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Pasadena Door Installation Articles

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Pasadena Door Installers Reviews

"Any time I would complain to
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
I would be lied to, given guilt trips, told it was all my fault... The few times he claimed to take responsibility he would then turn around hours later and claim it was all my fault again. As if I was the one performing all of the shoddy work in my home!! At one point he planned to commit insurance fraud to try to recover the funds to fix my home and I have the emails from him to prove it. (These emails are shown on my website, along with all of his other badly written emails calling me names, lying to me, changing his own story from day to day...) This was when he finally told me that he was not insured to contract out other companies or to perform any work that was not paint related. Did I mention that his crew left several of my expensive items in the sun room, despite my written instructions that they move them since we knew rain was due that day? Guitars, a vintage amp, family photos.... all left in the room that took on over 30 gallons of water in 2-3 hours. Thanks guys! He also claimed we did a final walk through in a certified letter dated May 15, 2011. The last day he was in my home was May 12, 2011 when my sun room was flooded with rain. Yet, his certified letter states a walk through was done in my home and signed off on May 13, 2011. This is another lie. I have emails between
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
and myself from May 12-14 discussing the walk through that was scheduled on May 16, 2011. In this certified letter he had the audacity to ask for the balance we still owe him!! My house is in a shambles and he wants more money... That's rich!! I have since sent him a certified letter of my intent to
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
both him and his brother. Beware! He bid on jobs he is NOT insured to perform, planned to commit insurance fraud to get himself out of it, he lied to me and cheated me every
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
he could and has left my house a total wreck. I have since had to pay another roofer over $2000.00 to take off the crap they called a roof and put a real one on my sun room and I will have to pay another company to redo the rest of the work I hired C&K painting to do wasting thousands of more dollars.

His rebuttal would be funny if my house and pocketbook were not suffering. The work on the interior was not completed nor a document ever signed that it was. If it had been, why was he scheduling the final walk through with me from May 12-14 via emails which was set for May 16? His letter claims it was done on May 13. More
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked

Yes, the pictures you see show the work that they did. I will also be uploading a video soon that will show you a complete walk through of what I was left with after this company mangled my home. You will be able to judge for yourself.

He claims the main reason I was upset was because he referred a roofing contractor to me that did a bad job. That is only partially right. He used another contractor WITHOUT MY CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE that then did a bad job. For all I know he used two other companies WITHOUT MY CONSENT since I still do not know about the carpet installer. I was not allowed to research their companies, I have no clue if they have insurance, I was completely mislead to believe they worked for
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
until the roof job went badly. I am also upset that he left my interior in a shambles, that he has lied repeatedly to me about many items (again I can prove this with his own emails) and that he has not taken any responsibility for the damage he has caused me and my home.

He claims he offered me a refund. Again, that is mostly untrue. I offered a deal to him that if he gave me my money back I would release him from further responsibility. He went for the idea, but then became enraged when I asked to be allowed to secure another roofer before we put our deal in writing. (once again, I have emails to prove all of this.) The next thing I knew he was sending me a contract my mother signed with the roofer (i am the home owner, not my mother!) and claimed he had nothing more to say to me. He never offered me a check.

Yes, I would not allow the roofer to come back on my property. Once I saw how horrible the job was, and after
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
himself and his crew all stated that pretty much everything about the roof was a disaster, would you want that person back to your home? Plus, he had already stood me up when I called about one repair and then lied and claimed he returned calls that he did not return when I called about a second issue. Oh! And,
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
told me about the horrible work he had done prior to the work at my home. Who would allow someone like that back?

No, I did not want him to replace the structure of the roof. HE suggested that plan and then he took that plan back off of the table once he found out how much it would cost him. I never felt that was necessary to fix the problem. The bottom line is that neither
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
nor his brother had any business even bidding on my sun room's roof because they did not understand how they are designed. They were trying to apply composition roofing principles to a nearly flat metal roof and that does not work. Once the proper materials were installed on my existing frame by a company that knows what they are doing, everything was fine. There is not meant to be much pitch because the proper metal is designed to not need much pitch .
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
was also the one that first said he needed to add extra framework to try to make the crappy roof his brother put on more workable. Again, a proper roofing job done by a proper company with the proper materials required no extra framework whatsoever.

He claims I became rude with him. I never raised my voice and I never called him names, I remained professional. Well, ok.. I must admit that my last email was sarcastic.... But, it was still professional. Here is what it said:

Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
Thank you for your letter that I received by certified mail today. It made me laugh. It was the first good laugh I have had in days. You claimed (lied) that we had done the final walk through on the last day
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
was here. Is he willing to testify to that in a court of law knowing what the punishment for perjury is? Amazingly, I have emails from you after the last day your people were here where YOU are discussing scheduling the final walk through. Your letter today, along with ALL of your emails and the pictures of your company's work will be posted on the website I am creating detailing my experiences with you. I also appreciate that fact that you have now placed a lie on your "company" letterhead as further evidence of your deceitful trade practices for my lawsuit. You are making this very easy for me. Thank you!!

By the way, that was a lovely article I found online about how you cheated a past "partner" in your company. I will be sure to link that to my website as well. I will send you the link to the website once I have had the
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
to blast everyone I know with the link and they have had a
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
to comment. I am certain you would like to see what the general public thinks of your work and your general business practices.

I was also thinking about making a sign for my yard to show passersby your work as well. One that shows some pictures of uneven seam lines, paint spills, uneven sheet rock putty, vents hanging out of the ceiling along with you and your company's name. I have a very large yard that can accommodate a huge sign and a friend that works at a sign company. :) I thought that would be a nice touch. You said you thought I was "an evil person" before... You have not seen anything yet. I was being kind and gracious then as I was desperately trying to work with you to make all of your wrongs right. Now, the gloves are off. I will do everything within my legal rights to make as many people aware of what has happened with you and your company. Hmm.. I wonder how much it costs to take out an ad in the Chronicle and the Greensheet showing a couple of pictures of your work...

Thanks for the giggle,

Meanwhile, here is an example of him writing to me:
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
, I have proof that you and your mother have lied about my brother and my crew,you agreed on one thing then you turn around and lie about it. I look forward to this maybe you will not lie under oath,you and your mother
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
lied since day one.I have tried many times in pleasing you but you are not the type of person that can work things out.You put your emotions into this by crying and yelling at me and my crew.Go ahead
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
me.Contact both the BBB
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
Angie;s list the good thing about both these companies I get my say in all this.They will print my story as well as yours I have an A plus rating only one complaint from a crazy lieing woman. Give your attorney my number I am sure I can work with him,as long as he is not crazy as you.By the way there was not one thing wrong with the Interior and you know it.When I told you I would write a contract to finish the roof cover and wanted to itemize how many pieces I was to install, we verbally agreed on three,I have this on tape.Now you send a e-mail to leave that area
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
so you can fill it out to your liking.You never heard
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
say anything bad or smelt alchol on his breath this is what your Mother said,Idid not even see the pictures of the water coming through not only the tarp I installed or the patio cover.I know you are lieing just like your mother.There are some people in this world that like to stir the pot and you are one of them.
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
both told me you are the worst customer that we have EVER had.I agree,so go ahead get your attorney get your letters together so will I .You do not scare me one bit.See you in court.Remember you have to tell the TRUTH you will be under oath.

He has it on tape? Interesting. Then why did he not install them?!?! He installed nothing that day except caulk and screws on May 12. I have no doubt that i will
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
in court.
"Everything went well i emailed the company and received a response from Nick. i worked with him through the process and was able to schedule an appt for him to come down and measure the door. we had already picked a door style they had made in the past and he also brought some stains and glass to view. we picked everything we wanted and he told us it would be 6 weeks for it to be made and finished. after 6 weeks we coordinated for them to come and install the door. the installers arrived on time and got to work they took off the old door and started placing the new one in. we also had a schlage digital keypad lock and the handle part gave them some issues. they tried to get it working but the handle was messed up so a new part has to be sent for it but they did make a strong effort to get it going as best they could. the outcome was beautiful the door is very nice and we are very happy with it.
our entry way is a standard i believe 30x80 opening and that price for a custom door was very good. i have found places on line that were charging more without installation. so we are very happy with these guys and plan to use them again.
"In 1990 I had a local window manufacturer replace my single-pane only windows on my house with aluminum single-pane windows with storm type windows on the outside. While this was a great improvement, it proved to have its own problems. The two windows were not sealed, allowing both dirt and moisture to enter between them. There were days when seeing outside was nearly impossible through some windows; very disappointing.

This year I decided to get it done right. I contacted three companies that rated well ion Angie’s List and with the BBB. Before one of them could schedule I decided they actually had more BBB problems than was comfortable for me; so I got two bids.

The issues we had were:

Moisture and dirt between windows. Noise passing to the interior of the house. Heat or cold transfer. Looks from the outside (brown aluminum. I met with two companies; AWP –
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
being the one I chose to do the work. The reason for choosing AWP was not the price - although they did come in 10% lower - it was the product detail and the install process that sealed the deal. The windows chosen were the Home Craftsman 8100 Series. The panes are Cardinal glass triple coated Low E to reduce heat transfer via radiant heat. The two glass panels are Argon gas filled with an air tight seal – no dirt or moisture. The outer and inner sheets of glass are two different thicknesses; 1/8” and 3/16”, providing improved sound control.

After the install, I decided to take some sound measurements. Using a sound meter, I measured traffic sounds; there was a measurable drop in db levels.

I took two identical thermometers and placed on inside and one outside of a west facing window. See for yourself the heat transfer difference after one hour with both in the sun. The inside house temp we 74 degrees, the outside air temperature was 101. See the photo of the thermostats.

The look from the outside has also greatly improved. The Almond blends very well with the brick.

From the initial contact by
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
, who listened intently to what my wife and I wanted, and made recommendations (i.e. Almond instead of white), sound control glass, and tempered glass for the picture windows, to the signing of the contract with
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
at their office so I could see their operation, to the installation of the product, all was above and beyond expectation. As I told
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
, it passes the wife test; and that’s all that matters; especially, since in the end, it was my decision.


One of the things mentioned by many offering double pane windows was noise reduction. Now that school has started, we can truly hear the difference. An entrance to an elementary school is on the side of our home. Every morning starting at about 6:45am there is a parade of cars and buses. My wife often works the evening shift at
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
, getting to bed late and wishing to sleep until 8am. In the past, her sleep was disrupted; no longer. She has yet to be disturbed. This is every husband's dream; making a unilateral decision and having it passing the wife test. It just doesn't get any better than that.

I decided to do something more scientific. I have a decibel meter I use in my job to measure noise levels in offices and warehouses so as to design an effective paging system. Before the windows were replaced, during the month of May, I measured street noise on a school day; maxing out at about 67dB. My meter measures only 50dB and above (a whisper level). I cannot measure the street noise anymore as it is below 50dB. Today, while my neighbor used his blower, I opened a window and measured up to 80dB. With the window closed I got nothing; obviously measuring below 50dB. Life is good, and quiet!
"I had my front door refinished on January 29. I was extremely happy with the finished product but unfortunately the finish bubbled due to the sun. I called and talked to
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
who scheduled a different technician to come and repair the damage. When I was not happy with the results I emailed
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
and received a phone call from him within what seemed like minutes.
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
apologized, told me he would refund my money AND scheduled the original technician to come back out and re-finish the door! This is a top-notch company and
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
and his staff are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. My door is absolutely gorgeous! My neighbors are all very impressed and I think
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
can expect more business coming his way from my street. Very highly recommended!
"Initially used to restore wood front door in 2010 based on Angie’s list, listing. Have used annually since for routine maintenance. Very satisfied and would recommend.

Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
replaced the front door and frame and put the storm door back on. He said he could put on any kind of molding around the front door if we would like to purchase something different or dress it up. We purchased two kits, one for the front door and one for the patio door. He installed it at no charge. He then replaced the kitchen door leading to the garage and its frame. He asked us if we would like
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
to swing into the garage instead of into the kitchen (where it always hits the fridge). We said YES and he actually took
Pasadena Door Installers Provider Name Locked
back to Home Depot and got us another one since the inswing had to be on the right (ours was a left-handed inswing). He did a marvelous job and even swept up his debris as he went! This guy does quality work at a fair price. I liked him and loved his work. Very professional.

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