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Flooring reviews in Madison

  • A
    Handi Andy
    When we began our relationship with Andy it was via a phone call from our primary residence many miles away across the state. Based on his excellent reviews, his pleasant demeanor, knowledgeable answers to my questions and his suggestions, it gave us the confidence to move to the next step of having him walk through our property and have him prepare a proposal. He and his team began demo immediately after we closed on our purchase. During the process he was an excellent communicator utilizing the phone, texting and even sending us photo updates at each milestone. This communication was awesome as we were only in town 50% of the time. He was extremely focused on maximizing the timeline to ensure that our daughter could move into her unit by a set deadline. He then completed our unit based on our goals. Our project became a domino from one task leading to numerous others. Andy did a great job, updating us on the areas that needed attention and how we would need to adjust the budgeting and end bill. Andy believes in completing the work with excellence and then receiving payment. Due to the extent of our remodeling, we worked with him on breaking down the expenses at various stages of the journey. Even upon completion of our work, we needed a few areas to be tweaked and he was quick to return to us to make sure we were satisfied with the final end result. As an added note, Andy was dedicated to us and did not hop around between us other job opportunities and back to us. He was committed to doing a fabulous job for us, even if that required turning down other jobs that were presented to him He stays focused on the job at hand and kept his eye on our target...serving us his present client.
    - KRISTEN W.
  • A
    Installer Direct
    EXCELLENT! Roby was at my site early, took the project beyond my expectations and really helped think through my current needs into future needs without extra charges. His work is thorough and he is professional. He exceeded my expectatuons and helped me coordinate other contractors. I have more projects I will call him to assist and work with.
    - Denys V.
  • F
    Installer Direct

    First, just so you have an idea of who I am and why you should trust this review. I am a Critical care nurse and my husband is a Civil Engineer, we have a small son who is 17 months old and are a hard working, loving, laid back couple. We are professional and work hard for our money...and we wasted it the day we hired Installer Direct!! We are currently trying to update and sell our current home so we can build our dream home here in Nashville. Normally, I would not post such a review....but I felt the need to warn other people. I only wish I would have taken more pictures to prove the mess Scott Craig and Daniel Goodson (the owners) left our house. So I will start from the beginning.  Installer Direct was recommended to us. My husband and I had already interviewed about 5 tile guys and already made a decision, but since I received such a high recommendation and they were "Angie List Preferred" and guaranteed the work...I thought, why not? It only made since to hire Scott and Daniel/ Installer Direct. My first conversation with Scott went great!! I do not know tile...and won't pretend that I do. But Scott was patient, professional, answered all my questions. Scott and Daniel came to my house to give me a quote and look at all the work. I also needed to know how much tile to buy and let them know that we had about 2 months before we wanted to made sure they could work in to our timeline. Scott emailed me the quotes/ invoices for cost... and so we hired them. Just note...they were not the cheapest and not the most expensive quote but somewhere in between from the other tile installers. We lined up the dates they were going to start work. We were informed it would be 3-5 days of work, how much tile to purchase for each area, that we would not be left without a bathroom, that we would have to be out of the kitchen for 1 day (so the tile could set), and a general idea of what to expect. So, here I am thinking....Fantastic. I have lined up the painter, the plumber, the granite people, and lastly the tile people! Everything seemed good to go! DAY 1: Installer Direct informed me the night before (Tuesday), that they would be at my house at 8:30am. So I knew I'd have to show them the tile placement. Around 9am, I received a text saying they were "running behind" and would be there later. They should up late around 11:30. Later we went to pick my son up, out to eat for dinner, and returned home around 6:15 (my son's bedtime is 6:30). I was impressed with all the demo work they had done. As I laid my son down to sleep they started using a very loud staple gun in the I ask them nicely to wrap up and head out. They did not clean up that were in every room of our house. The only safe place for my son was his bedroom. But we dealt with that...because they left so late. DAY 2: The next morning they informed me they would be there around 8:30, instead 3 strange men show up to my door. So once I clarify they work for Scott...I let them and they start. So I happened to be working from home...I had to tell four different people what tile went where...what if I had not been here?? Still, even with the little frustrations, I did not mind because the work seemed to be going good. They left that day around 5:30 as I was getting home with my son. They informed me the master Ba shower was out and we could not walk on the guest Ba floor until tomorrow. So no bath for my son?...second night in a row. Daniel did lay down a piece of board and told us to be careful so we could give our son a bath. Meanwhile, the rest of the house is still a walking hazard to my son. Tools, equipment left out, not to mention the completely filthy (cups from employees, food wrappers,etc). So my husband and I made it on to the couch and settled in the mess...thinking it would be over soon. Day 3 on a Friday: The nightmare really starts! 8:30 sharp, the 3 strange (non-English speaking) men show up to my door... no team member from Installer Direct though. But I had to leave for work and they started working. With no guidance from a manager the workers did as they were told and "laid tile". However, there was no thought process for what all needed completed before they started. NO TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS!! So, I arrive home around lunch as I was receiving a phone call from an employee (not either of the owners...who I hired) to inform me that the tile guys could not find the grout. Well, that was because of a misunderstanding that I own...I did not realize I had to provided that because I thought I made it very clear that I knew nothing about tile and only wanted to buy the tile....however, I own that misunderstanding. So, since it is 13:30 and there is not grout and no true Installer Direct employee or manager on site....the owner had to leave a job and go by grout to bring to the workers to finish the job. But then he leaves again! It was not until around 1400 that an Installer Direct person showed up. There was no guidance from the owners...just orders!! So, now at 5:30pm the workers are packing up their tools and my house is a disaster zone. Equipment left out, dirt everywhere, trash (like employee cups/wrappers/cigarette buds all over, porches covered in mud, paint scrapped off my freshly painted/paid for decks, dirt on the floors (not just tile dust....but muddy foot prints, chucks of debris). It was absolutely ridiculous!! After working, and going out to eat for 3 nights (because we were unable to use the kitchen) we come home and have to put our son to bed (still can't let him down anywhere but his bedroom) and have to clean the floors and put things back where they go for 2 hours! That was just functional sweeping, wiping cabinets/countertops, cleaning the bathroom vanity (which they left covered in trash and even put our toilet bowl cleaner up there). This was so unprofessional! I should hire someone/anyone and then have to clean up after they leave. So Friday night, I called the owner Scott (with my husband listen in) and spoke to him about my frustrations. At first he was very apologetic for the mess, blamed his young/unprofessional staff for the mistake. So Saturday morning, I wake up and my husband takes my son while I clean the house for about 3 hours. Just to get it safe for a small child to walk on, fall on, play on!! Over the weekend, as the frustrations grew and my husband (whom never gets upset) knew they had cost us time and money with the damage and the cleaning. He just wanted it to be done and them to be gone! DAY 4/FINAL: They crew (actually his employees and the owners) arrive around 8:45 to start. I could tell by his workers actions...they had been bad talking me. You that awkward feeling? Anyway, I professional and kindly ask to speak with both owners, Scott and Daniel, on the front porch (this was away from his workers) to discuss my frustrations. My husband and I had made a VERY VALID LIST OF COMPLIANTS to review with them. Such as: Tools left out, hazardous area, cleaning up after employees, time it took to clean to make the house livable, time out of the kitchen, the lack of time management (such as: "hey at 3pm when need to start cleaning so we can leave by 5, not 5:15 owners are leave), the lack of leadership, the fact that they were not present for most of the job, grout being missed, drywall not patched, mud and damage to porches, the fact that I hired Installer Direct and them not the younger (20s) people that work for him or the non-speaking people and that I expected one of them to be here for the entire job or at the very least have good communication (such as "hey I can't be here tomorrow...but Joe will and I have reviewed everything with him". The tile work itself is decent! It is not the worst and definitely not the best. But anyway, as I am speaking with them privately about my frustrations and valid complaints they both cross their arms like children, barely making eye contact, and Daniel even rolls his eyes and tells me "he is frustrated with me", if "I expected them to be onsite for the job, I should have mentioned that in the beginning". Unbelievable! I honestly felt belittled. I informed them that all of my frustrations were easy concerns, time management. It was like talking to mad teenagers. So I left for work. My husband returned home at lunch to check on the progress and to re-have the conversation of our dissatisfaction as customers and valid reasons why. According to him, they responded much better. They were apologetic even. Then my husband went to pay them (since we thought we would not be home before they were done). I had told my husband my invoiced quote for all the work was around $2300. They told my husband $3100. Say what?Honestly, I didn't plan on one but expected a discount after this whole nightmare. So my husband had to have a heated conversation with them and finally ended with I will pay you $2500 just to end it. So he goes back to work. At 5:15, I pull up to the house and they are still here/packing up. Neither manger spoke or looked in my direction. They had one of their younger employees speak to me. As I am rushing around with my demanding 17 month old son. I walked around and looked at things...there were several things incomplete and I assumed they would finish them. But NO, THEY JUST LEFT!! So after my son went to bed, this is a small list of things we had left to do: clean muddy floors, put all the fixtures back on our master ba so we can use it, shave down and hang 3 doors, move our furniture back to its place, put about 50% of our items back on the countertops in the kitchen, clean bathroom countertops (trash and everything), it took us 3 hours! That does not even begin for the outside. They hosed off our porches, but they are covered in mud and need mopped, one of our porches is going to have to be repainted! DO NO USE INSTALL DIRECT!! THEY ARE UNPROFESSIONAL, LACK TIME MANGEMENT, AND TERRIBLE PEOPLE!

    - Amanda B.
  • A
    Landmark Services of Tennessee
    This whole experience could not have gone any better. From the time I first met Eric, he was courteous, timely and helpful. I bid this remodel out to 5 different contractors and Eric's price was the 2nd lowest of them all. What made it an obvious pick besides the previous reputation was the fact he was able to do everything I asked of him where the rest of the bidders had at least one or more items they were not able to do for me and that I would have had to find another contractor to do.
    As anyone who has done a remodel knows, they take longer and cost more than you anticipate. From the onset I let Eric know that we had a deadline to meet in order to accomplish my loan refinance that had already begun. He won the bid on a Friday and had guys out that Saturday to begin working. They worked every weekend until the job was done and often worked well past normal business hours. To some that may seem like an inconvenience, but I thought it really showed their efforts to hit or exceed the deadline which they did by a full week.
    As with any contractor, your experience is going to be influenced by the subcontractors they utilize for their projects. Every new face that I met throughout this entire time could not have been nicer or more helpful. The main carpenter Keith was an amazing help to me. He would always stick around till I got home from work to recap what had been done, talk through what was going to
    go on the next day and answer questions. He also offered industry expertise when needed, best practices when I was unsure of something and even advice on what he had seen done in other projects when I was lost or needed another set of eyes. I cannot say enough good things about Keith. He was a great guy and really made the whole experience enjoyable.
    The Drywall guy. You heard me correct, one guy. Was UNBELIEVABLE! Knocked out the entire drywall work in just a few days. He always asked me if I was satisfied with the work and even offered me different options for how to finish the ceilings. I will tell you the truth, I did the rough drywall work and it was not great by any means. He worked magic on subpar seams. We went with a flat ceiling which shows everything and you cannot see one seam.
    The painting crew was phenomenal. Every day I was amazed at how much they accomplished. They were perfectionist. I seldom had the chance to catch anything that did not already have a black circle around it for repair the following day.
    Now onto the crowning achievement of this whole project, the Master Bath (Really wish I could post photos). This bathroom has received praise and compliments from everyone who has seen it. Many have said it is the nicest bathroom they have seen in a house before. When I started this discussion with them I told them that I wanted the Master Bath to be eye catching and memorable. When I talked to Eric about what I was thinking for the tile, he told me about a good friend of his that could get a pretty good deal on Travertine Tile. After looking at some of the photos of Eric's own bathroom that he used it in I was sold. The price was very competitive and the quality was great. Once the tile was chosen we had to then move onto patterns which if you have ever tried to pick alternating patterns for a 6 foot tub and floor to ceiling tile shower in a bathroom, it is quite challenging. He talked through it with
    me on many occasions.
    The team he used (Jose, Jose and Jose... Seriously that was their names) to pour the shower and install the tile were exceptional. They worked nonstop till the job was done, could not have been more kind and considerate. We must have spent at least 2 hours talking through various tile cuts and finishing touches. It was Jose's unsolicited recommendation to grind the hard edges of the tile to soften it that I think really completed the whole bathroom.
    I have heard many a horror story and read plenty of them on this website. I am so fortunate that I am not one of them. Eric and his men were the best contractor experience I have had to date and will for certain be who I use moving forward for all of my house repair needs. Of course there were small mistakes, miscommunications, etc. along the way as with any major remodel. What impressed me was how Eric and his team addressed each one and made sure I was completely satisfied every step of the way. Eric and Keith were always responsive to my calls and to my texts. My advice to you is to test what I have just told you.When you are bidding out a large project as I was, include Landmark Services in your list. See where they finish in price (I bet close to the lowest) and then trust me when I tell you the quality is without question what makes them so successful and highly rated. If you want more feedback, give me a call. (615-627-8872)
    Robb Rheinlander

    - Robb R.
  • A
    Multitask Handyman & Space Solutions
    We decided to replace carpeting with laminate flooring in two bedrooms in a rental house.  At Home Depot I found out that intallation was $1.99 per square foot.  That made even the cheapest laminate flooring expensive.  I found Chaz and Sheilah on Angies list,. Chaz works by the hour.  Sheilah gave me the information I needed to make the decision to have a much better floor installed for relatively the same amount of mon ey the cheaper floor would have cost because of the quicker installation time.  (Thank you, Sheilah!)  She worked our job into Chaz's schedule two days later (Thank you, Sheilah!) Chaz came out  on time. (Thank you, Chaz!)  He worked hard and the job took him hours longer than he expected due to several little closets he didn't know about.  (Sorry, Chaz!)   And, he got attacked by fleas.  (So sorry, Chaz!) But, he stayed until the job was done.  And done beautifully.  Chaz and Sheilah made the whole project turn out so much better than it would have without them and their dedication to their custumers.
    - Rebecca M.
  • A
    Handyman Hitsquad
    They arrived on time and got right to work.  It took about 5-6 hours to finish both jobs.  I'm reasonably happy with the results.  They did a very good job on the floor, it is level and smooth.  Instead of just building under a bit of pipe that runs across the middle of my attic, they build a nice sturdy box to encase it;  very good!  My only issue is my own fault for not specifying to put back as much insulation as possible when installing the flooring.  Instead much (as far as I can tell) of the insulation has been spread to the non-floored parts of the attic.  The light is well positioned in the center with the electrical line nicely run.  In the basement they continued their fine electrical work and both sockets and switch are first rate.  In addition, they found a stray electrical line that was still hot and took care of it as safely as possible.  I've already contracted them to do more work for my Mom and I'll be sure to call on them again when needing bid on future projects.
    - Robert T.
  • A
    Nashville Flooring Solutions
    They do a really Goods Job
    - Ever M.
  • A
    Lumber Liquidators, Inc.
    It was a pretty decent price. Their price stood out. They had quick customer service. They were easy to work with and helpful.
    - Tanya G.
  • A
    S & S Tile Installers
    Jorge and his team did the work we requested and then went the extra mile setting up with a plumber and someone to install drywall after the wall tile was removed.
    - Lee S.
  • A
    Installer Direct
    - Christina R.
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