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Pet Care & Health reviews in Richland Hills

  • A
    K9 Connection
    Brian has accomplished what we were beginning to think we couldn���t obtain��� We found Brian���s contact information and discussed with him our (what we thought) unique situation with two high energy Jack Russel Terrier puppies and one of them being deaf. Which by the way, we had already tried some private lessons at one of the big box franchise pet stores. Did I mention they were ���High Energy���? You Jack Russel families can relate. He immediately accepted the challenge. My wife was going to be traveling out of the country for a couple of weeks and we started out our training process with leaving the deaf male with Brian to board and train at his home for one week. Then we started the lessons at our home for the male. After two weeks we started working both dogs together. Brian came to our house to work with them each week. He was very accommodating when we needed to re-schedule and very prompt with his arrival each time. The male came back after a week like a different dog, he was walking on a leash without any pulling, and would sit when we stopped walking. Not only was he obeying, he was paying attention to hand signs. I have seen some other reviews��� While Brian is working with your dogs, and some have wrote some of the activities seem repetitive, (which is what is required for training any animal), he is also explaining how you should take command and maintain the ���Alpha��� or ���Master��� role. He is teaching you how to communicate and maintain the training accomplished and even moving forward how to continue to train your dog yourself. We have recommended Brian to others with dogs that don���t seem to respond. Animal training doesn���t include a ���magic wand��� but, if your serious about wanting your dog to be at his best��� Brian���s the magician. He will teach your dog, and he will help you learn to handle your pet also.
    - Jim F.
  • A
    Poop Patrol DFW
    It went wonderful. They showed up when they said they where going to. They cleaned the yard up perfectly. They took it went them. Phillip is the guy who showed up and he was very professional and got it done for us.
    - Suzette C.
  • A
    Bridge Street Animal Clinic
    His name is Dr. Norris. He is a very caring person who really cares for his animals. He cares about the people that care for them and very much so. He is a very patient, kind and loving person. He is very professional. He answers all our questions to make sure that we walk away with the knowledge that we need.
    - Debra G.
  • A
    They always do an excellent job.  I have been using them for years and have not had one bad experience.  They always call promptly when they have finished so your dog does not have to stay there all day.  A wonderful place!!
    - Judy M.
  • F

     I have a 7 yr old lab mix & a 5 yr old mal mix that had never been boarded. We did know that our lab could be aggressive to other dogs &  was upfront about it. He had never displayed any aggression towards people. If he had, I wouldn't have  boarded him. I bought each dog a new nylabone & a toy. When I got them back they looked like they had never been touched.  Whether this was due to them not playing with or the toys never being given to them , I can't say. 

    My dogs were so upset that I was told that for several days they would not eat...I was keeping in close contact by texting with the owner. Saturday night at 8.09 eastern I got a text saying that my lab had bitten an employee in the face.....When I asked how bad, she said that she would know shortly...I texted her at 9.53 pm & she never texted back.  I finally  had to call her Sunday morning to see how the girl was...

    While on the road more things transpired as to how the bite happened & animal control showing up. Hospital was wanting shot records & if the owner would have kept the copy I gave her for her records, she would have had them. She said she just wanted the info off it. I told her to tell hospital that she saw the records  & that they had to be update or she wouldn't have boarded the dogs. Not only that but they had the tags on their collars.

    First I was told that the girl dropped the leash & when she bent over to pick it up, my dog spooked, turned around & bit her..On Tuesday when I stated that I knew dogs spook but I was still having a hard time wrapping my brain around it ...she changed story to  his kennel was being cleaned & she squatted down & put her arms around his neck & he spooked & bit her. This time their were witnesses to this story...Why would they attempt to clean a kennel with the dog in it...The owner admitted from the get go that her employee was at fault. 

    No matter what the truth is I can't take the  chance in boarding him again...That is if I could get a good kennel to take him. Yes , Suzette says that she would board him again but I don't think so...

    All that I have said is the truth & I do have the texts to back it up.

    Riverside might be ok if your dog was used to boarding  and was real social but I can't in good conscience recommend them...

    - Karen F.
  • A
    We have used Elite Suites many times for boarding. They are not perfect, but nowhere is going to be perfect when it comes to our furry friend and family member. They are very responsive to our request such as moving the standard bed out of the suite so we can just have our own bed. The web cam is nice to be able to check on dog but be aware that a 3rd party app has to be installed if using an iPhone / iPad. It works fine from a Windows based PC or laptop without additional software. We do like the fact we can put our dog in "day care" (at an extra charge) so she is not in a suite all day and can interact with other dogs. We have never had an issue with our corgi getting injured although I have seen a few reviews on the internet where people said it happened to their dog. I think they do a good job of controlling the dog behavior, but I guess you always stand a chance of something happening. The dogs do get to play outside in large dog runs when the weather cooperates. We have called often while on vacations and they are always friendly and take the time to answer our questions. I would not say that using the services at Elite Suites is cheap, but we have found it to be worth the money for the help they have given us with special requests and the roomy facility for the dogs.
    - Ricky M.
  • A
    K9 Connection
    I adopted a dog from a humane society on Saturday January 18th.     A medim sized lab mix approximately 1.5 years old.   
    The dog was very timid and appears to have been neglected in terms of attention and nutrition.     The dog was coming out of her shell and starting to have some fun.  However, she was still very timid and would not take to any leash activity.    While Brian was working with my first dog he agreed to take a look at my new addition.       Within 20 minutes Brian and the new dog were perfoming the basic leash heel activity in my drive way.  The following day I was able to continue with the training exercise and start with the  training program.     Brian has earned another contract becasue he has helped my dog come out of her shell and he has helped me understand the appropriate approach for this new dog.   
    Brian is good, very good. 
    With regards to my first contract with my first dog.     The obedience training is a big part of our weekly walks and outdoor activity.    I enjoy helping to develop  the dog's mind in terms of obedience and the dog really enjoyes doing well and receiving my praise.     The dog has a job he likes.   I thought I was a great dog owner before I contracted with Brian.    I am a better dog owner since I have gone through the first contract.     I am looking forward to having two obedeince trained dogs.    It is very cool.
    - DEAN B.
  • A
    K9 Connection
    K9 Connection , Brian Cunningham, has displayed signficant skill at being able to have a dog follow his training commands.    He has the experience to be able to quickly have the dog understand commands like, heal, sit down, stay etc.  He uses praise and has not been overly aggressive in the discipline area.  Brian's training sessions are about helping the dog understand the commands and of more value he teaches the owner how to administer the training program.   Brian will take the time to explain his approach, continuously demonstrate his hands on approach, and answer the owner's questions.     He will help the owner recognize successes and improvement opportunities both in how the dog reacts and how the owner is administering the training program (leash skills).      We are about half way through the training program and I am very happy with the service.    Brian works my dog hard and the dog is mentally tired at the end of each lesson.     Brian also leaves the owner with things to work on to continue with the training program.    Brian knows his job.   He is very patient with the dog and with the owner.   I am a very expereinced dog owner, but with Brian's service I am now the owner of  a dog that is on track to being  obedience trained.
    Three lessons into the program and my dog patienlty laid down at my feet as I listened to a door to door sales person's five minute speech.   In addition after two lessons,  my dog walked with a slack leash even when we crossed paths with other dog walkers,  a jogger, even a squirrel.
    - DEAN B.
  • A
    The Texas Tooth Fairy
    I am just sorry that I didn't take a picture or video of Lori working with the dogs, that and before and after pictures of the dogs' teeth would have been much better than anything I could write. The dogs loved her, despite the fact that she was cleaning their teeth! The results were great. She also knows and respects the limitations of her practice and referred us to a veterinary dentist for one of our dogs. That speaks highly of her professionalism too.
    - Jonathan T.
  • F
    I trusted a vet would know an emergency and act accordingly, but Dr Hudak and staff totally lost sight of clear sings of crisis
    in my cat, as she was getting weaker over the two hours we spent at the clinic. quick emergency action with feeding tube and IV was required .  Dr Hudak at Creekside Pet
    Care Center in Keller was
    instead concerned with detailed tests by the book, which were
    applicable to a longterm treatment, if my cat wasnt in crisis.   Dr Hudak  saw her the second day my cat wasnt eating, and concluded my cats condition as stable, while I felt my cat was getting weaker and asked
    for emergency intervention . she did mention to try to get my cat to eat but failed to emphasize how absolutely critical it is to her survival and the need for feeding tube if she doesnt, since cats commonly die from liver lipidosis and dehydration after just a couple days of not eating.  The next day, I communicated to her over the phone that I thought my cat was in need of emergency medical intervention that same day at the Center for Veterinary Specialty Care, which she had recommended.  she didnt ask me why I thought that and didnt even ask if my cat had eaten since she saw her the day before. She set up the appointment for the next day.  I was willing to pay additional $300 emergency fee for same day
    appointment, but also felt at odds about my personal observations and
    those of the vets, so I called the Specialty Center and asked Sabrina,
    the receptionist if she could help me determine an emergency by her
    symptoms. She said yes and determined it not to be an emergency so one
    day was lost due to the negligence of both clinics and my personal
    At the office next day, my cat was showing abvious
    sings of weakness and dehydration as internist Dr Case had confirmed. I
    told her that at this point my cat hadnt eaten in 4 days. The scale
    showed that my cat lost  one whole pound over the course of just two
    days.  I am absolutely convinced now, that she was in a state of
    emergency at that point and  required immediate intervention with
    feeding tubes and fluids due to a high risk of fatal liver lipidosis and
    dehydration, an extremely common complication in cats that dont eat. 
    Dr Case failed to even mention that and proceeded to explain to me my
    cat's trouble as a likely irritable bowel syndrome, treatable with a
    change in diet and medications, none of which applied at this moment
    because my cat  wasnt eating and threw up everything including fluids. 
    Her tech then brought out  an unitemized invoice showing a whole slurry
    of tests apparently to be performed to confirm her IBS diagnosis, half
    of which the doctor didnt even discuss with me.  I didnt have a problem
    paying them for anything that was explained to me, but  no one took the
    time to explain to me why the bloodwork needs  to be repeated after
    having had that done just two days prior at another clinic and also many
    other tests marked by acronyms. 
      I asked for an itemized invoice and  the tech said " so you will base your decision based on
    price rather than whats best for your cat?" but said she will bring me
    the itemized list.  Instead she brought out another much smaller list
    also unitemized.   Her comment and their refusal to show prices made me
    feel like Im being sold to rather than dealing with real doctors.
    Irritable bowel syndrome also did not seem like the emergency my cat was
    facing, but I wanted to believe  that a specialist was addressing the
    most urgent matter first and not an underlying chronic condition.  She actually sent me an email six hours later where she recommended puting Bobo on feeding tubes and IV fluids, which I found in my spam folder days after Bobo died. Why didnt she tell me this while Bobo was at their hospital?
    Stupidly I went out that day and purchased a different diet hoping it
    would magically entice my cat to eat.  My cat died the next day due to
    whole body system collapse at The  Animal Emergency Hospital of North
    Texas in Grapevine. She was too far gone for feeding tube at that point,
    although they managed to find a pulse to insert an IV.  I wish I had
    taken her straight there few days ago instead of wasting time with other
    vets and specialists . The staff there explained everything from tests
    to prognosis, acted very quickly and was very caring and honest. I think
    my cat might have had a chance with earlier emergency intervention.  As
    her heart was coming to a stop, she barely lifted her head as I lay my
    hand on her tiny body. 
      I cant stress enough -go with your
    gutt feeling , speak up  and ACT!  A month earlier she was exhibiting
    mild lethargy and lacked interest in me and her animal friends, in
    contrast to her normal friendly charismatic personality.  I dismissed it
    as hot weather or her getting old. after all at about 8 years a vet had
    labeled her geriatric a year earlier, which made me laugh then, thinking
    about her kitten like s****. I should have done  blood tests etc then.
    That would have bought us a whole month to deal with  anemia, where more
    detailed tests would be appropriate.  A month later she was in crisis
    and required urgent intervention.   I  lost an adorable furry friend and companion.
    She loved me like I was her mom and she really became like an only child to me.
    After all these years its difficult to wake to the reality  that this
    creature that entrusted me with her life is now gone because of my own
    stinginess and indecisiveness. Everyone loved Bobo from little dogs to
    kids.. She will always have a place in many people's hearts.
    Thanks for the flowers Creekside but I wish thanks to Bobos story other
    pets and their owners continue to share long happy lives together
    instead of with a little bouquet. 

    - alisa s.
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