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Bariatric Medicine

Bariatric medicine focuses on overweight and obese patients. Doctors work closely with patients to help them understand the underlying causes of their obesity, offering a variety of treatment options.


A variety of medical experts and fitness specialists can help you work toward achieving a healthy lifestyle. From fitness routines to weight management, there are a variety of ways to work towards achieving a healthy lifestyle.
A variety of medical experts and fitness specialists can help you work toward achieving a healthy lifestyle. From fitness routines to weight management, there are a variety of ways to work towards achieving a healthy lifestyle.

What do bariatric doctors do?

Bariatrics covers the branch of medicine that treats obesity and its related diseases. Bariatric doctors have undergone extensive education and training to provide medical services and treatment in this field. of  Becoming licensed to practice entails completing a residency as well as taking and passing examinations.

Bariatric medicine will likely use a team approach, joining several specialized medical professionals with your physician to work toward your goal of losing weight and developing healthier eating habits.  A bariatric doctor's treatment will usually include counseling. Depending on your situation, the doctor may refer you to a psychologist to discuss any behavioral problems contributing to your weight problem. If you need a special diet due to other underlying health conditions, you also may work with a nutritionist, who will customize a program with your bariatric doctor. Bariatric doctors use a variety of methods to treat their patients.

Medical intervention may include a program that focuses on eating properly with balanced nutrition or developing a fitness routine.

Choosing a bariatrics clinic

To select the right bariatric doctor, your insurance may dictate that you get a referral from your general physician. If you do have health insurance, you will want to verify that your policy covers bariatric medical care. Read through the listing of doctors in the provider directory available from your health insurance company. 

Verify the qualifications, education and continuing education by consulting Angie's List, where you can also see member reviews and rankings of the doctor or clinic. 

When you meet with a bariatric physician, the doctor will review the medical history information you provide. The doctor may order various tests, in addition to recording your weight and height, monitoring your blood pressure and checking your pulse. If you have any serious health conditions, make sure that the bariatric physician is aware of them

Weight-loss options

Bariatric surgery is an option that your physician may offer. Several types of surgical procedures are available, so ask your doctor to discuss them with you to help with your decision. One type of operation involves surgically removing a part of your stomach, thereby making the area where food is digested smaller. Another procedure, commonly known as lap-band surgery, entails insertion of a gastric band around the outside of your stomach. The lap-band is tightened so that less food can pass into the stomach. With both procedures, you'll eat smaller food quantities and fewer calories, leading to eventual weight loss.

Your options for treatment hinge on several factors and the doctor's recommendations, depending on the severity of your condition. Your physician may start you on a dietary plan to help you lose weight, as well as recommending increased levels of physical exercise to promote overall fitness. Other possibilities include dietary supplements and suppressants to control your appetite. Counseling will usually be provided to help guide you toward healthier eating habits. Positive changes in your eating patterns will help you succeed in your goal to lose weight and increase your overall level of wellness.

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