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    MRZ Contracting
    We were in the process of selling are house and we wanted to get the front and back yard to look amazing.  So we contacted MrZ Contracting. They came out and assessed everything and gave us a quote quite quickly.  Clayton was super nice and personable and went over everything with us.  After agreeing on the work to be done and the prices we set up a time table for it to be done.  They were there on time everyday and was even able to get all the work done a day earlier than promised.  The finished product was even better than what we had hoped for.  I would 100% recommend them to others.
    - Andrew M.
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    Essie's Hauling And Bobcat Work
    We removed a fiberglass swimming pool shell because it had floated up, leaving a huge hole surrounded by the concrete walkway - dangerous!  We got quotes to fill the hole and leave the patio, but they were outrageous - $7-8000!. We decided to go ahead and remove the patio and found Essie's Bobcat here on Angie's list. Jeremiah gave us a quote for removing the walkway and suggested using it to fill the bottom of the hole and save the cost of that much fill dirt - and even better, the quote was so reasonable! Jeremiah and his crew came over on the scheduled day and proceeded to remove the patio.  And then, with the bobcat.  they moved the existing soil from our yard all around and was able to completely fill the pool hole!! - We were ecstatic!!  He was also able to remove a ton of overgrowth at the back of the property and that made the yard look so HUGE now!  Jeremiah and his crew took our backyard from dangerous a disaster to a big beautiful "lot of potential".  They're great!
    - Kita & Dane B.
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    Ernie's Plumbing Service Inc
    They came out and had to dig out the pipe and replaced everything. The people when the build the house apparently cemented the pipe to the foundation and they replaced it as well.They were prompt and considerate. I stood out there off and on all day long. They were meticulous with their work.
    - Kimberly K.
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    I dealt with one salesperson at first who was great. The second person was ok.
    The work was done in one day, so the wrap-up was after dark. I didn't see that my patio chairs were splattered with cement because they set up the cement mixer next to the chairs. Because I couldn't see the mess on the chairs, I signed off that all was ok. I think the foreman should have been onsite more watching what was done instead of in the truck.
    - Sandy S.
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    Dubberley Landscape
    We want to do a couple of innovative ideas in our front yard, but needed some help with the execution of our ideas. Carrie Dubberley met with me to look at our property and evaluate it as a prospective site for a rain garden. Turns out, we had an ideal location. Two downspouts from the guttering were on either side of our garage, allowing them to be easily diverted into a channel creating by reshaping the soil. And we had a gentle slope away from the house toward the front curb. The combination allowed Don Dubberley and his crew to dig a wide shallow trench (in our rock hard caliche clay soil!), add expanded shale to improve the water-retention properties of the soil, and built a shallow berm on the downhill side of the bed. It is arc-shaped and filled with plants native to this area. That is important because natives are able to withstand the occasional downpour and really wet soil for a few days, along with the extended dry periods in between showers. In fact they thrive on these conditions. Carrie chose a diverse mix of colors and textures which should make our front yard a show-stopper landscape in years to come. At either end of the arc, a few feet of river rock are placed to show the water as it comes out of the downspouts and reduce erosion effects. When finished with construction, they removed the excess soil and used my existing mulch to cover the project nicely. It looks very neatly done. They also watered it in thoroughly as no rain was predicted that week. The very next day, I was thrilled to see two large red Texas Star hibiscus blooms! What a lovely bonus at the end of this growing season. :) Knowing it is important not to overwater plants that like dry feet, I have kept a close eye to see if I should water again. Only once did I get a gallon jug to water one plant, and that was on October 22. Yesterday (Oct 23) we finally got a rain. 1.25" in our gauge and a lovely pond in our rain garden. YAY! The water came about halfway up the berm, so we could probably have had a 3" rain and it would have held it all. It took a little over 10 hours for the water to soak in. Looks like we will spend very little on water for that part of our landscape in the future! The next part of our plan is to add a flagstone patio near the rain garden. We want to be able to sit out front and visit with our neighbors as they walk by--and show off our rain garden, too, of course! Carrie Dubberley is also providing us a quote for the second phase of our project. We can hardly wait!
    - Cynthia M.
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    Autograph Construction
    I first worked with Accede Construction, several years ago when we could no longer ignore the fact that we had foundation problems. I did a lot of Internet research and price comparison, when one day my husband said that a friend of his suggested Accede Construction. My husband's friend had initially hired Accede for several commercial construction projects and eventually hired Accede to complete work on his own home. After calling Accede, I was sincerely blown away by their professionalism, responsiveness and overall genuine demeanor. They came out to our home the next day to survey our project and sent me a quote that night. Their Project Manager was very thorough in his survey of our homes exterior and interior state (he even took his shoes off when he came in the front door, revealing black socks not stained white socks- might seem silly to notice that but it indicated to me that they paid attention to details. Only 2 of the other company's representatives took their shoes off and they both had grossly stained white socks). In addition to being thorough, he was incredibly informative and patient when explaining the work that we needed done and also outlined the exact steps we needed to take when contacting our insurance company (seriously not one of the other companies gave me a fraction of the time I had with the Accede Rep. for questions or explanations). Accede was the first company to be that responsive/professional, most of the time I was leaving messages, not hearing anything for a couple of days and most of the representatives that these other companies sent out were, to say at best, gruff, sometimes short, even rude, and one representative used flavorful profanities when answering his phone in front of me. Accede was one of about 10 companies from which I requested an estimate. Why I chose Accede: 1. Pricing is average, they are not the highest and are not the lowest: In the past, we have been sorely burned by accepting the lowest quote from a company. My husband and I built a home prior to the home we live in now, and accepted a "to good to be true" low quote from a builder. We should have known it was too good to be true, because the builder was actually in the midst of going bankrupt. We found this out when we could not reach him by phone and eventually drove past our "home"-several months after groundbreaking day and found just a foundation and partial framing. After all was said and done, we literally lost thousands of dollars that we had invested for our home. I also don't know how many times I have had seen friends make our same mistake- either the work done is horrible and leaves you with eventual repairs, their is a complete lack of anything that resembles customer service or even worse, like our first builder, is desperate for work and will very likely go under while in the middle of the project. I really do believe in shopping for the best deal, but you have to remember that you really do get what you pay for. 2. The professionalism/industry knowledge/solid experience and genuine demeanor of the Accede Representatives: There is nothing worse than a service provider that is un-professional, un-experienced or lacks industry knowledge. I refuse to open my pocket to anyone that displays any of the pre-mentioned. Professionalism is very important to me, because it speaks on the character of the operation and can usually reveal whether an operation is as great as they say they are. An arrogant service provider who acts like I don't know what a nail is, usually means they have no idea themselves. 3. Very responsive in our initial communication and mirrored my communication: If I sent an email, he sent an email, if I called him he called me back- not just quickly sent an email back to me. It makes things a lot easier when I service provider is respectful of how you prefer to communicate. 4. Was not pushy or over zealous: It was obvious the Project Manager wanted my business, but he was never pushy and did not over follow up. When he left my home, he let me know that I would receive a quote from him that night and asked when I thought I would follow up with him. He then asked when he could follow up with me if he had not heard from me by that time. 5. Accede is a mid-sized commercial/residential construction company- that was significant to me because it meant that they were (and still are) a financially stable company, that they were not too small to carry out an entire job without having to use multiple 3rd party contractors that I other wise know nothing about and were not too massive and had so much going on that a residential project, such as mine, would be a "back burner" project. 6. Accede is a referral based grown company: Any time I am working with service providers I always ask them how their company was started and how they earn most of their business. I am always much more inclined to work with companies that are grown by way of referrals versus companies that are constantly advertising. We were referred to Accede by a friend, our friend was referred by a friend and so on. When I asked this question to the Accede Rep. he told me that the owner started the company years ago while in college, and that it grew from him doing small repairs to it's size today- completely through customer referrals. I have never put much stock in Internet ratings or sites such as this one, because you never really know how accurate the information is or who is actually posting that information. I am sure I am not the only to hear of companies doing this, but companies will purchase consumer profiles for the soul purpose of bad mouthing their competition- obviously not a trite and true way of doing research on possible service providers. So, if you take any stock in my report about Accede, I hope it's the fact that Accede is a company grown out of customer referrals or the fact that I have worked with them and only them for several years now. What I know I can expect from Accede: Now that my husband and I have flipped quite a few houses, working with Accede is like clockwork. Below I have listed what our experiences are like with Accede. Planning the project: We always meet on-site with the project manager to discuss what we want, and the basic scope of the project. We then receive a quote and a detailed scope of the project. If we need an architect, engineer or any special permits our project manager will include that information as well. Once we have done our final pre-discussions and accept the quote Accede usually starts the project with in 2 days. The crew: They are always on-time, and if for some reason their is a delay due to weather or the material's distributer; the project manager immediately calls me to let me know. The crew works as quietly as they can, which is very important in keeping your neighbors around you happy (especially during large/lengthy projects). They are always mindful of where they place new materials, they try to keep them as out of sight as much as possible. They are VERY clean with all of the materials they remove, they usually have a large dumpster that is removed every day from the job site and use metal detectors at the end of each day to prevent shards of metal or nails from being left on the ground. Unless weather is an issue, the job is completed right on schedule. Also, I have become very comfortable with the fact that Accede does not outsource any part of the project, they employ their own crews and the crew that starts the project will finish it. They also employ specialized contractors for intense masonry jobs, carpentry, welding, etc... Additionally, the Project Manager gives us updates on the days work and is constantly doing on-site visits. Communication is so key, especially when the work is not being done on your own home (we don't always have a chance to drive past to see what has been done, so it is great that they send us pictures of the work that was completed that day). When we have work on our own home in progress, the project manager updates us by phone to let us know what was done and what to expect tomorrow. When the job is completed the Project Manager always walks through with my husband and I to insure that we are completely satisfied with the end result. The quality/responsiveness of Accede has truly been a major contributor in reducing the time between when we purchase the home we are flipping to when we sell/lease the home. Any work we have had done on our own home could not have gone more smoothly or looked any better. When I first had Accede to come to our home, I was not super informed on how to select the best service provider, but now that I have worked flipping house for a while I find myself very fortunate to have found Accede Construction. I give Accede Construction an A++, 2 thumbs up, 5 stars, a 10 out of 10 a 100% and the top rating for any other scale that exists and most of all I strongly recommend using them.
    - Emma D.
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    M & T Concrete
    I was impressed by the reports on M&T from Angie's List so I called him first. There was no need to call anyone else. Miguel met us at our house on a Saturday right on time. He had a tape measure and a calculator with him. We had laid out yellow tape on the ground to indicate where we wanted the new concrete to go. He measured while we talked about where we would like the curved edges of the driveway to be. He told us it would be 980 sq. ft. and he'd do the job for $3300. The price was more than reasonable and less than we had anticipated having to spend. I had previously checked with our town hall about what was required in the way of permits, they had said we just needed the contractor to bring in a sketch and fill out some paperwork. We didn't require any curb cuts or culvert work from the city. So I told Miguel I would meet him at the city hall on Monday to get the permit. He was there exactly on time, we filled out the permit information and I paid the $25 permit fee. Miguel said he would be there in the morning (Tuesday) to do the excavation and set the forms and rebar. They showed up first thing in the morning and worked until dark. Miguel ran the bobtail for the excavation and used survey tools to check the incline and level of the work. They drilled holes for inserting the rebar which would tie the new concrete to the old. Wednesday morning the city inspected the forms for the approach and green tagged their work. The concrete trucks arrived that afternoon, poured the concrete and Miguel and his workers spent 5 hours finishing the concrete, well past dark. I can't say enough good things about Miguel and his work. I paid him half before the job and the rest when finished. It ended up being a hand-shake deal, we never did sign a contract or anything, although I suppose if you asked he probably has one. The work was finished quickly and with excellent quality and attention to detail. Miguel is not a salesman, or just a boss, he worked right along with his men and had the highest skill in operating his machinery. I have had a lot of experience with contractors over the past two years and this experience was one of the best.
    - KAY J.
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    Stenson Landscape & Irrigation, Inc.
    Bid came in on time and budget. Crew was 100% professional at all times. Matt's vision for the backyard brought together all of our many requests in a wonderful way.
    - Jeni G.
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    Stenson Landscape & Irrigation, Inc.
    Great! They were so good - I have since hired them to do my regular lawn maintenance. I plan to consult with Stenson again when I decide to do some more extensive landscaping projects.
    - Heather W.
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