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General Health & Medicine reviews in North Richland Hills

  • A

    The staff is very friendly and quick to get the appointment for me.  Dr. Briseno was very helpful and showed us exactly what was going on. I have dealt with North Texas Ortho previously as my son played football all through middle and high school.  They were very kind and informative then and still remain the same, that is why I went back and will go back to them if ever needed.

    - Kristi B.
  • A
    My doctor, he is great. I have had him already for maybe 3 or 4 years. He is a great guy and he is a great doctor. His name is Dr. Edwin Del Rosario. They call him Dr. Del because people were having a hard time with his name. He is a great doctor. He is very straight forward. He is not what I call a ‘choke pusher’, he doesn't try to provide you with all these medications. He is one of the few doctors that would sit down and talk to you as a patient, not like when you go in, okay a quick checkup and get out in 5 minutes. He is one of those where you come out 20 or 30 minutes. He is literary talking to you about, if you are doing a blood test and whatever, he will explain exactly everything, why he would do it naturally, with organic and no medication and stuff like that. He is very straight forward and he gives you that time and that is what I like about him. He will sit down and talk to you. Not like my previous doctor, it was like I go there and I would be in the waiting room sitting longer than I was inside and talking to him was like a 2 minute thing. He will give a prescription and I am out of here. That is the part I like about him and I call it old school doctor. He takes out the time to sit and talk to you and answers questions. Overall I would rate him 'A' plus if there is a plus there. I will definitely use this provider again in the future.
    - Gilbert N.
  • C
    We're retired. We just retired a couple of years ago. Before that, we had gone to this clinic because they accepted our insurance. Since we had been with them before retirement, they agreed to accept us using Medicare. So we continue to go to them. Before we had Cigna, they readily accepted, "Oh we can get you in tomorrow." But now, with Medicare, they're very reluctant to get us in right away. "Oh it'll be a week and a half to two weeks." So a couple of times, we've gone to one of these places that are popping up in shopping centers and malls where you can get right in to see the doctor and this and that because you can't get to see your regular doctor. So we've had to go there or leapfrog over the primary care people to a specialist who didn't accept Medicare and I had to pay out of pocket, because my wife was sick and she needed to see a doctor. But they said, "Oh it'll be week to 10 days before we can get her in" So we didn't go to an emergency room. We went right to a specialist and the specialist was super. Even though I had to pay out of pocket, we went to them. They backpedaled on their ability to get you in right away, just because we're on Medicare, because I guess, Medicare is slow to pay or doesn't pay the whole amount or something. I don't understand it all. But I think it's because of this Obama care which I am very displeased with. The primary care physician who is a nurse, prescribed some medicine for my wife which absolutely didn't work at all. Then we tried to get in again and all she did was prescribe the same stuff. That didn't work. So that's this deal where we had to go to a specialist. We made an appointment with the specialist. She says, "Sure come on in tomorrow." We went in at 8 o' clock. We were out of there at 8:45. My wife had some new medicine prescribed and it worked like a charm. Since we've been back twice. No problem, in and out in 45 minutes. The medicine works. My wife is back to normal and we're happy. But, I had to pay $1000 or something because the doctor doesn't accept Medicare etc etc etc. I've been in contact with my doctor a couple of times, for a refill of the prescription. They want you to come in. They want you to make an appointment, just to come in, to get your prescriptions refilled. That's fine. I don't care. But if you go in, they'll give you a new prescription let's say a refill or two refills a month and then two more months worth of pills. But now, if you just do this over the phone call, you don't even get to talk to the doctor. I don't even think it's a nurse. You just talk to somebody that mans the telephone and you say, "I need a new prescription for blah blah blah" and then they fax it in or whatever and half the time, they fax it to the wrong place. We've told them a thousand times to which pharmacy - a certain Walgreens or a certain CVS or whatever, and they fax it to the wrong one, at a different location. We keep telling them which one to do it and they keep doing it to the wrong one. That's a real irritation. These people are so incompetent that they either don't listen to you or they don't take good notes or whatever. If you call them up and ask them to do it over the phone, they only give you one prescription. They don't give you any refills. You have to go in to the clinic to see the doctor and then he'll give you some refill. That's another thing that irritates me with this place. I suppose they all do it that way. But we have no recourse. If we go to another doctor they'll say, "Oh you're just on Medicaid. We don't take new patients that are just on Medicaid. Sorry." But since we went to this doctor before, they took us, which we're happy. I guess, we're happy just to have the doctor. Now, they're ranting and raving, but that's the way it is. The office environment is terrible. You sit there with other people that are hacking and coughing. They've got the TV turned on, way too loud and you ask them to turn it down they say, "Well, we don't have the authority to do that." It's freezing in there all the time, even in the summer months. You go in and it's cold. They've got the air conditioning on, but they've got to turn it down to about 60. The fans are blowing on you and you're hacking and coughing yourself. If I ask them, "Oh well we keep it down to keep the germs down." Well, I accept that too, but my god it's so cold in there all the time. We go to other doctors and it's not like that. I mean, it's comfortable, but it's not freezing like this place is. They've got two TVs, one is turned to one channel and the other one is turned to another channel. They're both so loud, you can't hear either one. It's such obnoxious programming that you wonder, "Why in the heck these people have got these channel on in the first place?" Well, because the people that tune it in, don't sit there and watch it. If you schedule an appointment which is right before their lunch, which is about 11:30 or so or later in the afternoon before it's going-to-home time, you can get right in. But, if you schedule early in the morning or right after their lunch hours, all these doctors are either late coming back from lunch or late coming in or the doctors are seeing their patients in the hospital first or something. They're never on time. You could sit there and wait for an hour. If you have a 9 o' clock appointment or an 8 o'clock appointment, you're sitting there for an hour before you see the doctor or even get called in. They call you back and they get to you. They weigh you and take your temperature and then you go and sit in the room for another 45 minutes or so before the doctor comes in. That's what irritates me. You sit there for an hour out in the waiting room and then they call you back and you have to sit there for another half hour before the doctor sees you. That's so absurd. The girls at front are fine. They always greet you and they're nice. I hate to say this about the doctors, but they just don't seem like they give a hoot. They don't care. They're just there filling your time and doing the appointment and whatever. They just don't care, especially the doctor I go to. It's always like, "Well, you're here now. Let's hurry you up and get you out of here, so I could see the next person." This is just the two or three people that I've ever seen. Maybe they've got people in there that are really nice and friendly. The admin up in the front is great. They're a good bunch of girls.
    - William H.
  • F
    They set up my first appt. with Dr. Kibuule, who is an orthopedic surgeon. He was not at all friendly and did not even crack a smile until I mentioned that fact that he was a surgeon. He set me up with an appt. to have an MRI done at their facilities and said that I would most likely be seeing a different doctor next time unless I needed surgery.

    So my next appt. was with Dr. Jennifer Donnelly. She went over the results of the MRI and informed me that basically nothing could be done to help me. Her attitude was very dismissive and she gave no helpful suggestions whatsoever.  She then went on to state that physical therapy would only keep it from getting worse, instead of making it better. She did dial back that statement just a bit when she saw the look of devastation on my face and said that therapy may help relieve the pain. She was cold and had no empathy whatsoever. To me, a health professional should look for any possible solutions and at least give the patient a sense of hope. It seemed like she just didn't want to bother with it. So she set me up with physical therapy but I was really depressed when I walked out that day. My neighbor talked to Dr. Bortolomei, who owns the facility, about my experience and he said there's ALWAYS something that can be done.  So then why didn't Dr. Bortolomei confront Dr. Donnelly about this? Does he not care if clients are unhappy with their services? I never heard a word back from anyone.

    The physical therapists at Spine Team were all nice enough but the problem was that they used a cookie-cutter approach to everyone's problems.  While they had me do certain things, I looked around and saw them giving the exact same exercises to all the other patients. If you had back problems, you did these. If you had neck problems, you did these. There were no variations from patient to patient. Surely not everyone's problems were exactly the same! And since they only give you as many sessions as your insurance will pay for, my therapy stopped after 7 times. It's been 2 1/2 years now and I have faithfully continued with some of the exercises but none of it has made a real difference.

    My husband also went to them about the same time and continued longer as he has bulging discs in his back. They ended up giving him surgical injections two different times.  He had high hopes but after the second one, he gave up it didn't give him much relief nor did they have any other solutions (other than fusing together!).  And they kept sending him huge bills every month, of which several were overcharges that he had to keep calling about to fix them. I feel like the whole experience for both of us was a total waist of time and money. No one ever contacted either of us for a follow up to see if any of their treatments helped. It's like they didn't even care. And they do make you pay a dear price for their services.


    Though my experience was years ago, I just recently became an Angie's List member and I felt it was important to share my experience since many reviews here gave them high marks. I think everyone is entitled to a bigger picture rather than a narrow perspective.
    - Linda B.
  • A
    They were seen by Dr. McMurtry. He is a very pleasant man, with a friendly demeanor. He takes the time to answer any and all questions, and he was very helpful in the process of getting the referral going. His nurse was also very friendly and kind. We had a great experience.
    - Cynthia H.
  • A
    The physician I used out there the first time was very attentive, she took care of my needs, I think very good patient-physician relationship. She was interested in my medical history, interested in getting to know me better.
    - Joseph Y.
  • A
    He's very thorough and highly knowledgeable! He's since stopped taking Medicare patients, so I'm very happy that I can be with him. I stay with him because we've built a good relationship and he's very good about talking with you when it's needed. Highly recommended!
    - Barbara H.
  • F
    This place almost KILLED my wife with the Malpractice and don't care attitude.
    I had to get a police officer to get my wife out of this place after just 4 hours of her being there.
    After I got her out of this place she was in Nuro ICU for 3 days because they did not take care of here or give her the medication she needed.
    Don't walk but run from the place in Bedford Texas.
    The CEO sent me a letter full of lies because he don't know I have pictures and witness to the fact that this place is dangerous.
    I hope he is man enough to call me I would love to sit down with him and talk about what all his staff is NOT doing right. And show him some of the stuff I have pictures of that I hope will get this place closed or Fined big.

    - Jim E.
  • A
    The initial New Patient appointment setup took a little while. I tried calling and was on HOLD for too long... so hung up and logged onto their website. Filled out their online form, then received a phone call later that day (or was it the next day)? During the phone convo, they took my insurance info, additional info to clarify what I had written in the online form, and setup an apt.
    I arrived 20 mins before my scheduled appointment. The front desk was super quick to say Hi, welcome me, and direct me to an area where they could quickly check me in. I was given a few more sheets of paper to fill out (medical history), and was quickly called back by an AMAZING nurse that took my height, weight, and temp. She then led me to an exam room. I would come back to this office JUST for that great nurse! So kind, chatty, and helpful! Typed my info into the computer, then said the Doc would be in shortly.
    Well...30 mins later, Dr Byrd came in. She apologized for the wait and explained that she was in a staff meeting that went over. Wow! I have RARELY heard a doctor apologize for ANYTHING! Even being and quot;lateand quot;!!
    Dr Byrd was very attentive, had great bedside manner, and asked lots of questions to better understand me, my history, and my situation. She was very kind and informative. She had some personal experience in a very similar situation that I am currently going through, so she was very helpful and hopeful in the best treatment plan for me.
    - Timothy N.
  • C
    He was about 15 minutes late. He spent about 15 minutes talking to me, without touching me or assessing any pain points, neurological signs, etc. he determined I need immediate surgery to burn nerves in thoracic spine. I had numerous questions about the invasive ness of procedure and he appeared to get frustrated and didn't fully explain procedures and risks. I scheduled the procedure at a surgical center near north hills hospital, which was really complicated. I had to contact a scheduler at dr hays office and then two schedulers at the surgery center. I had to reschedule appointment and again I had to call all three people. Getting refills for meds was AWFUL!! I would leave messages for his nurse and would have to call back daily for about 2weeks before getting meds refilled. By then, I was completed out of meds and miserable! The last time, I had to actually go to his office to follow up and get a paper prescription- he likes to submit it in to the pharmacy. He seems like a knowledge guy. I just think he is young and new to practicing and h not ironed out the kinks.
    - Candace T.
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