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    Cherubs Cleaning Service is by far the best cleaning service we have found for this area! We used a different company following our last move. Now that we've found Cherubs, we will continue to utilize them as needed!
    - Liz C.
  • F
    So.... a neighbor of mine hired this insane guy "Tony" off of Craigslist to clear a half acre adjacent to my property.  The owner, a very nice guy who had no idea of how "Tony" is and lives 2 hours from this property, was shocked to find out what "Tony" did that day.  Tony attacked 1 of the 2 gravel truck drivers and was cursing the other to extreme.  The driver he attacked I've known for years and is a very nice 65 yo man that weighs about 135 lbs.  The old man had to beat Tony off of him with a metal rod.  Both drivers refused to deliver any more gravel.  Tony called the owner and told him that he had done all the work when less than half was actually done and then left.  I entered the picture not yet knowing of what this maniac was doing and asked him to move a foot of the giant gravel pile he had placed in the road so I could leave to take my mom to the Dr.  Tony replied to my request with ** you SOB you don't F'ing need to go anywhere you GD SOB!  Being shocked by this, I stepped back for a moment and pondered beating the **** out of him but luckily I held my anger and told him sternly to move it the gravel now.  (I'm a bit of an intimidating person physically) So he did move the gravel but I shutter to think what would have happened to someone else as I and his helper had to jump out of the way of the Bobcat as he came at us at a high rate of speed to remove the gravel.  As my wife and I were leaving he was giving my wife the finger and screaming obscenities from his Bobcat.  I later found out that he ran over another neighbors fence and cursed him and refused to fix it.  This guy is absolutely NUTS!!!!!!  Good luck to anyone using this guy to do anything.  He is a ticking time bomb........ 
    - jason d.
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    They were timely and did exactly what they said they would do.  I appreciated their professionalism and will definitely use them in the future.  I asked for advice on what to plant on septic field (besides grass) and they gave me good advice.
    - Hillary S.
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    John, Carly, and Caesar arrived on time and in good spirits. John miraculously got the truck up my steep curved driveway. They loaded quickly and unloaded, putting everything together and all boxes neatly stacked.
    - Jamie B.
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    Darwin is one of the hardest working people we've ever met.  He prepared a very nice drawing for us to see the vision for our garage so that we'd clearly know what to expect in the final build and final cost. 
    His price was better than all of the other builders we inquired with and [because] he does HIS OWN WORK (NO SUBS).  Darwin was very pleasant to work with, a perfectionist and went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy with the outcome.
    Darwin is driven AND knows what he's doing; he's not one of the many who wants the check but doesn't much care about working for it.  We would hire Darwin again anytime and wouldn't even bother getting a bid from anyone else for the next project.

    - Linda J.
  • A
    We are so happy with Craig's work and would recommend this business anytime. Craig came into our home to correct issues left behind by our former contractor. Needless to say, we were apprehensive after our past experience but from the start Craig assured us he'd fix our problems, do a great job and that the nightmare was over.
    He was right. All along the way Craig illustrated professionalism, skill and diligence that provided us with the high quality results we had expected from the start of our project. His work is beautiful, he takes his time and does things the proper way.
    The subs that came in to work were also professional and experienced. Craig was on site to supervise the work and to perform quality control to ensure that everything was just right.
    We will finally have the beautiful home we wanted and can now get on with life.
    Thank you Craig for your hard work and the beautiful job you did in our home.
    - Linda J.
  • F
    After suffering through a five month project costing us $85,000; yet riddled with what we feel is gross negligence, incompetence and misconduct; it seems appropriate to file a complaint against contractor ?New Look Kitchen & Bath? at 322 N. Royal Ave.  Front Royal, VA  22630 asking DPOR to investigate this business and take appropriate action to protect the public in the future.
    Kelley presents herself as the ?founder? with 20-32 years of experience [depending on the day]. It is obvious from the volume and severity of problems we experienced throughout our project that this is untrue.  The DPOR license lookup illustrates Delores M Young founded this sole proprietor business awarded a Class ?B? license number 2705017653 on 11/30/1992, expiring on 11/30/2000.  A subsequent class ?A? license 2705059310 issued to ?New Look Kitchen and Bath? now a corporation, on 11/08/2000 set to expire 11/30/2014.  When using the online license look up, no results are returned for ?Kelley Miller?.  Considering these facts, there are already 2 lies uncovered ? Kelley Miller is NOT the founder and at best case this
    business has held a contractor?s license for 22 years, not the 32 she often claims.
    Our project was quoted in January 2014 and estimated to take 4-6 weeks, it has run 2 months over as a result of inadequate
    materials management, staffing and numerous tasks having to be corrected multiple times.  All issues that could have been easily avoided by an experienced business.  Here is a summary of what happened:
    The above statement regarding founding, years of experience.  Interestingly enough, this is a family run business; a fact hidden from their customers.  Office Manager is Arrissa (Kelley?s daughter) and Brandon the lead carpenter (Kelley?s son). 
    We recently learned this detail via ?a slip? on Brandon?s part.  He asked if we felt lied to afterwards; seemingly remorseful that he had withheld that information. 
    NLKB has posted photos of our project on and Pinterest that are not accurate reflections of their work.  The photos have been cropped to remove unfinished areas that took months of arguing to get addressed and these photos certainly
    don?t contain disclaimers regarding the number of attempts it took NLKB.  Worst of all, there are photos of projects that my husband and I completed with zero assistance from NLKB that they are trying to pass off as ?their work?.  We've asked Kelley 3x to remove all pictures of our job (and our name) as we can't recommend her business after the amount and severity of issues we've had along the way; yet NKLB continues to use these unauthorized photos. 
    Kelley and Brandon often referred to ?the contract? as a point of reference as you should. Our contract says "Adams
    Casing" would be installed around all doors and windows; however we later learned from an outside source that "beaded casing" was installed in our home; it's inferior in quality and lower priced.  No one from NLKB ever discussed this change with us nor offered a price adjustment.  After repeated inquiries on our part, Kelley finally stated that she "couldn't get Adams casing and just installed what she could get figuring we?d never know the difference.?
    Gross Negligence/incompetence:      
    This was a very large and expensive job, yet Kelley Miller never called to ask us how things were going, what our thoughts were regarding the work etc. Not once.  She only came to the job site for the initial walk through, at points where we threatened to fire
    her and get a lawyer, or to collect payment. Despite the fact that the ?Lead Carpenter? Brandon had never run a project of this size/scope he worked unsupervised for 5 months. 
    The turnover rate of employees on this job was approximately 73%.  A mature business should have quality tradesmen lined up at their ready. We experienced a constant string of new employees/strangers coming in and out of our home for the duration of this project; another reason why the quality of work was so poor.  Numerous trades on site stated that Kelley was behind in paying her workers which is why there was such difficulty in getting workmen to come to the site.  Ironically, we paid NLKB $85,000 from January to April.
    This business could not get the appropriate material, in the right quantity, on the right truck to save their lives.  On many occasions work was held up for hours while a tradesman sat here waiting for supplies; sometimes the delay extended days because of materials issues.  Several times a crew member made a special trip from Front Royal to Shenandoah (86 miles round trip) to bring something as small as a faucet.
    We had trouble with every job performed by almost every trade: ·        
    ? started, then delayed 2 weeks because the crew showed up at noon, took lunch and figured out late that they were short one box of screws.  Not joking. 
    The lead carpenter couldn?t figure out how to finish a housing around a ceiling fan so he left it for weeks in hopes that we would finish the work.
    - crown, window/ door casing and base. Started by Brandon, held up because adequate quantities were not on the truck when needed.  We were later told that there was a "Back-order" while we learned by making a call to the distributor that basically any molding in any quantity was available any day of the week at their mill.  There is also the issue with the quote and swap detailed above.
    We were promised ?Custom size/framed bathroom mirrors" which turned out looking like a kindergarten artwork project. 
    After weeks of arguing, NKLB took the mirror down and patched the drywall.  20-30 years of experience and couldn't pull
    off installing a MIRROR?
    Plumbing:  Not his fault, guy sat around literally for 1/2 day because the fixtures weren?t on the truck the day he was supposed to install them.  His fault, our kitchen sink leaked enough water to fill the underside of our new cabinet due to the stress on the joint.  Most importantly, and horrifying our new JennAir range required gas to LP conversion.  After NLKB "installed" it, the stove didn't work right.  We called JennAir service, and were told not to use the range because it was dangerous.  We (on our own effort and dime) hired a certified JennAir installer to fix the issue because Kelley didn?t want to ?pay someone else?.  The certified JennAir installer found that NLKB had jetted the stove wrong, and used blue painters tape to hold things in place.  You'd  think that a KITCHEN business with this many years of experience would have installed a high end range before.
    - Master shower mud set floor sloped toward the wall and not the drain.  Had to be pulled out and redone.  This worker expressed sorrow for the error and wanted to fix it for us. BUT this guy didn?t want to work for Kelley because she hadn?t
    paid him for his work that he performed at our home 2 months prior.  He explained that Kelley told him he better
    come fix the shower because we were withholding $4,000 due to his mistake.  We explained that that wasn?t true, and we showed  him the list of payments we made to NLKB over the prior months. 
    Kelley then sprang on this man that it was now his job to patch a backsplash that Brandon had installed which was unacceptable.  He was unprepared to do that task that day (evidenced by the cardboard tile separators he mocked up to make the attempt; but he expressed fear that if he didn?t do what Kelley wanted, she wouldn?t provide him with further work and/or pay him.
    The kitchen back-splash originally installed by Brandon was wavy to the point it would give you vertigo.  Ironically, months earlier, in this same spot Brandon removed a window and installed a new wall yet the surface was uneven at the joint by almost ½? which caused the rippling of the tile.  After fighting for several days and providing Kelley with pictures to remind her of the ?cause? Kelley sent ?Tile guy #3? to patch it.  Looked like garbage.  Fought some more, some came to patch the patch.  STILL looks like crap.  NLKB need to rip the entire back-splash down and redo it properly; that would be the 4th redo.
    ?Contract says? heated tile floor in both bathrooms.  Back in February, we identified that the size mat quoted in the estimate was too small and we ordered a larger mat for our master bath (and paid the price difference).  However, when the lead carpenter demo?d the guest bath, he hurriedly installed a heated mat ½ the size of the floor surface area.  Puzzling because we worked with him on this same issue in the other bathroom months prior. 
    After much arguing, the tile floor in guest bath had to be removed and a larger mat installed.  A random tile guy removed
    entire floor, used self-leveling compound and re-tiled leaving  highs and lows all over.  Kelley stated that the un-level surface ?Had to be a result of someone walking on the floor? however the tile guy accepted blame stating that the issue was that Kelley demanded he used ?quick set? vs. the material he advised.  Tile guy later came back and PATCHED per Kelley.... Feels like cobblestone under your feet.    Needs to be removed and redone; would be 3rd attempt. 
    There's more, but we think you get the idea. 
    - Linda J.
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    They are always really good. He was telling us that the big trucks that everyone drives are like $1200 a piece. To replace our mirror would have been at least $400 just to put the mirror, but they were able to just replace the glass without a problem. It went really well. I like their customer service. They really go above and beyond for the customer as much as possible. We had to actually leave our car over the weekend because of flooding issues and schedule issues, and they did not charge us a storage fee. We definitely evaluated price, and they are the cheapest we have found. This is our second time using them. We need to do it a third time for our other car, but we are waiting for the person to pay us.
    - Amy C.
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    Provider came in cleaned out flower beds, put in new mulch, trimmed some trees and put in a new retaining wall . Provider was very professional and had job done in a timely manner and done well. We have also had the provider build us a deck and put new flooring all through our home. We plan on having our house painted inside and out and we look forward for him to come back this Spring/Summer for these jobs. Provider does a great job at a wonderful price. You get the look you want without having to empty your bank account

    - kimberly d.
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    ess upThey couldn't come on the date promised because of weather problems.. They call on promised date and setup another date.  They arrived that date and did the work contracted, then cleaned the mess up and told me they would send a bill, which they did and no hidden fees.  We have used them since we bought the house in 1988.  They are professional in their work and respect for the customer and his wife.  I will keep using them as they do not BUTCHER the trees.
    - Rexford L.
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