General contractors are the backbone for any home improvement or remodel job.  They typically will pull permits, hire subcontractors, and outline the project to keep costs within budget.

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Bathroom Remodeling

power strip and whole-home surge protectors
Electrical Wiring and Circuit BreakersElectrical TroubleshootingElectricianHousehold Electricity
A power surge is basically a spike in your home's electrical current.
Circuit breaker box
Electrical Wiring and Circuit BreakersElectricianHousehold Electricity
Proper maintenance and repairs ensure a healthy home electrical system.
Be careful when attempting to fix any household appliance because you run the risk of electrocution. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member James E.)
Electrical TroubleshootingElectricianElectronics RepairHousehold Electricity
Electrical dangers come from more than just DIY work.
Kitchen pendant lights with basket shades
Electrical TroubleshootingElectricianHousehold Electricity
No matter the age, many home electrical problems show warning signs before becoming serious.
Whole house surge protectors are designed to divert excess voltage from your home and are a great way to protect your home, says DeJoseph. (Photo courtesy of Tim Donovan)
Electrical Wiring and Circuit BreakersElectricianHousehold Electricity
Are you protected from power surges? It takes more than a power strip. One highly rated provider explains what it takes to protect your home from power surges.