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Hazard Remediation reviews in Ogden

  • A
    We had excellent results from UDK. Very professional and they know their stuff. They saved our hard wood floors that in my opinion were ruined. A special shout out to Nate Mitani and David Blanton. David showed up on Thanksgiving day to check on how thing were going. As far as I'm concerned they went above and beyond to keep things clean during the sheet rock tear out and all of the other stuff that goes along with water damage. I'd give them 10 stars if I could.
    - Randy R.
  • A
    After speaking with the gentleman on the phone and finding such high expectations from the company I was quite concerned what the estimate was going to be. AAA was able to come out the next day and give us an estimate that was with in the price range of the other three estimates we had received. They were not high at all they were right in the ballpark, same as everyone else. So we decided to hire them. They came in and were very professional they had safety and health concerns as their top priority. They alerted us to anymore mold. They explain to us step-by-step what they were doing why they were doing it what we should expect. They were complete professionals. After the mold we mediation was done we were given the option to have AAA rebuild the room to the way it was before. We asked them to give us an estimate for construction and paint etc. Unfortunately that estimate came back through the roof HIGH! Their construction estimate was four times what it ended up costing us to have another company come in and fix the room. I would recommend AAA for any mold remedium Asian that you need done they are beyond professional they are looking out for their customer. They have safety as a priority I do not think you could find a better mold remediation company. When it comes to rebuilding I do think you should find your own general contractor and you���ll get a better deal that way.
    - Stacy P.
  • F
    It went terrible. I encountered a rude employee of Flood Pro. The company did not work well with my insurer and did not keep appointment with my insurer. I was overcharged and an incomplete job was done causing my tenant to have to remove moldy wallboard and carpet. The pictures below depict work left undone. I will never hire them again and I hope you do not. The cost of the work bellow is combined cost of Flood Pro and the biohazard mittigator
    - Larry C.
  • B

    Our older house (circa 1892) has a challenging basement to work with - finished furnace area in the middle with very short crawl spaces on either side. This created a design challenge for radon mitigation. The first quote I tried to get from Radon Company A ended with the man telling me that he didn't have anyone on his team who could fit in our crawl space, and he didn't feel that he could guarantee getting our radon levels down far enough due to our difficult layout.

    John Seidel, from Radon Be Gone, looked at our unique situation as a challenge to be conquered, rather than an insurmountable problem. He came up with a creative design, and guaranteed that he would get us below 4 pc/L or he would keep coming back. Scheduling the service was very easy and the office proved to be flexible in working around the other remodeling activities that were happening.

    The beautiful feeling I had for this company dissipated when the technicians walked in to install the system. They barely said hello as they marched down to the basement to begin work. A grunt "no" was the response I got when I asked if they needed me to do anything for them, so I steered clear. By noon, things really didn't seem to be going well. The Tech A seemed to be working alone, and I wondered where Tech B had gone and when he would return. After lunch, Tech A returned with a mumbled hello and began work again...alone. Things really didn't seem to be moving along. 

    Around 3 in the afternoon, I started to cook dinner and discovered that the main water line had been turned off. When I went downstairs to see what was happening, I saw a bucket catching drips from our main water line that was indeed shut off. I didn't think that was necessary for installing a radon system! After that, I decided that I was going to have to get Tech A to start talking a little more than grunts.

    It turns out that his partner had run off the job that morning and he was working alone. (My crawl space must have traumatized him! :-))  I don't have a problem with the worker taking off in the middle of the day. That is not the company's problem. It's the worker's. However, I wish someone had told me, so I could understand what was happening.

    As Tech A was exiting my very narrow crawl space, he accidentally knelt or stepped on my water pipes, breaking the seal at the valve - hence, the dripping. He hadn't realized that he had turned off my main water source. Once Tech A was aware of the problem, he rushed out to Home Depot, bought the part needed to fix the water problem, and repaired the problem promptly. Then he got back to work on the radon system. I don't blame him for breaking the water pipe. It would be a very easy mistake to make. My big issue was that he didn't tell me that there was a problem!

    I called John Seidel on his cell phone, and he was good enough to return my message from a conference he was attending in Denver. I told him that I didn't think his man could get the job done alone in one day and that he needed help. John was good about helping to clarify the problem and was very professional.

    A few days later, Tech A returned with a more dependable Tech C. They almost finished the job and did a better job of communicating their progress to me, but had to leave the outside electrical hookup to another tech on another day. I actually had to specifically request that they vent the radon ABOVE my second story window, a tip that the estimator from Radon Company A had given. The techs looked at me strangely when I made the request, but they complied.

    A few days later, Techs D and E came to complete the outside electrical hookup. They came earlier than scheduled, and I almost missed them, driving into my driveway just as they were getting ready to pull out in their truck. I ran over and asked if they needed anything. After me asking questions, they came inside the house with me, showed me how the new system worked, and the things I needed to keep my eye on. Why did I have to chase them down for them to do that? Maybe they thought that Techs A and C had already oriented me. I don't know.

    Techs D and E urged me to test for radon right away. I explained that I wanted to wait until our remodeling job was done and the crawl space was sealed back up. I also wanted to wait until winter, when our house windows were sealed with plastic and the ground was covered with frost (another tip from Radon Company A). Techs D and E commented that I really would be better off testing right away. Why did they say that? It makes no sense to test for radon in a house that can't be closed off. Were they afraid that their work wouldn't pass muster?

    Anyway, I tested this January for radon. The house was sealed and the ground had frosted. Levels were 2.1 in the basement and 2.9 upstairs. Radon Be Gone was successful in mitigating our radon below 4.0 pc/L. However, I think they really need to improve their communication with their customers!

    - Mags C.
  • A
    Things went great actually and they were really good.  There was no charge because they just came out and looked at it.  They were just timely and very friendly.  They moved quickly throughout and just very professional.  I chose them to have a look at the mold testing because of their ratings.
    - Rebecca H.
  • A

    This was the third restoration company that we used in our attempts to clean up the moldy mess in our bathroom (from an attic water leak). How we wish we had contacted them first!

    Nick Oliver was excellent when he came to assess the problem and give an estimate. He was a great listener as well as an excellent communicator of what needed to happen to make our home safe for our family. He took his time, looked at all angles of the problem, and e-mailed a line-by-line estimate to me that same afternoon. (Nick was also very good with my young children, who pestered him with stories and wanted his attention. Thank you!)

    Nick also accompanied the team to my house when they got started with the project. He gave them very clear directions about what needed to be done and was available to them by phone throughout the two long days that they worked here. The crew was also very patient with my children and worked around us very well. They set up containment barriers and did a great job of keeping the mold and asbestos in the areas where they were working. Countless bags of trash were hauled from the bathroom out my front door, but our living area remained quite clean, especially considering the major demolition happening in the next room.

    It took three men two long days to complete the job. The entire time, I heard only positive words between them - never cussing or complaining. They actually seemed to enjoy working together, which kept the atmosphere in my home pleasant. The crew supervisors on both days were great at communicating progress to me. Successes, as well as problems or areas of concern, were brought to my attention, which made me feel like they were working for me and not just around me.

    In the end, our bathroom was totally gutted and construction-ready. The mold was taken care of, and we didn't have to worry about asbestos dust as we moved forward with a DIY bathroom remodel. We absolutely would have hired AAA Restoration to complete the remodel, but we couldn't afford it. If we ever need a remodel or demolition job done in the future, AAA Restoration will be the first company we will contact.

    - Mags C.
  • C

    Jeff was very responsive at the beginning of the process, coming the day after my phone call and quickly submitting a quote for the job. He came to my home, looked at the mold and asbestos situation in the bathroom and attic above, and recommended that he remove the asbestos and we work on the mold problem ourselves.

    Work was scheduled within a couple of days. He squeezed us in on a Saturday, requesting that we be out of the home while work was in progress, because of the possibility of stirring up some asbestos dust and my children being in the workers way. So we were not here during the one-day process. Two workers came to my home, set up a containment barrier, and set to work hauling out bags of vermiculite that had been blown into the stud walls and attic.

    I had requested that they call when the job was done, but that did not happen. When I returned that evening, everything was cleaned up, but there was still vermiculite in the attic area where work needed to happen, in the exposed crawlspace below our bathroom floor, and in some cracks in the bathroom. I called Jeff, and he sent a worker the next day, who did a little more vacuuming (with no protective gear or containment barrier) and removed most of the problem. Jeff and the workman both told me that the vermiculite just kept flowing out of the attic, like sand, and it was not practical for them to really take care of the problem completely. In retrospect, I wonder why they didn't make a dam to keep the vermiculite from continuing to flow out. I think that could have been done with a board to two.

    Anyway, the job was done well enough that we could safely work in the bathroom on the mold problem, although they didn't seem very thorough. It didn't seem like they were interested in helping us with the mold, as Jeff didn't show any interest in giving us a quote for that. (I think that mold remediation is also something they do.) We ended up being unable to address the mold issue on our own and hired another restoration company to come in and finish the remediation job. Our $600 with Edge Environmental was pretty much a waste, since the next company would have taken care of the asbestos and mold at the same time and our total bill would have been much less.

    - Mags C.
  • A
    GREAT!   I am so happy.   See paragraph above.   They hung beautiful new doors in my living room!  My large screen TV is now mounted on the wall.  I have recessed cam lighting, and they hung my wonderful new dining room fan/light.  The contractor and helpers were trustworthy, friendly, and knowledgeable.  I even felt comfortable leaving the house a couple of times and providing the contractor with my door key so he could close up when he finished for the day.  They had to pull up my new carpet (3 months old) to complete my job.  My carpet was stored safely at their warehouse.  They reinstalled the carpet after putting down new pad.  Then they shampooed my carpet.   They re-filled my antic with new blown insulation that had to be removed when my old ceiling was taken down.  They helped to move my heavier pieces of furniture, too.   Can I say again, I am very happy with  the results.
    - Colleen P.
  • F
    On the recommendation of our realtor, we hired Robert Hoaglin of Hoaglin Signature Home Inspection to look at a home which we had under contract. 
    First, the positives. Mr. Hoaglin was very professional. During the course of the inspection he created an entire Home Inspection Report binder that he created and printed on site. The binder included photos and descriptions of what he found as well as the important manuals for major appliances. The inspection took about 6 hours and he seemed to be very thorough. My husband was present throughout and was quite enchanted with the binder and the overall experience. Mr. Hoaglin caught some minor issues, like a sticking shower door, and some moderate ones like lack of flashings on the deck and issues with the stucco. He was helpful in writing up repair orders for the owners and being specific about what company should be used for the stucco. All the issues were in the minor or moderate category, so we proceeded with the purchase of the house. 
    Only after occupying the home for a few years did we realize the magnitude of the major issues present in the home at the time of inspection that Mr. Hoaglin missed. I want to emphasize that there are not issues that suddenly came up years after the inspection...they were present during the inspection and some represent major issues present in many Utah homes, issues that should have been looked for during any inspection. 
    One issue was a fire-code issue. This should have been an easy one to catch. There was a microwave mounted over the stove. Unfortunatley, this was a microwave without a vent - it was instead the kind designed to be placed on a counter. It was "mounted" by drilling and installing a flammable, particle board shelf between cabinets less than two feet above the stove. We only discovered this issue when we went to boil water for pasta and condensation was dripping all over. Then we realized this was not a microwave designed to be mounted over a stove. The individual who installed a new, venting microwave informed us that it was against fire code to have particle board that close to the stove. This was an issue right out in the open that Mr. Hoaglin should have caught. 
    After we moved in, something seemed "off" about the house. We couldn't get pictures to look like they were hung straight, even when using a level. Window screens were hard to change out. Dropped items rolled longer than usual. Small things. In the meantime, we decided to have the deck replaced. This is a very large, second-floor deck with two access doors: one out of the kitchen and one out of the master bedroom. While getting a bid for the new deck, the first thing the person looking at the deck said was, "Do you realize when you walk out from the kitchen, you step 5 inches down, but when you walk out from the bedroom there is no step?" In other words, the house was completely crooked. The deck builder literally noticed this after spending 30 seconds on the deck. After further investigation, we found out that we actually had a straight house built on a crooked foundation. The house was not shifting, it had been built crooked on purpose after the foundation was poured incorrectly. It had not moved since the inspection, or since being built. The problem was there during the inspection. Sure, this could be seen as a subtle thing...but applying a level anywhere in the house would have sent up a red flag (a lesson we will apply in our next home-buying experience). The step issue in the deck should have been obvious for a home-inspector. 
    Another major issue was evidence of water damage in an area of the unfinished basement. I will concede that the owners cleverly hid this behind a emergency food shelving system and lied when they filled out pre-inspection information about the home. Still, the issue was obvious the day we moved in. Later, we found out that basement leakage/seepage is a major issue in our area of Utah. So, if it is a common problem, the inspector should either move the shelves himself or tell the client (my husband, who was present) that it might be a good idea to check for water damage on the walls of the basement where spring melt and drainage is likely to occur. We spent a great deal of money having a professional drill into the concrete and insert a filling agent to stop the problem.
    No inspector can find everything, but he should be able to find things like code violations and issues prevalent in the area. That's why people hire inspectors! This is especially true here in Utah where everyone seems to want to "Do it himself/herself!" with no regard to local codes and laws. I honestly can't say whether we would have purchased the house if we knew about these issues or not. My hunch is that we would have lived with the microwave issue, but not the water damage or crookedness.
    People hire home inspectors to catch the things they are not trained to see themselves. Even the slogan of the company is "Inspection Brings Peace of Mind." Sadly, that didn't happen in our case - the inspection just led us to buy a house with a ton of problems. For these reasons, I cannot recommend this company to anyone interested in buying a home.
    - Stephanie M.
  • A
    Provider did not service us, we had just called around for information and pricing. Provider seemed very knowledgable in their field, they offered additional related information about what were were asking. The only reason we did not choose provider to service us, is because they were in Sandy, we were in Ogden, and the price for the Radon test would have been too expensive for us with them having to drive all the way back up to Ogden to retrieve their Radon monitor. From our over-the-phone experience with them, however, we would be more inclined to use their service over the highest rated local service provider for this field of expertise.
    - Ame-Leigh P.
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