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    Delgar Construction And Remodeling
    Delgar Construction was hired to renovate bathroom. It should have been a 3 to 4 day job and we finally stopped work after 3 weeks. They dropped a hammer on the tub and broke off a large chip of the porcelain, put a large crack on the vanity top, and the stopper they installed in bathtub does not hold water. Contractor took a while to accept responsibility for damaging the tub, but so far not accepted responsibility for damaging the vanity. They also have not fixed the stopper yet. Contractor tried to repair tub wasn't capable of restoring it to original condition. They only reimbursed for half of the repair to the tub. It also took them 3 weeks to remove the boxes and used toilet they left sitting in my front yard.
    - Karen M.
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    Steve Hastings & Sons
    They're horrible, absolutely horrible. My issue with them was they put on my counter top and the next morning I woke up there's a loose around the edge of the counter top. So I called them up and asked them to make sure they didn't throw away any of the extra pieces and then later when they went to use my dishwasher, all the water came out of the overflow and was gone all over my counters and everything. They also installed a new sink and garbage disposal and so the guy came and he looked at it and he said "Everything's fine" so he tightened up something up on top of the sink and there's still water coming through it but not as much. And when he left I turned around and called another plumbing company that I had used to install my toilet. He came and turned to find out the guy had not removed the clog in the new garbage disposal. They said that they would repay me but they never did. And when they came back to fix the edge, one came back because of the water problem, I said the edge of the counter top that they put on were quite sharp over my drawers and they said when they came back they would fix that but they never came back. So the next day I sent them an email notes in "can I assume that you're not coming back?" They never showed up the next day. And they replied this "You are sick." Since then when I marked my floors they had gotten glue on my linoleum. They purchased the garbage disposal for me, I told him what kind of sink I have to look for 'cause I wanted to have big sink because I have my previous sink was a double sink and I couldn't get big stuff in it and I wanted a single sink because I have a dishwasher and I don't need a double sink. I would never use them again in the future.
    - Margaret M.
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    Steve Hastings & Sons
    I was on the HGTV website and got to looking at new countertops of formica and was taken to a "HomeAdvisor". It seemed like a good website and it gave me the name of a contractor in our area. I stopped short of hitting the "submit" and decided I would check the company out on Angie's list. Before 10 minutes passed, I received a call from the contractor that was the only one on their list. He was in the area and came to check out what I wanted done right away. 
    The contractor was exceptionally nice and listened to the scope of work I wanted, which was new formica countertops, big stainless steel sink, new disposal, and new pull down facuet, two soap dispensers, and repair the exhaust vent above my microwave. A week went by and I decided to give the contractor a call. He told me he had e-mailed me a quote but I had not received it. He e-mailed the quote again and I it looked like a reasonable amount to me, so I agreed to have them do the work. They were johnny one the spot for getting me to pick out a countertop from a website. They required half of the quote before the work started and came by the next day to get my check, but they had no official contract for me to sign, nor did I get a receipt for the check I gave him.  After that I never heard from them for about a week and a half. I called them to inquire when they were planning on starting the work and they said they were about to call me and their target estimated date was the 3rd of March. He said he would give me a couple of days warning before starting the job. As it turned out I had to call them again a couple of days before March 3 as they had not contacted me. As it turned out they were planning on coming on March 4th. 
    On March 4th he and his sons arrived with the new sink, formica, and garbage disposal. The work seemed to go very well but as the backsplach had not been discussed it was decided to install a row of tiles along the countertop which was better than having the formica as before. I went with the contractor to the local home improvement store to pick out the tiles. While there I picked out a new faucet and an additional soap dispenser. Back home everything was installed and was beautiul. The work on the vent was not done and they were going to come by the next day to finish up. I asked if he wanted a check for half of the remaining balance which he required before the actual beginning of the job and the rest at the end as they were about done. That is when he told me that he had not  figured in a new faucet or the additional soap dispensers, but that he would split the cost with me. I was shocked as we had discussed that in the scope of work, but sure enough on the e-mailed quote there was no mention of the pull down faucet or soap dispensers. He requested that I pay all of the remaining balance except for $100 which I could pay him the next day when they came to fix the venting.
     The next morning I noticed the formica trim had pulled away from the sloping corners in front of the sink. I immediately called the contractor to tell him not to throw the scraps away of the counter top as there was an issue. They came and reworked the trim around the countertop and fixed my venting over the stove. He had to leave clamps on the corners and said they would come by one day to get them but to leave them on for at least 12 hours. I paid the remaining $100. 
    The following day was the first time using my dishwasher since the install and was shocked when the dishwasher started draining through the overflow on my sink! Again I called the contractor and he immediately came. He asked me if water ever drained through the overflow before and I said it never had. He tightened down the overflow and the soap dispensers and a lesser amount of  water came out of the overflow but still too much as I never had water coming through it ever before.  He could not find anything wrong and said at least not as much water was flowing through the overflow.  (He was dead wrong about nothing wrong and I knew it)  I gave him back his clamps and showed him how rough and sharp the edges of the countertops were. He scraped it with his knife and said he would stop by the next day with the proper tools to fix it. 
    Then next day I stayed home waiting for a call and he never called to say he was coming by like he said he would.  By this time I am noticing how sharp all the edges to my counter are and am getting cuts to my fingers when I go to open my drawers just under the new countertop. I was really getting mad at myself for not hiring someone off of Angie's list with good recommendations. I had also decided to hire a plumber to check out my sink install because I knew water coming through the dishwasher overflow was not a good.
    A plumber came and checked everything out and discovered the contractor had not removed the plug in the garbage disposal so the water could drain from the dishwasher into the disposal, otherwise to drain correctly. That was causing all the water to flow out the overflow as the water had no where else to go. Now either the contractor had never installed a new garbage disposal before or had no experience of the problems of water flowing through the overflow on the sink. The contractor was satisified he had installed correctly although I told him the overflow had never spewed water before. 
    I e-mailed the contractor a copy of the plumbers invoice and explained what the issue really had been with the overflow issue. Along with the billing I said I assumed he must be considering the work down as he never showed up to fix the countertop edge. He replied he would reimburse me the plumbing invoice and indicated he was sick on the day he said he would come to fix the sharp edges. 
    It has been 3 weeks as of today since the receiving that e-mail. I have not been reimbursed for the plumber expense nor has he ever come by to fix the sloppy sharp edges. I believe I have seen the last of him and at this point I am done with him.
    Since starting this review I found GLUE on my living room floor and also on my kitchen floor. As I have vinyl flooring it isn't the end of the world to clean up, but finding it just added fuel to my anger. 
    This contractor apparently does not realize that I am his customer and you build a business on good customer service. Even though he was a nice person, I do not believe he is all that knowledgable of a contractor.
    I had to write this review to warn others about this contractor.
    - Margaret M.
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    Vincent Construction
    he work Vincent Construction did was good, they were professional.  My problem with the job was my lack of knowledge.  I should have spoken up more about how I wanted things done. They said a fiberglass tub would be fine - I have regretted that decision especially as it is scratched quite a bit already. I love my shower tile work - it is beautiful.
    - Marcie P.
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    Brett came and gave us an estimate and measured everything. When our order was shipped Brett called and scheduled the day they would come and install everything.They arrived on time..Tore out the old bath tub shower surround and took out the tub in one day. All the debris was cleaned up and hauled away.The next day again on time they came and put in the new shower surround and doors. Also installed the new counter top and put the faucets and a new plumbing set up under the sinks.
    I forgot they put a covering on my entry way floor and carpet so they wouldn't get stuff on it. There was also insulation behind the bathroom walls they tore down to the studs and they vacuumed it all up so there was no mess behind my new shower. I'm terrible with names but the 3 men who worked on my bathroom were very nice and easy to talk too. I would  recommend all of the
    of the Inland Bath crew who worked on our bathroom. It looks beautiful....
    - Thomas V.
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    Vincent Construction
    I don't know why the other reviewers had bad experiences. My experience with Mark Vincent and his foreman, Darrel, was superior.  I provided a detailed statement of work and Mark went over the expectations thoroughly.  Prompt quote within a couple of days.  He was the least expensive of 3 quotes, all of whom were capable and I'd recommend for other jobs and all references were positive and honest.
    We had just purchased the home and it was dated (built in 1974).
    There was damage to the roof structure when an addition was built 11 years before.  With the other roof work needed in the remodel, it was decided to replace the roof and repair the truss-work.
    The existing large deck was covered and partially enclosed.  MV workers helped by making an in-work modification to the enclosure to allow me to remove a couple of wall sections when I'm ready to install a hot tub.  I now regret not having them replace the deck at the same time.  2 years later, it is now necessary.  I'll have MV back to bid on that job.
    I removed most of the carpet from the house and supplied the materials for tile floors in the kitchen and baths and laminate wood for the rest of the house.  Mark's son does have a talent for arranging the tile in interesting patterns; he doesn't just slap it down.
    The kitchen was taken down to studs and rearranged to provide optimal spacing. The dropped ceiling with fluorescent lights was raised and light cans installed.  Custom cabinets and sink installed.  NOTE:  Let the cabinet supplier install the cabinets.  My custom cabinet supplier had to come in and redo a lot of the finish work and alignment.
    Sunken living room floor was raised to match the rest of the house.  New concrete front porch and steps poured.
    Miscellaneous plumbing, electrical, and concrete work was performed.  All workers and subs were very diligent and professional.  I enjoyed the prompt completion of work, attention to detail, and being notified with problems or concerns were found.  e.g. sill-plate rot was found in 3 separate locations and was repaired for nominal cost.
    I will contact Mark Vincent when I'm ready to start phase 2 of the remodel.
    - Kimberleigh R.
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    Columbia Cultured Marble
    Installed cultured marble shower inclosure with glass door.
    Family business; very helpful and full of suggestions. I would have been able to rate the price/value more accurately but this was my first time with cultured marble and I was not prepared for the price difference between a custom shop and big box store.
    Let me tell you! The price of quality costs but there are NO REGRETS. The shower door cost 4 times what the big box door cost. BB door was returned because of manufacturers defect which was a BIG HASSLE! Because of schedule, I bit the bullet with the heavier custom door from Columbia CM and it was worth it! The quality and fit are superior in every way and the cultured marble is far better than the shower stall that it replaced.
    Customer service is comprehensive and professional. I have no problem recommending this business to anyone wanting to make their home better with quality upgrades.
    - Kimberleigh R.
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    Absolute Home Solutions
    We found Absolute Home Solutions on Angies list along with 2 other companies and accepted Greg's bid over the other 2. There was nothing wrong with the other companies we just had to make a decision and Greg's bid was broke down step by step and item by item which impressed my husband. The other 2 bids were just general.
      Greg started demo the next monday which was the 5th of November. We had a few slow downs one being mold behind the old shower wall and we the home owners did not have all items ordered so we had to wait for delivery.
        To give Greg an idea of the tile layout we wanted we laid a sheet on the livingroom floor and made a abstract design for Greg, lucky him. It was quite the challenging design trying to fit together 6x6, 9x12, 12x12 and 18x18 sizes.  Greg said he wanted to take on the challenge and the bathroom turned out beautiful.  The 6x6 tiles turned out to be irregular which we found out half way thru the install. Greg had to use some other sizes to make 6x6.
       There were some personal things Greg had to take care of but he let us know ahead of time so we were not sitting and waiting.  At one point Greg felt he was taking to long with the project about halfway thru and asked if it was okay with us for him to work Saturday and Sunday that week. There have been no other  contractors we have worked with that are willing to make up work on the weekend. Greg and his sidekick Josh are people we have no problem recommending.
       We did have a problem with one of the floor tiles and Greg came over as soon as time was available and took care of it. Now all is good.
       We now have a great,  fantastic, beautiful bathroom.  Thanks Greg and Josh
    - Marcia&Jim T.
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    Absolute Home Solutions
    He gave us a quote within 2-3 days of calling and stuck with his quote throughout the job. His team arrived at about 9:30 each day they worked and accomplished the job in 3 days. He delayed the start one day to finish another job and missed a day of work in the middle of the week, but he always made sure to stay in contact and not just leave us hanging. He got the job done fast anyway and was happy to to fix anything we weren't happy with along the way. I wouldn't have a problem hiring him again. 
    - Alison P.
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    Vincent Construction
    Someone came in, gave me an estimate and work was started in a timely manner. They found a minor issue, explained it to me and left the decision to me - no pressure. The work was done within a couple of days. That crew worked hard and long. They were careful not to ruin my flowers and totally cleaned up when they were done.
    - Pat G.
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