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    Chimney Quest
    They made an appointment then had to cancel last minute. I was frustrated but not upset as things so happen and I was in a time crunch due to selling my home. They made it up by coming on the weekend and offering a discount on their service. I will definitely use them again!!
    - Tiffany T.
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    Thompson Services Inc
    The lady that answered the phone after I explained the work I needed mentioned I would need to sign up for a yearly service contract for 2 service visits per year for Thompson Services to check-out my HVAC Units. I mentioned I was not having problems with my HVAC, my issues were plumbing and fireplace gas logs related. She said I would have to sign up for the service contract for HVAC before Thompson Services would do the work.
    - Jimmy F.
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    Ashbusters Chimney Service
    Back in the summer we thought the company did a good job. They were very professional on time and polite. We just started using our wood stove and we were getting a lot of smoke from it. We had to have another company come out and clean it for us becasue he found that the it was not very clean at all and that is why we were having the smoke come back into the house. The gentleman that came out to fix it said if we kept using it we would have had a fire.
    - Sondra H.
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    Lee Company
    Worked primarily with Shannon. He's awesome! He also gave me a quote on changing the voltage on the gas stove and a few other things. He also walked around my property and answered random electricity / power questions I had. They had to do everything over 2 days, but they were punctual both times. I will def. use them again! 
    Other reviewers have said that they were pushy with selling the 12 month plan - not my guy. He let me know that the company offered it and left me a flyer, but didn't try to sign me up or anything. The charge for the estimate IS annoying. That's my only complaint.
    - Erika S.
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    Ashbusters Chimney Service
    On the 13th January 2016 I wrote an email to the owner Mark Stoner, most of it copied below.  As of today I have still not received a response. They are due here Wednesday so we shall see how that goes.  Would I use them again, NEVER.  Will I ever recommend them, NEVER.  If you want to use them for anything other than a clean for $99 then USE THEM AT YOUR OWN PERIL. You were warned.
    The planning and thought process of a task ahead and the execution especially, is vitally important and there have been a number of instances where this has fallen short of expectations.   When ** and ** first came out, being told that it would be put back just as it is and what was going to be done has fallen short of what has occurred.  The worst thing for customers is over promising and under delivering and changing goal posts depending on the day and maybe to suit the conversation at
    the time.  When you state what you are going to do, then this does not occur, your customer is left wondering whether a) that was just to get my business or b) your cutting corners hoping I will not know the difference. 
    Firstly, when needing to obtain access to the chimney through the attic, planning of how to gain access and how to repair such access after was lacking.  This can also be said for the fireplace surround itself.  In the chimney housing there was a huge hole
    cut, not in one piece, but in pieces, not leaving any attachable surface on one side for new wood. One of the side supports was cut into also.  I would expect, when planning on how to gain access, more thought would be given on how to repair such hole afterwards.  Also when having to cut into the floor, again instead of just making a random hole, more thought would of gone into how to repair such hole after.  Hacking away at a customers home with a sawzall in wanton abandon does not fill me with confidence and does not set you up for a successful result.   I had gone through the work order with the office before the last visit, ensuring everything I was expecting to be completed was on there, based on previous conversations.  Having received
    the completed work order for that day stating these holes had been fixed, when indeed they had not, made me question again the choices made to hire this company.  Why when the work order clearly stated your tasks for the day, would you leave after a couple of hours and only half a work order completed.  I even stated they need to be repaired today.  I have fixed one of them
    myself due to the freezing cold attic we have had since said holes were left open and am figuring out how to repair the one in the floor.  Again, if more thought had gone into the execution, the fix would of been easier and more straightforward than it is now.  On a positive note, whilst the hole was in the chimney housing since the first visit, I was able to check many times
    after the rain storms to ensure all was water tight and was pleased to report it was, although I did find a cigarette butt in the chimney hole on the ledge which was not there before and can only presume it was the worker I saw smoking on top when replacing the chase cover that dropped it in there.  I have absolutely no objection to anyone taking a smoke break, but I do object to the disregard for the safety of my property, I am glad it did not set anything alight as I would of needed more than a new fireplace installed and you would of received a nice bill for building me a new home.
    After your visit here, which was very pleasant, it was very nice to meet you, we discussed a number of issues, especially the fact that the brick was going to be laid up against the wood support with no drywall as I had been advised was going to occur.  This
    brought me back to my initial visit when advised it was going to put back exactly as it is.  How can a company not have the skills necessary to carry out this part of the job, instead opting to skip it all together.  As I mentioned, although I may not possess the skills in which to carry out the task, coming from a family in construction, I am well aware of the processes required in order to ensure a successful remodel and this was not the way to proceed with the task in hand.  You advised ** that on the left hand side of the fireplace where drywall had been removed in excess, that a batten would need to be inserted as the new drywall and old drywall where meeting, were not braced against anything and of course with the weight of the brick, has the potential of moving against unsupported drywall and at some point would of been an expensive fix on top of an already expensive fireplace replacement.  As this was still not done and appeared to have no intention of being done, we ceased work so that we could hire someone to complete that part of the job correctly.  At this point in time, I had lost all confidence in knowing that the job was going to be executed professionally and that if I wanted it done the right way then I was going to have to employ someone else and micro manage and question constantly these contractors myself.
    When the mantel was put back on during the last visit, again, I was expecting better preparation and execution.  I cannot stress enough how vital this is in order for a successful completion of a task.  In order to ensure a great result, one would think the product now being replaced would be free of 'old' sealer etc in order to ensure a flush mount and good adherence, it was not.  I had even stated that I had spent a while removing from the sides the old glue etc.  Having thought this would be enough to prompt their thought process to ensure the top was also prepared, sadly it was not.  Whilst looking at the mantel this morning, it is centered and level.  Being advised not to do anything to the mantel for at least 7 days, today is the first day I have been near
    it.  I wanted to wipe it down as dust is still floating around from the work, that's normal.  The mantel is flush against the wall on the right hand side.  The left hand side and top however and far from flush, again this may have something to do with all the old sealer left on and so much new glue used.  ** did mention that on his next visit he was going to remove the old sealer that is still attached at the top, but I had no idea the mantel was not even flush to the wall.  Again, he would not be needing to trim this
    off, had it of been prepared before attaching to the wall.  As I am beyond frustrated which you can appreciate, I am having someone come out to fix it, hoping there is no damage to the drywall we just paid to have repaired.  It is not ideal, but I have to employ someone to do it right the first time, that is a very important factor in any job and I have realized that at this point
    in time, this is the best I am going to receive from Ashbusters.
    I also mentioned on a number of occasions,  that part of the floor inside the fireplace was cracked through.  It is currently in two parts, one part having already been taken as this was damaged, the second part although damaged was left behind. 
    Having been advised this could be patched as it was just a surface crack was unacceptable.  Having spent nearly 1K on a fireplace I do not expect to have to receive something damaged and have it 'repaired'.  Having called the makers of the fireplace and explained the damage to the floor piece, they advised it should be replaced.  Having stated again on the last visit,
    about replacing the other damaged floor piece and being told it was just surface and will be patched, prompted my call to **.  It is quite clearly cracked  all the way through, which again has made me realize, that standards are not where they should be regarding what is an acceptable standard a customer should experience and receive.  ** by the way is an asset to your team and certainly a benefit to us as customers.
    The fireplace itself was scratched by the brick work on placing it, especially as the unit was so heavy and sliding it against the brickwork into place certainly wasn't going to help matters, but as there were no alternatives to put the unit in, had a little bit
    of thought gone into the execution, even the covering of the front of the unit with masking tape which would of acted as a barrier to the brick, or even covering the top and edge of the brick work to ensure minimal damage when sliding in the unit , would of been a step in the right direction.  I was advised it would be ok as the scratches would be painted over.  No problem, that is
    an acceptable fix, but what did take me by surprise, was when I did ask if they had the paint to fix the scratches, expecting it to be done,  I was handed a can, I guess that means I am fixing that myself, ok message received.

    - Miranda T.
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    Air Comfort Heating & Cooling
    Air Comfort was going to add additional straps to the under the house existing plumbing which was sagging and was clogged. The original supporting straps were placed 12' apart instead of 4' apart.  They were also going to correct the kitchen sink plumbing. Another local plumber replaced all the plumbing pipes and put in proper straps at 4' intervals for $100. more than the estimate given Air Comfort Heating and Cooling gave to just add more straps. They also corrected the kitchen sink plumbing.
    - Joan B.
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    Ashbusters Chimney Service
    They came in November and did a thorough inspection of our fireplace and gave us an estimate for repairs.  We paid half up front and scheduled the actual work.  They showed up as promised and did an excellent job.  I am enjoying a fire in the fireplace as I write this review.  I would definitely recommend them.
    - Randall B.
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    Customer 1st
    They responded to a quick need.  Came the next day.  Called ahead of scheduled appointment time to see if ok to come early.  Were friendly, courteous (took off their shoes before coming into the house), and even went a little beyond requirements.  Left a good report of fireplace condition with some suggested follow-up maintenance needed in the next few years.
    - Raymond M.
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    Ashbusters Chimney Service
    They were prompt on the initial visit and subsequent visit. They showed us the work and explained what they were doing. They were very helpful and professional. We will definitely use them again!
    - RHONDA T.
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    Custom Fireplaces & More

    I contacted Fran at Custom Fireplace and More and explained to her what I needed and instantly knew she knew everything about heating a home. I then drive the hour and a half drive and found the perfect stove at a good price. I had this stove put into a custom built home and she went out of her way to make sure to answer and questions my installer had. She made herself available for questions by phone and email and was very quick to respond. The customer service was exceptional, she even offered to come to Murfreesboro to help me if the stove wasn't working properly! I was very impressed with the amount of knowledge Custom Fireplace and More has to offer. I will refer anyone to this business.

    - Joseph C.
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