.  An experienced home builder will be able to provide many details about the project and keep you informed throughout the process.


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Window Repair and RestorationWindow
Poorly sealed windows means higher heating and cooling bills.
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Window Repair and RestorationWindow
Wavy glass window panes may indicate that a home has it's original window panes.
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WindowWindow Repair and Restoration
Take some time to check your windows, the glass, the window sash and surrounding area to ward off potential problems and avoid expensive window repairs.
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Window Repair and RestorationWindow
Do your rattling windows make you feel like you're living on the set of a scary movie?
double-hung windows in blue living room
Window Repair and RestorationWindowDouble Hung
Don't consider window replacement until you've tried this simple DIY repair to fix a sagging sash.