contractor bullying (Photo by Jennica Abrams)
ContractorsHiring a Contractor
Is your contractor taking advantage of you, or acting in an unprofessional way? Angie Hicks explain what to do when your contractor acts like a bully.
home improvement contractor stands on roof with hammer and gloves
Hiring a Contractor
Regardless of the old saying "The customer is always right," you've probably been the victim of lousy service many times.
homeowner waits in kitchen
Hiring a ContractorRemodelHomebuilder
When contractors won't return your call, is the problem you or is it them?
construction worker carrying deck boards
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Get the contractor your remodeling project deserves by asking the right questions.
wallet with credit and debit cards (Photo by Eldon Lindsay)
Hiring a Contractor
Cash, check or credit — which is the best method of paying home improvement contractors?