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Home Builder reviews in Abilene

  • D
    We had a TERRIBLE experience. There was a great deal of sloppy work done. The painters did a terrible job on our cabinets, the tile work was sloppy, there were foot prints tracked on our foundation before it dried, and our farmhouse sink was dented (just to name a few). I also wanted a free standing tub in our master bathroom. When it was time to pick out the tub, I found out that it wouldn't even fit in our bathroom. By this time, it was too late in the process to make this work. This was very upsetting. I understand that mistakes happen but there were far too many mistakes and misunderstandings. The worst part is that they were not apologetic at all. During a conversation with this builder in an attempt to resolve issues, I got the response "Welcome to construction". I was told by our realtor, Ann Carr, that basically I was too hard to please and they "couldn't make me happy" and that the reason I wasn't happy with the cabinets is because maybe I was expecting a "higher end finish", whatever that means. All we wanted was the work to be done correctly and look new, as this was a new home. We were considering not signing the papers to close on the house. Our white painted cabinets still looked poor, even after previously meeting with the painter (Tino's Painting) and pointing out specific spots that needed to be fixed. As you can see in the picture, we were missing a kitchen cabinet for close to two months. We were told by our realtor that if we did not sign the papers she thought that we would be given back the earnest money we put up and Lantrip would "go in a different direction". This is not what you want to be told the day before you are supposed to close on your new home you have spent the last 6 months building. I really wanted things to turn out better and hate that we had this kind of experience. It was very unexpected; I did my reasearch prior and found nothing but good things about this company.
    - april c.
  • B
    The job took 4 months as opposed to the 3 - 4 weeks we were told. The first day of the job, the helper busted a water line and flooded our living room floor, so they paid to replace our wood floors without hesitation. They were pleasant to do business with, though I feel his charges are on the high side. Trustworthy and capable.
    - Ellen G.
  • B
    The installation itself went well. Initially the manufacturer if the tornado shelter had the size wrong. While there are "standard sizes" this installation required a modification that wasn't done and wasn't checked by the Rafter C folks prior to delivery so they had to take it back and get a rerplacment. I don't know who made the error but I saw the order was correct so I'm putting it on the manufacturer though Rafter C should have measured before it arrived I guess. Anyway the new shelter came 3 weeks after that and after some maneuvering they managed to get it in the garage and positioned. The rest of their portion of the install went well and the building inspector initially signed off on it. He called them back later and because he had decided a vent needed to be sealed. This wasn't Rafter C's fault as the installation was the first of this type they had done and that the city had inspected. We are preparing a response on sealing the vent and expect it to be accepted today.
    I bought locally because I wanted to know the people doing the installation and paid more because of that. An out of town company would have made any adjustments such as the vent more difficult  but buying locally limited my choice of manufacturer and I had to pay more to have the door swing changed top inward opening. In a tornado debris can land anywhere including against a shelter door making and outward opening door just silly. Changing that swing cost me $500.
    I wanted to shelter to be accessible from inside the house without having to dig a hole in my garage floor - again a dumb indea, who knows what will land on top of that kind of shelter exit following a tornado - or add a pad outside that would look tacky and not be useful when we aren't sheltering from a storm. Other providers - out of the local area - offered such options but I was the first to ask for such a thing here. I had removed my traditional hot water heater in favor of a tankless model opening a space large enough in the garage. The shelter had to be 4" shorter than the standard model which cost nothing as they are all built as needed and I've already addressed the door swing costs which I felt were excessive. Putting it in the garage created the vent issue as you can't have a constantly open air exchange from a garage to the house, particularly the bedroom area, We'll seal that and install a carbon monoxide alarm to make sure all is well.
    The installation could have gone better but for a one of a kind first of a kind job I thought Rafter C did well.
    - Fred O.
  • A
    The fence makes my property look beautiful.  It did a major face lift on the vision of the property.  Donnie did a wonderful job and he is a very professional person.  Donnie Perry does remodels on bathrooms, kitchens, and he will do what the customer wants.  I would recommend Donnie Perry to everyone.  He is honest, fair,  and truthful and him and his crew did  a beautiful job.  He has a network of professional people to help in the project like electricians and plumbers.
    - Tom S.
  • F
    From the beginning, Mr. Potts would not return phone calls, emails, answer questions, or provide delivery information of our custom cabinet doors.  The base units for the cabinetry went in and then the endless waiting began for cabinet doors and other unattended details.  For example:
    When the custom cabinet doors and drawers finally arrived, two were missing, AND ARE STILL MISSING.  I made a mistake of paying him in full before the job was done and he just abandoned the project. 
    Finally I hired another carpenter to fix items left by Mr. Potts
    The new carpenter did the following:
    Uninstalled and reinstalled all of the new extended drawer guides that were screwed in crooked
    Drilled holes for hardware in over 50 drawers and custom doors that were left with no way to attach handles
    Installed missing trim pieces in the kitchen, utility, and garage
    Rebuilt pots and pan drawers because the original drawers were too wide after Mr. Potts rebuilt the hardware and doors
    The two custom doors are still missing as the carpenter cannot duplicate what Mr. Potts installed.  We will either have to put in doors that are similar replace ALL the doors and drawers so that they match properly!  Expensive!  BUT we have new black granite counter, a travertine back splash embellished with high dollar antique looking glass tile, let lighting, and a $1000 utility sink.  I am not interested in investing that kind of money in product to have two custom doors missing!
    We were overseas at the time Mr. Potts quit, after we paid him in full.  When we returned things were a mess. 
    One drawer beside my refrigerator door was left hanging at an angle with no hardware at all to slide it in and out.  Nothing.
    I was wondering why the pots and pans drawers were laying in the garage floor until I tried to slip them into place only to find that they were too wide.
    We found the rolling laundry basket also in the floor in the garage along with dozens of new shelves.  I realized the basket would have to be installed but wondered why the shelves were just left on the floor until I realized there were no pins inside the cabinets on which the shelves would rest.  The new kitchen island was also in the garage without a handle to move it from place to place (which was included in the original bid) as well as shoddy carpenter work on the unit.
    It is unbelievable to me that a man would knowingly leave such a mess for months and months on end and refuse to do the right thing.  I just wish I had not paid him in full before I had a chance to review the work he was doing or better yet - not doing.
    I submitted a complaint to the BBB but finally gave up because Mr. Potts would not negotiate a proper settlement.  I asked that he provide the two still missing door and reimburse me for what I have had to pay out to a second carpenter.  He refused. I realize now the only thing I can do is take it to courts and to the internet.
    You know what is really funny?  I stated in my BBB complaint that if we could not reach an amicable solution I would have to take my review to a more public forum including a review on Angie's List.  Guess who became a member of Angie's List right after that.  You guessed it David Potts Construction Inc.
    So here is sit still waiting since last June and it is now March with an unfinished unit, unpainted, and two missing doors.

    - Debra V.
  • D
    So all in all here are the things to take from my experience with West Wind Construction:
    Good: fast build, decent price
    Bad: rushed build, sacrificed quality for quantity, no customer service after closing, unwilling to work with Military schedule, promises things before build and then tries to do something different (while hoping you will forget what they promised), likes to mention that they have built much larger homes in a condescending tone when you try to mention quality of work and that these $150k homes are somehow not as important and therefore work is not as up to par as they would be if you were buying a more expensive home
    Overall, if there were a star rating system on this site I would have to give West Wind Construction a 2-star rating. I would not recommend anyone use this contractor unless you are building a $500k home or higher.
    West Wind Construction is NOT Military friendly and finally if quality and customer service are something that you would like to have, then DO NOT hire West Wind Construction.
    (See below for start to finish experience)
    Westwind was a referral from my real estate agent (Jenny Aldridge of Coldwell Banker).  Met with contractor and looked at empty lots and chose a floor plan. Proceeded with pre-approval and then met with contractor again to go over details such as the list of standards for the house.  He also stated that a tiled Master shower was standard as most homes come with it now.  My real estate agent was writing all this down. (Luckily)  The contractor proceeded to purchase the lot and began building the home.  All of this was exciting and everything seemed to be going really well.  I proceeded to take pictures on a weekly basis to document the build and to ensure i was getting everything i supposed to.  Fast forward a few weeks, home was framed and tubs/showers were rough installed.  I couldn't help but notice that the Master Shower was a one piece fiberglass shower unit.  NOT the tiled shower that was promised.  So i informed my agent who contacted the contractor.  A few minutes later she contacted me and said that the contractor did not remember saying that and asked if i had anything to prove that.  I reminded the agent that she had written it down (she remembered and confirmed) at which time she contacted the contractor and informed him.  Instantly he said okay we'll do the tiled shower.  (Almost as if they were hoping i would forget)  After that we met with the contractor at Lowes to pick tile, ceiling fans, appliances and a couple of the light fixtures (not all lights were my choice as the remainder were purchased in a "contractors bundle", which come 6 to a box at a whopping price of $30).  The appliances were easy as i had already picked them out online.  I only kept the proposed dishwasher from the contractors list.  The disposal, stove and microwave were upgraded, which the contractor wrote down and provided to the lowes assistant.  The ceiling fans were tricky as the contractor would not tell me what my budget was.  When i asked he simply pointed at one and said, "Well, one like this is in your price range".  So i asked again as the price of fans vary greatly, and finally was able to get a rough estimate of my ceiling price. (probably an underestimate) I picked fans and proceeded to the lights.  Picked out the lights and proceeded to the tiles.  Again, i wasn't able to get a price range on the tiles simply a "oh yeah, thats definitely in your price range".  I was then walked over (by the contractor) to the backsplash tiles for the kitchen.  I couldn't decide what i wanted and he said just pick one out and let them know when i do decide what i want.  After that i picked out my carpet and paint colors/brick/shingles with no problems.  The house continued to be built and was on track for the original completion date.  After the house started getting near the finish line, i began to ask questions about the build such as, "why is there only one cable drop in the living room when i asked for two".  The contractor was pretty slow on the responses and even slower on getting things fixed.  We neared the end and i had to schedule the final walkthrough more than once as the contractor decided that he and his partner had to go out of town for a party.  (Really?) The appliances were installed and were nice.  Except for the fact that the microwave was not the one that i asked for but i finally accepted it as i did not want to argue anymore.  I pointed out a gouge in the oven door handle which the contractor fixed very quickly. (HE FLIPPED IT OVER!)  I said fine, i can't see it and i didn't feel like waiting forever for a new handle.  We finally had a pre-final walkthrough at which time the contractor said he had pretty much everything written down but gave me some sticker dots to put on the damaged areas that he had not written down.  I used all 400 dots!  Couldn't believe the things that he was going to ignore because he thought it was good to go.  Wow...Also couldn't help but notice that there was no backsplash.  When i asked the contractor about it he said, "Oh, thats my bad.  I shouldn't have shown you the backsplash tiles as they are not standard.  If you want the backsplash it will cost you quite a bit since everything is done already but we can have them installed i fyou want."  I was astounded that i had been lied to in the beginning but i guess thats just how they do business. (Remember the shower?)Anyways, the contractor had everything fixed and we closed on the house.  At signing, he proceeded to tell me that all of the tile would need to have the grout sealed!  Are you serious?  Who installs tile but doesn't seal the grout, especially in the shower? There was also the fact that the contractor didn't caulk anything up (i.e. the tile in the floor, exterior of the doors, windows, etc.) I guess the caulking doesn't need to be accomplished?  Also, there was a list of things to do after closing which the agent had both my self and the contractor sign, including the landscaping/hydromulching of the yard.  After closing, i began to try to schedule a time for the contractor to have his sub contractors come out and fix the things that were wrong with the house and left on the things to do list.  The contractor was unwilling to have anyone come over after 5 pm, which i had requested as i am in the military and i cannot get home earlier.  He stated that they just couldn't make it since it was so late.  So i began to fix things on my own as i didn't want anything to sit any longer.  Slowly but surely i knocked out all the things on the list until only the yard was left.  The contractor had the yard "landscaped".  I guess hills and valleys are the hip thing to do now days?  And that was in the front.  The back WASN'T EVEN TOUCHED!  After the front was landscaped i began to notice little pieces of construction materials in the dirt.  I began to dredge the yard and discovered that the contractor had buried all of the debris from the construction in the yard.  He had also used the dirt that had originally been there (weeds and all) as the fill/topsoil.  So i spent 4 days clearing the yard of debris just to make it decent for a yard to be hydromulched.  The contractor had the front yard hydromulced but did not do the back because the sub contractor said it looked so bad and there were so many weeds that he didn't want to do it.  So after a month of living in the house the contractor finally had the backyard landscaped which looked decent but had the same issues as the front (practically a landfill).  I did not work the back yard as i did the front and the contractor had the back hydromulched (over the weeds) but only a day before a week long rain.  All of the hydromulch was washed away and the weeds flourished.  I guess i'm going for the grass-free yard this year.  Fast forward to 2 months later and i am still waiting on the contractor for one thing.  During the final it was noticed that two of the windows had been damaged and would need to be replaced.  The contractor was suppose to have ordered them and had them installed.  Two months of calling has resulted in no phone calls being answered and/or returned.  I finally caught the contractor since he is building a house across the street.  I waited for him to come out of the house.  He said the windows have come in and the installer would be calling in the next couple of days.  All of this is strange since the house being built is the same floor plan as mine and had the same windows installed by the same installer!  Anyways, two weeks later i am still waiting for a phone call.  I even tried to call my agent to get a hold of the contractor since they no longer answer my phone calls.  She said she would call them and would let me know when she heard from them.  No suprise, she hasn't called back.  Same problem with agent, but that's a different review.
    - bobby g.
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