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From diagnosis to treatment to surgery to post op to referral to a physical therapist, Dr Shapiro exhibited nothing but professionalism and attention to detail with kindness, empathy and persistent questioning of every symptom to arrive at the best solution.  When I underwent surgery, the injury was far worse than originally thought, even with MRIs and Xrays. It turned into major reconstructive su...

Major reconstructive surgery of all three torn rotator cuffs after a severe fall at work. 

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Not very well. See details above.

I went to see Dr. Shapiro upon recommendation from a friend. Initially, I made the visit to see him about follow up from some knee surgery as well as shoulder pains from overuse due to a new baby. He decided that he only wanted to deal with one issue per visit so we had X-Rays done for the shoulder at that initially visit. The results of the X-Rays did not show anything so he said he needed to do an MRI. I asked him for any input, feedback, or recommendations. Unfortunately, he said he couldn't offer any unless an MRI was done, but he said that I could wait a month or two to see if the shoulder got better, and if not just schedule an MRI. So that meeting was the first red flag I got from the guy -- he was mainly interested in maximizing medical expenses by making me do multiple visits for each issue (knee and shoulder), and forcing me to get an MRI if I wanted any recommendations from him. I waited a few months and sought some physical therapy in the meantime. After a few more months, my shoulder got a bit worse and started to become frozen (limited range of motion). At that point, I opted to get the MRI done. I went to get the results a few days later, however, I had to wait about an hour from my scheduled appointment. Based on the MRI, he suggested that I rest it about weeks and if it didn't get better, come in for a Cortisone shot. I had lots of questions to ask him, but he seemed rushed and ended our visit before I was satisfied with all my questions. After a few more weeks without much luck on my shoulder, I chose to get a Cortisone shot. I asked what happens if this didn't work, he indicated that the next step was often surgery. Like the prior visit, I had lots of questions, but he wanted to end things quickly before I was able to get satisfactory answers. I was able to inquiry about some soreness I was getting with my knees going up/down stairs. He indicated that it was just old age and not much I could do. I had a few more questions when his assistant came in saying there was a call for him and if he wanted to take it. He said "yes" and abruptly ended our appointment. That was the last I saw of Dr. Shapiro. My physical therapist recommended I get advice from another doctor on my issues, which I did. This other doctor informed me that it was much better to take a more active approach with the shoulder with daily routines to get the full range of motion back. I have been doing this now for a few months and finally making improvement. I also inquired about my knee and was told that it was like something like runner's knee where simple exercises could help with the problem. I have also been able to take care of this issue as well. Overall, my experience with Dr. Shapiro was not very good despite my friend's recommendation. The customer service I got was unsatisfactory. He rushed through appointments and abruptly ended them before my questions were adequately answered. Although I am not someone in the medical profession and cannot comment on how adequately he diagnosed my problems, I can say that the other doctor I saw subsequently recommended a whole different approach to therapy. Additionally, my biggest gripe is that Dr. Shapiro could have given me more insight on some of the potential shoulder issues that could occur when I first visited him (e.g., Frozen Shoulder), however, he refused to give me any advice unless I went through an expensive MRI with him.

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"When a patient has a concern, I find the most expedient resolution is direct dialogue and encourage patients to contact me directly. I would always hope that a patient would speak openly with me about their concerns, and I am committed to caring for patients and resolving any issues they have with their care. Federal law (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA; see www....

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