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    Remodel Plano LLC
    I found Mr. Broussard here on Angie���s List in Sep 2016 and contacted him for what he stated would be a 10 week house remodel. He started in Oct and after 22+ wks the house was not ready to move in until April 1st. This caused additional expense on my part for housing and storage. His crews used an additional 10wks to continue working on the house after I moved in only for Mr. Broussard to walk off the uncompleted project 9 months after he started. Below I noted some of the major issues with the house. Mr. Broussard states that "We only build to 2015 IBC, that's the only way my crews know how to build. Which means they, including my professional (plumbing, HVAC and electrical) subs, everything will be brought up to, and built to, 2015 IBC." Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that this is not the case. Estimates to repair the issues caused by Mr. Broussard are running between $80,000-$90,000. Despite his warranty claim, Mr. Broussard has made no attempt to fix the issues. I have made complaints to the Better Business Bureau and on Angie's List that have gone unanswered. The project consisted of a complete remodel with a 2nd floor addition. The house was originally a one story house which had a flat roof that contained 8 roof drains that fed into gutters to take the water away from the house. When the 2nd floor was added, Mr. Broussard did not install replacement gutters which causes the water to accumulate around the foundation of the house when it rains. When removing the roof for the 2nd floor, the East facing living room wall was not braced and as a result fell over. There were 3 large bay windows on this wall that subsequently shattered all over the pool deck and inside the pool. The original 2nd floor design that I had a structural engineer design was changed by Mr. Broussard (with my consent) however when I questioned him on the chimney height he kept reassuring me that it was within code and did not need to be addressed. I have since contacted a building inspector who has confirmed that the chimney is not within code. The wall containing the sliding glass door and the East facing wall with the replacement windows were not properly sealed and leaks during heavy rainfalls. Mr. Broussard made unsuccessful attempts to repair the issue but what I am left with is two exterior walls that leak significant amount of water in my house when it rains. In addition to the walls that leak, the chimney does not meet code and needs to be raised to do so. So now I am left with two walls that leak and a potential fire hazard. A 2nd floor was added to the house with a pitched roof. I elected to have Decra Stone Coated Steel used for the roof covering. I was assured by Mr. Broussard that his roofers worked with Decra Stone Coated Steel before and knew how to install it. The roof was installed in Dec and leaked with the first rainfall. Over the next 6 months, numerous attempts were made to fix the leaks to no avail. The Decra appeared to not be properly installed, but when I questioned Mr. Broussard if this is the case, he would re-assure me that it was done properly. In June the roof sprang 8 new leaks along with some persisting leaks that were never repaired. I was told in that he would be at the house on Monday morning to address the roof but he never showed up nor have I heard from him since. I contacted the makers of Decra Stone Coated Steel and they in turn sent out a manufacturer rep to confirm whether or not the roof was installed properly. Upon the manufacturer rep���s inspection, he confirmed my suspicions that the roof was not installed properly. According to the rep, there are major issues with how the roof was installed, each one contributing to the current leaks and susceptible to future leaks and pest���s infestations. Due to the way the tiles were fastened to the roof (improper placing of screws) the tiles are now compromised and would require replacement. In order to fix the problem, the roof will now have to be taken down and replaced with new tiles. I have had estimates ranging between $54,000-$62,000. The prior roof was a flat roof which had 8 roof drains that collected the water on the roof and ran it down the gutter spouts away from the house. The house has been thru heavy storms in the past and had never leaked at the foundation. After building the new roof, Mr. Broussard has refused to install gutters and as a result, the water during heavy rainfalls collects at the foundation of the house. Up to 5 rooms have had water leaking at the foundation. Three of the areas that the water is coming in at are also walls that Mr. Broussard rebuilt, leaving me to believe that the leaks are a combination of two things; the lack of gutters and improper building of the exterior walls. Mr. Broussard brought out crews to install French drains to "solve" the problem rather than installing gutters. Two areas the sidewalk was tore up to run the drains under them but the sidewalks were not replaced/repaired afterwards. a liner with silicone was used instead of flashing along the foundation which is already coming apart from the brick thus allowing rainwater to get between the liner and the exterior of the house. The house still leaks to this day. The house was gutted down to the studs and all of the old ventilation system was removed. Mr. Broussard's HVAC subs re-located my old system (installed 2010) and the new system in the recently built attic space. They also ran all of the new vents and returns. The AC units have been running since April 1st. Approximately 2 months after running the units, my original AC unit stopped working. Mr. Broussard had his AC sub to look at the system and said that it was a blown motor. Mr. Broussard told me that he would contact me later that day with an estimate for repairs (that never happened) I called another company to come out to take a look at the system for a 2nd opinion and it was discovered that the house is severely lacking the proper amount/size of vents and returns to allow the systems to run properly. The system with the blown motor is a 5-ton unit which requires 2,000 cfm. The ductwork that is supporting that system is only allowing 835 cfm which has the variable speed motor overworking itself which was likely the cause of the blown motor. The new ductwork will cost approximately $6200 and a new motor $1400. The addition of the 2nd floor came 2 upper deck balconies. 1 of the balconies was built off the side of the house. This balcony required 2 support posts. The footers however were not aligned properly and as a result 1/2 of each support is not supported by the footers. When I questioned Mr. Broussard, his response was that it was safe. The tile on the balconies are already beginning to come up when they are stepped on. Mr. Broussard did not use a contractor's dumpster to collect the debris instead he allowed his crews to throw all the building debris on the ground. As a result, the yard and gravel driveway is littered with building materials, broken glass, nails, screws, broken concrete tiles, etc., creating a hazard for my kids who would like to go outside and play in the yard. During the renovation process the crews did not support an exterior wall that contained 3 large bay windows. As a result, the wall crashed down and all 3 windows shattered leaving glass all over my pool deck and inside the pool. After several attempts to clean up the glass, glass can still be found not only on the deck and surrounding areas but inside the pool. Glass is continuously being sucked into the filter system which has been causing tears in the filters to the point that I have to replace the filters. Naturally this is a hazard for my children and myself who would like to enjoy the comforts of our swimming pool. In addition to the broken glass, the lack of use of dumpsters resulted in scratches and stains inside the pool and deck. This led to additional expense on my part to return the deck and pool to its prior condition Some additional issues include but are not limited to, 1) The upstairs hallway had 6 Phillips Smart light bulbs that I purchased at approximately $50 a piece which were mistakenly thrown away and never replaced. A mistake that cost me an additional $300 out of my pocket. 2) The lights above the kitchen bar are not centered properly. 3) The children���s room closet has a large gap between the two folding doors where they were not measured correctly. The right door also drags on the floor when opening. 4) The windows were not measured properly and as a result, 5 of the blinds do not fit. The blinds purchased for the living room 3 large bay windows were not the correct style of blinds and the blinds that he did purchase for them are 2ft too short. This leaves me with 8 set of blinds that I have to purchase myself. 5) the new carpet stained with paint from the workers not laying down covering when painting. 6) The master bathroom tile has the cut edges of the tiles exposed and cuts around the fixtures are too large leaving gaps that need to be taped over to prevent water from getting behind the wall. The tile in the game room was not covered when they painted which resulted in paint getting all over the new tile floor 7) Mr. Broussard's crew broken several windows in the house. They finally replaced the windows but forgot 1 which is still broken to this day. To date Mr. Broussard has yet to complete the project nor remedied any of the issues listed above. In my opinion, this project was not properly managed from the start. I have been extremely let down by Mr. Broussard on how he has handled this project and his lack of concern in properly addressing the issues. I have added pictures to this review however Angie���s List only allows 10 pictures to 1 review. If it were not for that, I would post every picture depicting the issues for all to see. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, I am only limited to 10.
    - Stephen G.
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    The Chimney Sweep
    For the wood burning fireplace, they added a custom metal shield across the top of the opening. Now the visible smoke is mostly pulled up the chimney, but we still have enough in the room to cause our eyes to burn when we try to burn wood. When they finished cleaning and replacing the gravel in the gas log fireplace, it now causes the wall to turn black within about a week of daily use.
    - Ted B.
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    Lon Smith Roofing
    Lon Smith did a great job! Everyone we worked with from the salesman, inspector, office staff were professional, helpful and kind. Their workmanship was top notch. Our new roof looks great. An added plus... they upgraded our roof to a 40 year shingle at no cost to us!
    - Korinne H.
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    Lon Smith Roofing
    They were quick to bid the project and I signed a contract agreeing to the work and was expecting a roof relatively soon. Several weeks had past and I hadn't heard a word so I called my salesman and only voicemail and never a return call. Finally called the office to figure out what was going on to only find out the salesman had quit and never turned In my paperwork. So we started the process all over again and to the back of the line it seemed. Roof went on quickly and with anything that is rushed, the roof was done poorly. The first rain I had multiple leaks and decking was installed without tech shield. They came out after about a month and fixed the decking but nothing was done to the leaks around flashing and vent stacks. After about three months of calling and promises that it would be taken care of I finally took matters into my own hands and fixed what I could. A quality control guy finally showed up and to fix a few concerns and I was promised it was taken care of this time. But nope the last rain I had leaking again..... I would not recommend this company to anyone! They use sub contractors and I question if they really knew what the **** they are doing at least the crew I had on my job. Very dissatisfied and regret my decision to use them
    - Ted N.
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    Dwell Roofing & Exteriors
    The owner Jesse was phenomenal. The first day we met was the day of a destructive hail storm - Jesse's crew secured our home, in order to minimize further damage. A few days later when another large storm came in, we noticed leaks. Jesse's crew was back to patch more holes. The crew that completed the roof installation was respectful, kept the space clean each night and did a great job. Jesse has worked with our insurance the entire time, helping us in a time when the insurance carrier is doing their best to NOT pay to have damage completed. Without his help, I would be at a loss in this process.
    - Jennifer L.
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    The Chimney Sweep
    They did a fine job.  Gave us recommendations for using the fireplace along with warnings about our model.  They didn't try to sell us any up-charges.  I would definitely recommend them for the North Dallas area.
    - Paul K.
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    Empire General Contracting of Texas, LLC
    Carlos and his crew did an incredible job remodeling our home.  The approximate cost listed in this review includes the materials we purchased separately, but with the contractor's discount. This enabled us to control costs.  Carlos and Daniel (his right-hand man and crew supervisor) showed up on time for the pre-work estimate, answered all of our questions, and agreed to do the project for the cost of labor and building materials, with us providing all other materials.  Even though Carlos was not going to get a percentage of the cost of the granite, tiles, hardware, lighting, etc., he still went with us to each and every vendor to help us make our selections and give us his contractor's discount.  This is above and beyond what any contractor we contacted would offer.  Other contractors would provide the materials, but they would tack on a 15 to 20 percent 'service' fee.
    Before the remodel, we cleared out most of our furniture and belongings.  However, we didn't clear out the master closet completely, thinking we could take care of it over the weekend.  Carlos' wife stepped up, went above and beyond, and called to ask if she could bag up our clothes for us.  I'm sure this took hours because she bagged all of our clothes, leaving them on their hangers, and stacked them neatly in the garage so we could remove them over the weekend.  That was a very sweet and generous task that she did not charge us for, and it is very much appreciated.
    Everything turned out beautiful, and we couldn't be happier.  Daniel's craftsmanship is superior.  Our new baseboards and crown molding are flawless.  The fireplace was completely refaced: new tile, new mantle.  It is a beautiful, new statement piece in our home.  Daniel removed the shower in our master bathroom and gave us a new custom tiled shower, complete with a glass tile "waterfall" affect, rain showerhead, separate hand-held showerhead, and glass tile niches with granite shelves.  Granite was installed on both vanities, and in the window sill.  Both mirrors were framed with mirror-mate, making them custom too.  The same granite was also installed in our hall bath, along with mirror-mate framing the mirror.  Both baths received new tile flooring, commodes, sinks, faucets, etc.  There was nothing untouched.  The kitchen was completely remodeled with the exception of our existing cherry wood cabinets.  Our existing peninsula with a raised bar was replaced with a larger peninsula that is all one level.  The peninsula and all countertops are granite.  Daniel and his crew installed new baseboards throughout, and crown molding in the front entry, master bedroom, kitchen and living room.  This was very tedious work because our ceilings go from 8' along the outside to 10' in the center, so a lot of cuts and angles had to be made.
    Daniel also closed in a living area at the front of our home and made a new home-office for me.  The French doors are an awesome touch.  My existing office was turned into a bedroom, so he had to build a closet.  Our two back bedrooms were converted into a media room by removing the wall that was between them along with both closets.  A structural engineer had to be called in to design the supporting beam structure, and that was an extra cost.  Because of where the beam had to be installed in the attic and the roofline, the ceiling in the media room had to be lowered to 8' throughout.
    The painter, Habrahan, was very patient with us on choosing our paint, and changing our minds a couple of times on the color for the master bedroom and master bathroom.  Who knew that choosing paint color was one of the most difficult tasks!  The cut-in on the paint between the walls and ceiling, etc., is impeccable.  All caulking is straight and seamless. I've spent hours caulking in the past, so I know how difficult this is!  Habrahan's work could compete with any company who specializes in only painting.
    Every lighting fixture in our home was replaced, along with most of the light switches.  The electrician's name is also Carlos, so this paragraph pertains to Carlos "the electrician".  Carlos did an outstanding job recommending what lights we should purchase (and NOT purchase).  He installed LED can lights in every room, and dimmer switches in most rooms.  He moved the ceiling fan from the master bedroom to the living room and installed a new ceiling fan in the master bedroom.  Every light fixture in the home was replaced.  He also installed LED lighting under the kitchen cabinets.  What a beautiful affect! Carlos had to move a lot of electrical wiring for all the walls that were taken down and put up.  I went to check on the status of the job every day, and Carlos was always the last one to leave.  When the job was coming to an end, Carlos brought in another electrician and an electrician's helper to ensure he could complete the job on time.  Most of the work that Carlos did was behind the walls and unseen, so when I would tell Daniel and his crew how beautiful something turned out, Carlos would joke and say, "what about my work?"   I was very happy when the new light fixtures went in at the end of the job so I could tell him how beautiful his work was!
    Simon did a fantastic job installing my beautiful new engineered hardwood floors.  They are the first thing people notice when they walk in the house.  The angles he used are very custom.  They are straight in the entry, follow the angles of the hallway, and then straighten again when going into the kitchen and living area.  It's hard to describe, but the affect is stunning.  Deep pile carpet was installed in the bedrooms, and a patterned carpet was installed in the media room. You can't see the seams in the media room, even with the pattern.
    Carlos and all of his crew are very friendly and easy to work with.  I enjoyed getting to know them all and visiting with them daily.  I appreciate all of the communication from Carlos and all of his crew's hard work and meticulous attention to detail on all of the crafts.  My husband and I have personally recommended Carlos and his crew whenever we meet someone who is looking for a renovation to their home.  We would not hesitate to hire him again in the future.
    - Russell H.
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    Hales Chimney Cleaning & Repair
    Service was prompt & professional.  Clint even adjusted the service cost down from the originally quoted price, once he inspected the job in person. We will definately use this company for all chimney or dryer vent cleaning in the future.
    - Terrilyn K.
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    DFW Improved
    DFW Improved was my big thing for the year. They have high ratings and they stuck to those ratings for me as well. When they came out and gave me an estimate, they were fantastic. They were here for 8 weeks. I think they were a little expensive. They were a little high for what they did. The quality was very good.
    - Jackie Sue L.
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    Leak Trackers
    I believe that Terry did a fine job and made me feel secure in knowing that he found lots of places in the bricks where cracks were that I had not even noticed.  He had two young men helping him and they were respectful and efficient in working together and they cleaned up after themselves nicely.
    I would recommend and use Leak Trackers again.

    - Carol D H.
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