It's alive!  Electricity has the ability to bring things to life, but it can also be very harmful if not done right.  Most folks don't understand electrical wiring, circuit breakers, grounding, and other electric elements that professional electricians work on daily.  Their expertise is needed if you want to do most types of electric repairs or installing items that have electrical wiring. 

Home items like ceiling fans, wall lights, recessed lighting, appliances, home theatres, and other electrical components are all items that electricians can provide professional help with.  If you need to hire a professional electrician, you can use our real reviews and customer ratings to find the right pro for you or quickly find electricians near you to get matched quickly with 3 pros ready to help.

If you want to know more about electricy, you can use our help guide here to learn about electrical wiring, get questions to ask an electrician, or cost to rewire a house, plus so much more.

Electrical TroubleshootingHousehold Electricity

The plates covering your light switches may not be high on your list of household priorities, but they deserve some attention at least once a year.

dim light fixture on ceiling
LightingElectrical Troubleshooting
See the top three reasons for flickering lights.
outlet on wall
Electrical TroubleshootingHousehold Electricity
Learn how to identify the electrical safety hazards you can't see before problems arise.
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Electrical TroubleshootingLamps & Lighting
Cool down and light up your home.
GFCI outlet on a glass tile wall
Electrical Troubleshooting
Your hair dryer, TV, refrigerator, electric heater — all were working just fine, until the outlet went dead.