General contractors are the backbone for any home improvement or remodel job.  They typically will pull permits, hire subcontractors, and outline the project to keep costs within budget.

At Angie's List, we pride ourselves on having the best reviews for local contractors to help you find the right professional for your project.  You can see our list of contractors along with ratings or browse general contractors near you to match with an expert quickly.

You can learn more about contractors, general contracting, hiring contractors, as well as general repairs, handyman work, DIY projects and more. It's recommended to get at least 3 quotes before hiring a contractor or signing any contract.  Always check with local agencies for proper licensing and permits.

HVAC technician brazing copper
Hiring a Contractor
The shortage of skilled trades workers covers a wide variety of problems.
Hiring a Contractor
A great deal of skilled trade training takes place within companies, as apprentices work their way up.
Apprentice training
Hiring a Contractor
The skilled trades face an uncertain future and a ticking clock.
RemodelHiring a Contractor
Follow this advice to get your remodeling project off on the right foot.
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RemodelHiring a Contractor
Before hiring a contractor in Cleveland, make sure they are registered to work in the city.