Green building and remodeling

From new home construction to major remodels, homeowners are increasingly turning to energy efficient and green building practices to make their homes more environmentally friendly.

Find green contractors on Angie's List

Build green with eco friendly contractors on Angie’s List.


Green building for new homes

Thinking of building? Go green!


Green remodeling challenges for unique, older homes

Old and unique homes pose green remodeling challenges.



Tips for a green home

4 remodeling tips for reducing utility bills

Green building: The past and prologue of sustainable construction

Save green with a solar metal roof

Green building glossary

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency isn't just a trend -  it produces real results. Homeowners can prevent energy loss and reduce utility bills by equipping the home with energy-efficient appliances and building materials.

Energy saving tips for every room of the house

Make your home more energy efficient and save money along the way.


What is Energy Star?

Learn about these energy-efficient products for the home.


Install a programmable thermostat

You could save up to 10 percent on home energy costs.



Home energy audits

Insulation tips for reducing energy costs

Green plumbing tips

Save green: Use your gray water

A homeowner's guide to insulation and winterization

Green products

Building an eco-friendly home is attainable with the ever-increasing number of green building products on the market. Homeowners now have green options for everything from insulation and flooring to lawn fertilizer and paint.

Eco-friendly paint provides green alternative

An increasing number of homeowners are turning to toxin-free paints.


Organic lawn care products

Get a green lawn without using chemicals.


sitting area with room dividerTop 10 green building products

Learn about popular green building products for the home.



Green countertops

Green toilets

Green flooring

Green insulation

Green cleaning

If you’re concerned about climate change, resource depletion and recycling, you can hire a green house cleaning company or even make you own environmentally-friendly cleaning products out of household items

Make your own green cleaning products

Household items like baking soda and vinegar can make effective cleaning products.


Tips for hiring a green house cleaning service

Angie gives advice for hiring a green cleaning company.


Clean your windows with natural products

Learn how to clean windows with toxin-free products.




Go green when you clean

Green cleaning companies cut conventional methods

Neutral pH cleaners for natural stone

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