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    American Dream Home Improvement
    It's been several yrs now that we had hired ADHI. We special ordered 5 inch side siding plus an upgrade also on the color we wanted. After the nightmare of getting what I thought was very detailed of how we wanted the house finished we still pulled up to our house to find it being done wrong. There are so many things that were going to be done shotty if my husband and I weren't there to watch. Then after it was all said and done, with very rude workers. I can't even describe how bad all the office and field workers were to us. They are all very nice until there is a question. Then the **** starts. The siding that was put on our house was produced damaged. Called them several times. When the sun shines on the areas it looks like a tennis ball is under the siding. It has nothing to do with the underneath structure. It was made faulty. They always came out when I could not walk the house with them. Small babies in the house that could not be left alone. Both employees of theirs and the manufacturers of the siding came out. They sent a person to replace the damaged siding. Only they only replaced a few pieces on the back of garage area. Called again. Again someone came out. Looked at it and refused to wait for me to come out and walk the house with them. His response of me pointing out how the bad siding is place all over our house was, What do you think we're going to do? Replace it all. My response was, Yes if it needs to be. The man said to me that since they already did replace some they would have to close that complaint and open a new one. By now it was the middle of winter. Siding gets crisp when cold. He then said he would call me come Spring. That was at least 5 yrs ago. Still have not heard a thing from him. Since then we had 2 of their salespeople stop at our house looking to inspect our roof. I had this person look at our house. He didn't know they did the siding. I asked his opinion on it. He even said it needed to be replaced. They say they give a lifetime warranty. This salesperson said he would get it to be taken care of. After a month of nothing. Called his phone and it had been disconnected. Meanwhile we still have bad siding on our house and a piece that does not match. Don't even answer your door if they come knocking. Our home is all we have for money investment. Because of their shotty siding and liars that they are they have taken away some of our home value. They continue to ignore the problem. And no I have not tried again to contact them. I've been through many health issues and the stress this has caused me makes my health worse. But I will never stop trying to have this taken care of.
    - Kathleen G.
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    Infinity Exteriors LLC
    "GREAT COMPANY, QUALITY WORK!" After seeing the awesome siding job on my neighbors house, I decided to have Infinity do mine. Tom Gaeth gave me an honest, down to earth quote. He answered all my questions and put together the whole project very well. The work Nick and the crew did was excellent and my house looks brand new! I am very impressed with the quality work and expertise from everyone at Infinity! I definitely would call again for any future work!
    - Cheryl S.
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    Infinity Exteriors LLC
    My husband and I have been working with Ben Gutkowski, on an exterior remodel of our home including new roofing, siding, gutters, trim, fascia, and doors. Throughout this planning process, Ben has been extremely helpful! He has worked closely with us on the design, product/color samples and has communicated with us in a timely manner. We definitely recommend Ben as a great point of contact at Infinity. Our project will be beginning soon and we look forward to seeing the final product!
    - Jean P.
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    Weather Tight Corporation
    We are very happy with the overall look of our new roof and gutters. The price seemed fair overall and the crews that did the work were very good and friendly. The only problem we had was that we were told we'd get expedited service, 5 to 6 weeks, because we had some serious interior leaks every time it rained, but the project didn't start until 9 weeks later. We understand that things come up and the weather can't be controlled but that was a little disappointing. Overall, I would consider using Weather Tight again and are happy with the finished project.
    - Stacey A.
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    Over the Top Roofing & Construction
    It started out great. Darren came out, pleasant, knowledgeable. I had a ceiling/roof leak and some damaged wood siding. He said he would have the estimate to me the next day and I confirmed he had the right contact info. I followed up after a week of not hearing back. He said he'd send it out that night. Nothing. Once a week for the next few weeks, I'd try again, even escalating to the manager, each time someone promised to get an estimate to me by the end of that day. I finally decided if they can't even get around to my estimate, they probably are going to approach working on my project the same way.
    - Bill O.
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    Infinity Exteriors LLC
    Roofing - Complete Roof Replacement. The roof was completely removed down to the decking, decking replaced in certain sections where needed, and the new roof installed. All roof vents were replaced and chimney flashing was replaced. Here are some of the lessons that I learned from the roofing portion of the project... #1 - DON'T let the roofers work on your house if they do not have a tarp. Some of my decking got wet and water did enter the attic due to a brief but heavy downpour (chance of rain was 20%). The roofers worked on the roof to quickly lay down the ice & water shield but they did risk their safety to stop the water penetration. All of the water evaporated within 24 hours so no long term damage was done. #2 - Watch how the roofers reattach the gutters. All of my gutters have gutter clips. The roofers removed and installed the gutter clips but then also face nailed into the back of the gutter. The gutters were not pitched correctly causing rain water to pond in certain gutter lengths. I spent 4-5 hours removing nails, filling gutter holes, and pitching the gutters correctly. #3 - Perform your own Quality Inspections. I found one flashing that did not have caulk on the roofing nails. I also had to remove damaged shingles that were loosely sitting on the roof after the roofer returned to repair the new roof that was damaged by the siding contractors (see siding review below). Roofing Summary: I felt that the roofing contractor performed the job as if the crew were working on their own house vs someone else's house. I would feel comfortable having them work on my roof again as long as I follow the 3 lessons learned from above. Siding - Complete Vinyl Siding replacement along with vinyl fascia and soffit. The current vinyl siding, vinyl fascia, and vinyl soffit was removed. GreenGuard was installed. Wooden fascia that was rotted removed and replaced, and New vinyl siding installed. New aluminum fascia, soffit, and trim wrap was installed. Here are some of the lessons that I learned from the siding portion of the project... #1 - Be at home with the contractors at all times. I went to work on the first day of siding removal and installation and came home to 2" nails sticking out of my drywall into the living space, GreenGuard that was not installed properly (not taped and/or Celotex still visible), GreenGuard and siding covered 2 out of 4 outside light outlet boxes, and the pump jack uprights were secured to the new roof by face nailing the supports through the top of the new shingles. There were also a few other things that the project manager and I spoke to the crew about the did not get completed or were completed incorrectly. I took the next 2 days off of work to make sure the crew reworked everything that was incorrect. If a siding crew doesn't know how to install GreenGuard and siding that they do on a regular basis, I couldn't trust them to do any of their tasks correctly. I performed quality inspections every 30-60 minutes because they move fast. Even with me on site, they did not install several items correctly and required rework (garage weather stripping, select areas of fascia and trim, etc). #2 - Do your own electrical. I removed all 4 of my outside lights and the air conditioner box mounted to the siding. I also reinstalled these items. Siders are supposed to be good at siding and not electrical. I would not trust them performing these tasks. #3 - Remove your own downspouts. I removed and reinstalled all 5 of my downspouts. I don't trust siders to perform this task very well. #4 - Have a large magnet on wheels. I spent 2 hours picking up nails from the yard around the house. #5 - Perform this job in spring or fall. Everything around your house will be trampled on (they had 8 guys). Plan on having a 4' - 5' clearance between your house and anything you don't want damaged. Siding Summary: My experience with this crew was not good. I got the feeling they were siding someone else's house vs their own. They lost my trust and confidence when they couldn't install their craft correctly and required rework. I put in much more time and effort than I would have ever imagined to get the job done right. Quality Assurance is not present. Total Job Summary: I created a 13 page document with pictures capturing all of the areas of concern and sent it to the company. I will give the company credit for reading it and scheduling a meeting with me at my house. I met with General Manager Mike Saglin and we stepped through all of the issues that plagued my job. He stated that Infinity will always make sure they get everything done right. I do believe they will follow through with that promise, my issue is the lack of Quality Assurance. I don't want constant rework due to poorly installed or incorrectly installed product (or in my case damaged new roof shingles). I expect it to be done correctly the first time. Yes the project foreman is onsite the entire time, but they are working and not watching what the other 7 people are doing. To Infinity's credit, I did receive 1% off of my total project total for my troubles but I would much rather have paid that $$ and received a good experience with a quality assured installation. When all is said and done, the house looks great but the ends don't justify the means. I don't know how this experience would differ by going with another company. Whomever you choose to do your housing project, I would without hesitation take off of work and make sure to be there. Ask questions and get to know the crew that is working on your house. If you are absent during the project, you can return to a house that looks great but may have hidden defects that will not be found until a much later time. I hope everyone good luck with their projects.
    - Jon G.
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    Big Fish Contracting
    Our project was quite large. It consisted of roof, gutters, siding, windows, garage door, porch rail, chimney chase cover, and sliding back door. We wanted to make sure we worked with a company that would have the ability, and experience, to put all of that together. Out of all the companies that we considered to perform the services it seemed that Big Fish Contracting had the best reviews, although they came in on the high side of the bidding process. Initially, Erik was very responsive to our needs as it came to picking colors and styles. He supplied information, samples, and examples of homes that they had completed for us to see. However, there was an overall lack of clarity as it came to the design of the exterior. (We had a hard time visioning what it would look like). Another issue was, from the beginning, we had wanted to replace the rail that encompassed our porch as part of the project. We received a little pushback on that decision by Erik in the suggestion that we should leave it off. But we were firm that we wanted it. The project began just over a month later with the roof being replaced in one day. Then just a couple of days later siding removal started. About a week after that, the windows came and were installed over a series of days. Not too long after the Garage door was installed, and gutters installed. Two of the installed windows had manufacturing defects and had to be replaced. Many of the windows had seal problems. Erik facilitated a timely resolution with the window supplier / manufacturer to correct these deficiencies. Because of these window problems the project was delayed about a month. In a matter of about two months they had completed 90% of the job. Then things went south. At this point in time there were many items on the ���punch list��� that had not been completed. (Nail heads not covered, caulking, some porch trim boards not installed, railing, chimney chase cover, etc.). When we asked about a porch rail Big Fish acted like we had planned to leave it off. (even though there is a note on the proposal to put one on, and we had communicated as such). So, we made some decisions on a porch rail and planned to move ahead and have it painted and installed. It was about this time (end of second month) that we received an invoice for the entire job. Erik and I met about three weeks later and I gave him 90% payment of the invoice in consideration that the job was not yet complete. To which he agreed, and promised a quick finish on the project. By the third month into the project the railing showed up. It had been painted very poorly and after installation the paint started to flake off. It became obvious that the addition of the rail had not been incorporated into the design of the siding as there was a significant alignment issue of a piece of rail and siding that did not align correctly. We were told that it would get fixed (Rail and paint). Nothing got done. In the beginning of the fifth month (after several calls and email inquiries) I was assured by Erik that this same ���Punch list��� of items (Including the rail) would be dealt with promptly. Nothing got done. Over the next 27 days several calls and emails were sent by us asking about the timeline of the project All of which were ignored. Until, at the end of the fifth month, Erik finally replied via email that the items would be completed, apologized at his lack of communication, and that his crew had started another job, that���s why they had not been out to finish. In the beginning of the seventh month nothing had been done. I emailed Erik. This time he responded right away and said that he did not know that the punch list had still not been completed, and they would get someone out there. Shortly after this email they came and fixed the misaligned trim piece and took the porch rail to be repainted. In the middle of eighth month I emailed Erik about when we could expect to get the porch rail on and get the rest of the ���punch list��� items finished. After several emails and calls that went unanswered for ten days, he finally got back to me that the railing was ���currently in my shop and painted��� and goal was to be ���completed by the end of next week���. Two weeks go by ���.nobody shows up. I send Erik an email asking if I could come and pick up the railing and install it myself. It goes unanswered. Again, I spend the next week calling, emailing, and even showing up at his place of business to get an answer. It is now the middle of the ninth month into the project when he finally calls me back. During our conversation it comes out that the railing is NOT painted and ready to go. It also becomes readily apparent that the story he is telling me about what he has been doing to get the railing ready is not the truth. I told him we were done, I will finish the project on my own, and fired him. So in the end, same old contractor story��� them and you get ignored. I would caution anyone doing business with this company to stay aware of what they are accomplishing every day, and do not pay them a significant amount until EVERYTHING is finished. There is NO REASON WHATSOEVER that these last items could not have been finished in a timely manner. I am currently finishing an extensive ���punch List��� of items left undone. As I have been working on these, I have unfortunately found several other deficiencies that I was not aware of in the beginning. Very disappointing ending from a company that seemed have a sterling reputation.
    - David P.
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    Aluma- Trim Of America
    Aluma-Trim of America installed vinyl siding and aluminum trim on my house. The price was competitive and they were a pleasure to do business with. Terry led our project and delivered a great result. His install team (Keith and Ron) are experienced craftsmen. They did quality work and were pleasant to work with. We're very satisfied with the finished product and highly recommend Aluma-Trim of America.
    - DANIEL W.
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    Reimer Roofing & Remodeling
    Everything about Reimer Roofing and Remodeling was excellent: Kelly, the owner, was attentive to detail and never failed to respond promptly if I had a question or concern; the crew was hardworking (no slackers!), responsive, respective. Site was cleaned up every day. I would definitely hire Reimer for any future work I may need. Outstanding company to work with.
    - Diane M.
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    Infinity Exteriors LLC
    Nick Morn was exceptional through all of our dealings with Infinity, we used them for our rental property but after seeing their great work we also used them at our home. It has been great dealing with Nick at Infinity over the course of two years and we don���t hesitate to use them in the future.
    - Anna W.
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