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General Contracting reviews in Garland

  • A
    Shane did a great job. He was prompt in returning my online request and scheduling a time to come see my house. When he arrived he was very professional and informative. He listened to what I was needing and gave me different options to best suit my needs. My HOA is painting my house this month and I had to replace some trim boards and repair rotted wood areas. He finished the job in one day and everything looks great. I truly feel he went above and beyond and couldn't be happier with the work. I would definitely use him again and have actually already passed his info on to some friends.
    - Judy W.
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    VIP Services
    Everything went good. Milton who works for VIP Services was very prompt, courteous, finishing the job in the agreed time. Project included replacing one side of the garage doors 2' X 6" X 7' outside board that had rotted at bottom with a treated board. Milton then caulked around all outside garage doors and repainted. Result looks great! Kim also did a good job in scheduling the time and sending me the invoice for online payment.
    - Bill J.
  • F
    The Personal Touch Cont
    I set out a point by point Project Plan, agreed that I would supply and pay for all materials, reviewed the project plan with Willard and we agreed on a price. Although he said it may be as much as 2K more, I was prepared to deal with this when we got to the end of the agreed upon price. I paid over half the total amount up front as I trusted Willard having hired him for small jobs before. My family and I were leaving on vacation just after the first 1/2 week of work. Willard told me that he had to go see his sister, but his crew would be working while he was gone. We returned and nothing but the bathroom demo had been done. Willard returned and shortly thereafter started wanting more money. I was not happy with this and found out he had spent all the advance money I had given him and was now unable to pay the sub-contractors required to complete this work. His subcontractor showed up at my home to do the new shower I had scoped. At my home, we had this work, fixing 2 soffets and painting them, removing an old gas heater, capping off and fixing the tiles, refinishing the attic, hanging a new garage (interior steel) door, fixing a broken cabinet in my bathroom and re-sheet rocking a panel of wall in my bedroom that had been ruined by the prior owners. In that week, his tile guy built out my shower and it was lovely. The glass doors were not in when he was done so he said he would do this himself. One of Willards guys did the soffet work and painted and it also was done well. In the attic they used a leaf blower to move the insulation around to be able to lay the boarding. There was an argument over how this should be done which I would not get involved in. They finished the attic. The insulation was not put back in place or under the boarding, so now the hallway under this area is hot as all heck during the summer. My husband is going to have to go back and take out the boards put the insultation under them and then reattach the boarding. Willard hung the steel door, but had not cut out the area in the door frame to install the deadbolt. They went back to my other house as it was critical and way behind schedule. His tile guy wanted me to pay him directly, which I did as Willard had no money to do so and had told him I would pay him. So for all the work I listed to be done at my house. The door still has no deadbolt installed, the wall in my bedroom and the drawer in my bath were not done, the glass enclosure is in my garage in a box, Back to the other house: Willard had me meet him at Home Depot one morning to rent the stripper to refinish the wood floors and we had a heated discussion as he was still talking about not having money, and I told him he would just wind up working other jobs and doing mine when he had time, if he didn't leave me completely in the lurch and I was not happy with that. At that time we were already at the second deadline he had given me and the only things done were the demo'd bathroom, the plumbing for the shower and tub install (which I had to pay the plumber directly to accomplish), the interior painting (again which I had to pay the guy directly to get done), carpentry work on the outside of the house (which was and is still not painted), 3 steel interior doors hung (done and working), All fixtures in the house which I had purchased new (still in boxes), the countertop in the kitchen (still waiting), installing the toilets, vanities, mirrors, etc in the bathrooms (still in demo condition on both counts). AFter yet more weeks and weeks of this ****, I told him ENOUGH, i"m done. I called the locksmith and changed the locks. Funny thing, all those days he said he would go to my house and never worked, or showed up late. He showed up early to make sure he could get his tools out of the house. I will never, ever hire Willard for anything again!
    - Lisa K.
  • F
    Super Siding & Remodeling
    After speaking with Ken Tola of Super Siding multiple times, I agreed to have them put new fiber cement siding on my house and garage. They were also going to re-roof the garage and paint both structures as well. They removed the old siding and felt paper on the first day and began putting up 1/2" foam board on the exposed framing. The foam was not taped at the seams and the cuts were very ragged wth large gaps at the top. Ken said this would act as the weather barrier. I felt quite uncomfortable with this so I called the manufacturer of the foam board to see if it could be used as a weather barrier. They said DO NOT USE their product that way as it will not prevent water from getting to the framing and wall insulation. Since a proper approved weather barrier was listed in the contract, I asked that house wrap be used in conjunction with the foam board. On day 2, they hastily put up a low quality wrap on 2 sides of the house. This was cut poorly with large gaps at the top, no taping of the seams and very few fasteners unevenly spaced. They began putting up the first course of siding by starting about 4 feet up the wall, and not at the bottom! They did not want to install the corner and window trim before putting up the siding as is recommended by Hardie, the maker of the siding and trim products. I asked that they put up the trim pieces first and Ken reluctantly agreed to do so. The crew had only been working about 30 minutes when Ken returned and told me he wanted half of the money now. Our contract stated that payment was to be rendered upon full completion of the project. When I pointed this out he simply said " fine, we're leaving. They packed up the tools and materials and abandoned the project leaving me with no siding on my house and garage. It is now exposed to the elements and I am seeking an honest and professional company to come out and clean up Super Siding's mistakes and get the project completed. I have never dealt with such a disreputable company before and would greatly caution anyone thinking of hiring them. They quote a very competitive price, but their performance is substandard and Ken will breach the contract without hesitation. Please don't let yourself be the next victim of Ken Tola and Super Sinding.
    - Richard S.
  • A
    HeavenSent Exterior Solutions
    Had them paint exterior and do some repair work on the soffits and trim. Everything went smoothly and the owner was very knowledgeable and responsive. He spent a good part of the day on Saturday touching up and bringing things to his standards before calling the job complete. Very meticulous. We are calling him and his crew back for our new roof and gutters.
    - Cheryl G.
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    Coxco General Contractors Inc
    When we purchased a new Tesla we decided our existing two-car garage was not adequate to accommodate two cars with sufficient clearance for easy access along with the storage space we wanted. Our plan was to build a new attached garage over the existing driveway, effectively lengthening the existing garage. The driveway was sufficiently long to allow a 20-foot extension to the garage while preserving 20 feet of driveway to the alley. The addition would be about three feet wider than the existing garage to allow for additional side-to-side clearance for opening car doors. The contractor we had used previously for extensive home remodeling was no longer in business, so we began a search for an alternative. After contacting multiple local contractors (all from Angie's List), only two expressed interest. We prepared detailed sketches and a statement of work to reflect our (very specific) needs. We began working with both interested contractors to get quotes and a good understanding of their relative experience levels. It was soon apparent that one, although significantly more expensive based on initial quotes, was far more knowledgeable and experienced in the many details of the job. We chose Coxco Construction to do the work, and owner John Cox supervised the work on-site on an almost-daily basis. The work specified included: (1) Removal of the existing concrete driveway, to be replaced with a reinforced concrete garage slab and a new shorter but wider driveway (2) Construction of the new garage, to include insulated walls and attic space and brick siding (3) Roofing of the addition to match existing house roofing (4) Finishing of interior walls of both existing and new garage, to include texturing, painting and installation of baseboards (5) Installation of new electrical outlets and LED light fixtures (6) Installation of a new 100A electric service panel and Tesla charging unit (7) Replacement of backyard fencing, some of which was removed to make space for the addition and the wider driveway Other elements suggested by John included: (1) Construction of a temporary wall (with lockable door) replacing the removed garage door for security during construction (2) Addition of a "porta potty" on the construction site to support the various crews at work there (3) Replacement of our current, hail-damaged roof (more below). Demolition and construction spanned almost three calendar months. This was more-or-less consistent with estimates. There was very little idle time during that period, mostly for curing of concrete, waiting for city inspectors, weather problems and other routine events. Crews were available when needed, and backup crews were available if scheduling conflicts arose. In the process of bidding the job, John noticed significant hail damage to our roof. At his request, we contacted our insurance company and scheduled an adjuster to evaluate it. John worked with the adjuster to identify all damage, including damage to plywood underlayment that was not apparent from a surface inspection. Damage to window frames, fencing and garage door was also noted. After an initial rejection of most of the claim as "cosmetic damage," John provided additional supporting data, including a second expert's assessment, and the claim was approved. Thus we were able to complete the garage addition and reroof the existing house at the same time, yielding one contiguous roof over all. All roofing work (replacement and new addition) was completed in a single day with crew of about ten to avoid potential damage from expected rain storms while the attic was exposed. The garage structure included custom-built trusses manufactured off-site to support the roof and satisfy code requirements for survival in high wind conditions. The trusses were designed by a local engineering firm to assure adequate strength while preserving the low-profile roof design of the existing house. City inspections (foundation, structural, electrical) all went smoothly, with only minor issues that were quickly addressed. All inspectors were very complimentary of the quality of the work. Fencing was done using clear cedar. This is not readily available locally, and required some work on John's part to locate the materials needed. The finished fence addition perfectly matches the structure and style of the existing fence. Matching the brick of the new addition to the existing brick was a challenge, since the existing brick was discontinued many years ago. John gave us some suggestions for brick dealers and left us to make the rounds and select what we wanted. Our choice was found at a dealer John was unfamiliar with, but a quick phone call to John was all that was needed to complete the purchase and coordinate delivery of the bricks. As work neared completion, we allowed for a bit of "creeping elegance." The temporary wall that John created for security as noted above was retained and ehanced (but moved a bit) to create two areas within the now 40-foot-long garage. Thus, we have both garage and shop/storage areas. Other added touches (both initially unplanned) were a heat pump and an epoxy coating on the floor. Work is now complete, and all meets or exceeds our high standards. We are already planning our next remodeling job, and Coxco will be at the top of our list for that work.
    - James B.
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    Higher Level Stairs
    I could not be happier with how beautiful my stairs turned out to be, and could no be happier with the overall service. Chris, the owner, came to our house to measure the stairs and to discuss all the possibilities. After providing estimates for different options and answering my many questions, we settled on a design. It didn't take long before we were scheduled for the work. In all, it took about 3 days to complete the work (not including stain and paint, which they do not do). I used a painter recommended by Chris, which took another 4 days to complete. The craftsmanship of the work was outstanding. Chris also did not collect any money until the work was completed and he was sure I was completely satisfied. I would highly recommend Higher Level Stairs.
    - Valerie K.
  • A
    Martin Services Company
    Martin Services was very attentive and wanted to make sure that we were completely satisfied and taken care of. We plan to add a room on to our house and we will definitely be using Martin Services when we do.
    - Sabrina D.
  • F
    Handyman & Remodeling Service Group

    My initial interaction with the provider wasn't very pleasant because he continued to reference another customer's information even though I repeatedly told him that I wasn't that person.  I tried to correct him but he continued to speak over me like I didn't know what I was talking about.  Once he realized the mistake we were able to get the details of the job ironed out, I scheduled him to come complete the repairs. 

    The individual that he sent to complete the repairs did an awful job.  He replaced the rotted wood but proceeded to misinstall the original door sill.  He did not notify me that the sill also had dry-rot and needed to be replaced and simply tried to reuse it causing more damage to the door jambs because he removed material that did not need to be removed in order to fit it in. 

    When the job was completed, there was a 2 inch gap under the door from where the sill was misinstalled, the brick around the door jab had silicone smeared all over it and the bottom of the door jamb around the sill had been chiseled away to fit in a part that was severely damaged. 

    When I contacted the provider and sent pictures of the work, he assured me that it wasn't the quality of work they provided and that he would rectify the situation.  We rescheduled and no one arrived. 

    I ended up having the work completed  by someone else.  I would not recommend this provider to anyone looking to have a simple job completed.

    - Latonya N.
  • D
    Williams Renovation & Building Company LLC
    I originally get a call on Sunday from this company and we scheduled an appointment, i thought that this company was on the ball or desperate for work, but after to the owener i felt I could work with them. after a couple of emails back and forth I asked to give me an estimate for all the work and i needed on our appointment and that I already had all the rocks and granite picked out, in other words i had done the 1st 50% of a job and that is to pick out the material and give to the person giving me the quote on a silver platter. Next thing you know he sends me an email saying hes pulling out...very fishy that once i tell him that I had the rocks and granite picked out and I already knew the cost to it that he would pull out. is this place adding money to the cost of the product and that is where the major of his money is made? This person also gave me references and so far not one have i been able to speak with. all i can say is Buyer Beware
    - luis s.
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