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    I used to have a great deal of confidence in Wayne Deason. We own a small ranch near Stockdale, Texas. Since our last child left home and I retired, my wife and I started breeding German Shepherds. We love the breed...our dogs are just family- and we struggle not to keep every litter ourselves! Having Deason's vet clinic 45 minutes away was very reassuring. I'm so sad that we have lost that faith and confidence. A few days ago, some lowlife piece of subhuman garbage poisoned our dogs inside their pen. The pen wraps around our house and there is a dog door that allows them to come inside or go out into the pen- we just had this built, the night they were poisoned was their first night in it. My wife was in Louisiana with one of our daughters, and I was teaching the dogs how to use the dog door. German Shepherds are such clowns, you can imagine how hilarious this was- we were having a ball...until the first dog, Maia, began having seizures. (Technically they are extreme full-body muscle contractions). She went stiff as a board with enough strength to knock a large table across the room. At first I thought she was having a neurological problem...and then the next dog, Wilson, followed by a third dog, Radar, and a fourth dog, Ghost, went down. It was a nightmare. I am disabled and don't drive anymore. We are quite a ways from anything. I have a medical background- I was a vet tech in the 80's and I spent 11 years as an EMT and Paramedic in the 90's primarily. I induced vomiting in Maia and Wilson, the two dogs that weren't so far gone that I was afraid they would aspirate it. Radar died very quickly- he was only 10 months old- and Ghost did too...she was 5 and had a litter of seven puppies in a separate inside pen which had just been weaned. I called my wife as soon as I could and she rushed back from Louisiana. We reached Deason's office and they finally got Dr Apple, out to the house about 6 pm the next afternoon. They kept wanting me to bring the dogs in but I don't drive, and any time you even touched them they began seizing. (I'm going to call it seizing just for convenience.) I felt that the stimulus of a car ride would kill them and I wanted them dosed with Diazepam or similar before I moved them. Dr Apple administered a half dose to Wilson and a full dose to Maia for some bizarre reason...Wilson is easily twice her weight and they were similar in their alertness and vitals. I told her it would be a couple of hours until my wife got back from Louisiana and we could head that way...she was in a company truck and I asked if she could transport but she refused. Shortly after she left Wilson stood up and walked around! He had been unable to lift more than his head for about 19 hours at that point, so it was a great sign. Maia also improved. Wilson was my wife's dog...she and one of our daughters raised him from a pup and they were so bonded...I was actually a little jealous. When she arrived home after driving like a crazy person from Louisiana, in tears the entire was wonderful for her to see him on his feet. He was shaky but so much better. We loaded the two dogs up and headed for Deason's office, about 45 minutes away. Halfway there, Wilson started seizing again. The partial dose was wearing off. I comforted him as best I could, and he would relax until the next bump or loud noise set him off again. It was a long and terrible drive. Finally, we pulled into Deason's clinic and drove around back. I told Dr Apple everything, assuming she would give him more Diazepam to ease the muscle contractions. Instead she just grabbed him and carried him inside- his entire body went stiff as a board, he looked like a cardboard cutout of a real dog. She stuck him in a hospital cage and walked away. Luckily my wife got down on the floor to be close to him and then stood up to let her know that he had stopped breathing. I don't think they would have known until rigor set in if she hadn't been there. As I said, I have a medical background. Although I am a retired airline pilot, in my life I have served as a military pilot, a police officer, a paramedic, and a veterinary technician. I am very familiar with the dark humor necessary among first responders and medical professionals that allows them to hold onto their sanity. What happened next surprised and disgusted even me, however. I was already losing faith in Dr Apple based on her decision to give a large German Shepherd a partial dose of Diazepam and a small German Shepherd a full dose in these circumstances- and her decision not to increase the dose before moving him. (By the way, the smaller dog, Maia, who received the full dose, is lying next to me as I write this. She survived.) They hauled Wilson's body over to the exam table to begin CPR. First it took 3 of them to hook up the Oxygen- apparently a standard quick connect was beyond their capabilities. But the real crime is that- standing right in front of the dog's owners, who were obviously very upset...they found this hilarious. in fact, they laughed and joked their way through the worst CPR session I have ever witnessed. Dr Apple did seem to try, at this point- she even moved somewhat quickly once. The rest of the "crew" stood around like idiots, joking and laughing like it was the best part of their day. I'm not exaggerating, either...I was shocked by the lack of concern and care these girls showed us. Wilson did not revive- no surprise. I have performed CPR on many people in my life, and several dogs. I would have been amazed, frankly, if their "technique" HAD worked. Unless they honestly believe that laughter is the best medicine...I don't know what their plan was. My wife was devastated, I was devastated...and nobody cared. They loaded Wilson's body back into the car and off we went. Maia remained behind. I wasn't pleased about that but...we had no choice. The next day MY dog, Zeus, developed a HUGE bump on his head. If he had been outside I would have assumed a copperhead got him and not been too concerned. But due to the poisoning, he had not left our side at all...and I could not convince Deason's clinic to test to see exactly what poison was used. We have a lot of Black Widows here and a Black Widow bite causes symptoms similar to strychnine- I've never seen anything cause the sort of bump Zeus developed except snakebites and internal cranial pressure like from a tumor. Since snakebite was ruled out, I really wanted to know what was going on...Deason's clinic wanted to send him home with Benadryl based on their diagnosis which consisted of "We think something bit him." We asked that he be kept overnight since we lived so far away and had just had so many dogs poisoned by an unknown source. They reluctantly agreed. The next day we picked Zeus and Maia up. Zeus' swelling is down, and Maia is doing ok although her labs are pretty out of whack. We have to keep her very calm so she doesn't have another seizure. She isn't out of the woods yet. There is now tremendous animosity between the people who know us and who know the two neighbors who are most likely to have done this. One has a history of poisoning dogs who come onto his property, and the other is just a psycho- he has done such violent and crazy things that it is easy to see him doing this. We asked for the dogs to be tested to determine what poison was used. We were ignored- once we were told it was very expensive...we responded that we didn't care, we wanted to know what was used. There is a remote possibility that it was Black Widows-the dogs were released into a new area only that night, and this year we have a widow infestation. Knowing the cause could clear the neighbors and allow us to USE the new pen that we desperately need. If not Widows, knowing what poison was used might help determine which neighbor did it- if it was malicious. When my wife picked the dogs up, we were charged $1500. $1500 to have a "vet" under-dose our dog and then to watch a bumbling group of untrained and seemingly uncaring people let our dog die while they had a great time giggling. After, of course, my wife let them know that there was a problem in the first place. $1500 for one dog to spend 2 nights and another to spend one night under observation, and for zero answers. So we have lost 3 dogs, we can no longer put our dogs outside even though we have acreage, we may well end up in a shooting war with our neighbor(s), and we have no answers. My wife's heart is broken after watching the "medical professionals" giggle their way through resuscitation. Seven pups are short one mom, and the coolest 10 month old puppy will never get any older. Much of this I lay at the feet of the piece of garbage who poisoned our dogs...but the fact that I can lay any of it at the feet of the people who are supposed to be there to help us makes it so much worse. I tried to set up a meeting with Deason to discuss this. He seemed interested at first, but after I told him my wife works in San Antonio Monday through Friday until late, he lost interest. He told me that our meeting had to be held on Dr Apple’s schedule. She has undoubtedly had every opportunity to present her side, without us present…yet we are not allowed to present our perspective except in front of her and her staff. I have no problem facing them but to be told we can only speak to the owner about a problem of this magnitude at the convenience of the employee who caused the problem is rotten management. Deason’s personnel problems are HIS problems. We simply wanted to alert him to what we consider to be a problem, he can judge the merit of our complaint. Based on other reviews I have read about Deason’s quality of care, I shouldn’t be surprised. Apparently as long as you make no complaints and pay your bill on time, all is well…but let them know you are dissatisfied with any aspect of care and you are instantly the enemy. And $1500 for what they did? Really...I'm starting to understand their priorities, I think.
    - James J.
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