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Transportation reviews in Lexington

  • A
    Blight Built
    Mr. Blight came out to look at my two projects an hour after my initial call. He was very detailed and punctual. Everything was explained to a T. He told me when the materials would be delivered and when his crew would start. He gave me a time frame for when it all should be done (weather permitting). It was $4500 for a brand new back deck and $1700 to repair the dock. I will most definitely keep him at the top of my list for all future projects!!!
    - Rachel R.
  • A
    Royal Cabs LLC
    I had surgery on my foot and had a scooter and he backed into the drive way and made sure I got in the cab well. He would take me to where I was going and get my scooter out and make sure I got to the door alright, and then would make sure that I got to my door at my home when I returned as well. I have never had such great service in my life and I will only use Royal Cab in the future. He always the same person that would pick me up and made sure that he would be there when I was done with my appointments to go home.
    - Johnnie S.
  • F
    Tru Renovations
    Gabe Baker showed up and was very professional, I explained what I wanted, he let me know what the possibilities were as far as lumber decking or brick. He told me he would get back to me in a couple days with a quote including materials and labor. The next day he gave me a quote of $1100 for material and said he would do the labor for $350 for the lumber and $600 for the brick. I told him I would see if I could come up with the $1450 for the lumber deck. He told me that he would contact me again Monday and see if he could come up with a better deal, knowing I am a single mom with 5 children. Monday came and I received several text from Gabe as seen below from the pictures of my messages on my phone. He flat out told me that he would charge me for materials and would take off the $350 for labor if I would spend an hour with him. Being a lady I thought there is no way he is asking what I think he is asking, he seemed very professional so I asked, what do you mean spend an hour with you? Do you mean going over the plans for the deck, I can do that? He replied saying when and where. I said, you pick I have an appointment tomorrow at 9:30 but I am free after that. He said your place good? I said, sure that way I can visualize what ever plans you might come up with better. He said will your kids be home? This of course struck me as a little odd but again I thought, he probably wants to keep things professional and make sure we are not alone which is exactly the kind of woman I am so I replied and said, yep they will be home. To which he replied, I don't think we are on the same page. confused I said, I'm very blunt for a woman so why don't you just spell it out for me. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I am not unintelligent but I sometimes see more good in people than there really is obviously and give too much benefit of the doubt. So I said, Do you mean meet you for ***? To which he began apologizing for his asking and admitting that he was out of line and then said, just go with the original price I gave you plus the $350 labor, but if you refer me to someone else I will give you $500 off the price. I was so upset and angry at this point that I didn't reply at all. He texted and asked, do you still want me to do the job? I replied No thank you. Its all in the text conversation below. I wanted to let people know about this because there is just absolutely no excuse for this kind of belittling garbage and its not okay to get away with it at all. A couple hours later I had to ask becasue it had insulted me so badly, and no real man would degrade a woman to this extent so I had to ask a pig such as he to attempt to find understanding. Why was I in your mind classified as the kind of woman you solicate for prostitution, because you flat out offered me money in exchange for *** with that request, rather than being seen as the kind of woman you respect and take home to meet your mom? he replied that he was attracted to me and his "cave man" instincts kicked in. Seriously?? My 18 year old son asked me.. what should he have done instead if he really liked you? To which I told him, as a professional you stay focused on your job rather than your desires so it should have just been a note of attraction in his mind and nothing else said but if he really was attracted to me and wanted anything more than just a one night stand, he should have given me a fair quote, done the job and did it well, then when the job was complete and the transaction was finished, he could have simply said, I was wondering if there if by any chance you would be interrested in going out to dinner with me so I can get to know you a little better? That way I had the chance to let him know if I am available or interested in him as well and we could have gone from there or I would have told him I am flattered but I am really not interrested but thank you. To which he could have simply said I completely understand I just didnt want to regret not asking later incase you were, I wish you the best and we both go about our business. My son agreed that would have been a much more professional and gentlmanly way to approach the situation. No matter what, this is the most disgusting degrading way to approach a woman and it is beyond sexual harrassment. This man now knows where I live, he violated my place of solitude and degraded my character as a strong independant woman who has worked my whole life to provide for my children and it should not be tolerated. Now you are informed of ust the kind of man who is offering to do "quality work" for you. Husbands be warned of leaving him alone with your wives to do work, and woman be warned of the kind of man you may intend to be hiring for work. Be safe.
    - Elise D.
  • F
    This was a terrible experience with a rude manager/owner.  I booked the appointment over the phone 5 hours before the pick up time. The cab was 15 minutes late when I first called in. They kept saying he was 'right up the road.' I then asked what they could do to make the situation better and they said nothing. Finally the cab showed up 35 minutes late. I had no choice but to use then and I will never use them again!
    - Stephanie H.
  • A
    They did a fantastic job. Helped me get the boat hooked up to the truck and made sure that I got out safely. I called after dropping the boat off to make sure that the marine radio was safe. They assured ne that they would move the boat under some lights so that it  would be secure.  I appreciate all that they did in repairing my boat in a timely manner.
    - Donna Z.
  • F
    First Mate Marine Construction
    He never did any of the work on the job and I did pay him up front. He was supposed to do two jobs for me and the first job worked out fine.  The second one he didn't do any work.  He didn't show up for the job.  I contacted him several times once I realized what was happening.  Once I contacted the sherriff's department about the job I got a check in the mail from him for $600 and it said there was more to come.  I have never received extra money.
    - Paul T R.
  • A
    The only "B" in the grading above was for responsiveness, which is still a "good" grade, just not excellent.  I did have trouble getting the initial call returned.  I had to call back a couple times and finally was called back by Norman Agnew.  After that, everything went quickly and professionally.  I originally thought the cost was too high, but my expectations on what the job entailed were not accurate.  The crew worked for a full day and a half to get everything done, so the price was more than fair.  I bought a boat that did not work with the existing bunks on my boat lift, because the new boat has a stepped hull.  Norman Agnew visited to do an estimate for new bunks mounted to fit my boat, new bolts for the bunks and guide posts, and "regular maintenance" of the lift (grease, cleaning, etc.)  I received his estimate later that same day.  There were other items related to my dock on the estimate that I did not end up wanting.  The next day I called to make the 25% initial payment, and the day after that, the Agnew crew showed up to begin the work.
    The first day, the crew showed up in the afternoon, after spending the morning in the shop cutting and carpeting the new bunks.  They disassembled the old bunks and attached the new bunks with all new bolts.  They replaced the bolts in the guideposts as well, and serviced the lift.  The next morning they returned, and with one of them in the water under the boat, aligned the new bunks and guideposts to fit my boat.  When I returned that afternoon, my boat was on the lift, and I inspected the work.  Everything fit perfectly, and they left no mess.
    The work crew were always careful moving my boat around, and even gave me (a new boater) tips for handling the boat around the dock and even some fishing tips.
    I received the bill in my inbox the next day with a $25 dollar discount.  I replied to the email to thank Norman and compliment his crew, and then called to pay the bill.  The office personnel were just as professional as Norman.
    - A Nichole E.
  • A
    Their services have been very good. They have someone that goes around and checks that everything is still tied up properly if there has been a wind or a storm. They got an adequate store with some food and drinks.
    - Janet H.
  • A
    Outstanding service and attention to detail. In addition to the repairs they even monitored bilge levels and ensured engine was run and batteries remained in high charge through out the winter and this was done at no additional charge. These people are great to work with and go the extra mile for their customers.
    - Donald D.
  • C
    Penske Truck Rental at Coker Automotive
    I rented a 26' Penske Truck for a 24-hr local use.  I needed the
    smallest truck they had that had a hydraulic lift gate.  The Lexington
    location (a.k.a. Bi-Rite Auto Sales/Coker Automotive) did not have one
    available the weekend I wanted, so asked me to call the W. Columbia
    location.  The W. Columbia location was very helpful and said they could
    reserve that truck for me the following weekend--and would even deliver
    it to the Lexington location for easier pickup.  In addition to the
    rental fee, you are charged an additional fee of $.25 per mile, so
    picking up at the location closest to you may be important.
    I received a nice reservation confirmation via email for the following Friday.  On that Thursday, I received a call verifying pickup at the Lexington location.  All was well--very professional.  The rental procedure in Lexington went well with agent Jeremy.  He had me examine the truck for prior scratch marks/damage--and there were some on all sides, so they were duly noted on the form they gave me.  He also had me look at the fuel gauge on the dashboard.  It appeared to be full or near full as far as I could tell.
    The rental went well and the truck performed as advertised.  It was a local rental, so I only drove it a total of 24 miles--only 6 of those miles with a light load in it.  The truck bed/box was empty for the other 18 miles . Upon returning, I filled up both tanks with diesel fuel at a gas station just across the street from the rental location.  One tank took 1.2 gallons and the other tank took 3.2 gallons, for a total of 4.4 gallons.  I thought that was a lot for 24 miles, but it was a 26' truck.  I kept my two fuel receipts--one for each tank.
    I returned the truck the next afternoon while the rental location was closed, so filled out the paperwork and dropped it with the keys in the dropbox.  I came back on Monday morning shortly after they opened just to get my receipt.
    All was well up to this point, but this is where things took a turn to the weird.  The same guy who checked me out, also was the one who checked the truck in when he got to work on Monday.  When I arrived an hour later, he gave me the bill with an additional $50.40 fuel charge for (what the bill said was 6.3 additional gallons of fuel at $8.00 per gallon).  Having filled it up right across the street, I was baffled--and very upset.   I had him go out to the truck with me to look at the fuel tanks.  The left tank was up to the filler neck in fuel, but the right tank was not quite that high.  The truck was on a slight lean to the left, so that may have been why.  Anyway, he said that normally bubbles come out out of the fuel tank and that the fuel lines take up some of the fuel, so the level keeps going down. (?)
    He started telling me that I have to keep pumping fuel into the tanks...wait a few minutes and pump some more.  Repeat that process over and over until it just won't take any more fuel.  Of course, that is ridiculous.  I had both tanks full to the brim and I had my fuel receipts showing the 4.4 gallons of fuel for the 24 miles I drove.  He kept arguing with me and was clearly not going to do anything about it, so I asked to speak to his manager.  He gave me a local number to call and ask for "Ben."  I did.  I told Ben the story.  He looked at my record on his computer and saw  my 24 miles.  For me to have put in 4.4 gallons after 24 miles and the guy at check in  wanted to add 6.3 gallons more (he did not actually add that additional fuel in, he just said that's how much additional fuel it would take to fill it up), that would have been 10.7 gallons for 24 miles.  Ben said those trucks got about 8 miles per gallon, so he could see that those numbers just did not add up.  I should've burned around 3 gallons--not 10.7.   Ben removed the extra fuel charge (via computer) and told the guy at check in to re-issue my receipt w/o the extra fuel charges.  That seemed to make the check-in guy fairly angry, saying he was going to charge that back to Ben. (Not sure what he meant by that.)
    The bottom line is that I did not have to pay the ridiculous overage charges, but it was quite a hassle to go through.   I had a good feeling when I checked out the truck and when I used the truck, but I did not have a good feeling when I left.
    If you ever consider renting a truck from the Lexington location, my suggestion is to fill up the tanks, as I did.  Keep your receipts (that ended up saving me over $50.00 in bogus charges).   I do like their trucks and I do recommend them, but do watch out for what could be a scam at the local franchisee level.  I had a witness with me at the fill-up station, but I ended up not needing that testimony.  With the mileage I put on the vehicle and the receipts for the fuel, Ben understood and made the right decision.  I'm not sure, but I believe Ben is at the W. Columbia location and may manage all the local locations.  He was quite nice to deal with.
    - R H M.
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