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Roofing reviews in Thornton

  • A
    Very well. Brad C was the pro that PF Fitz sent and he was great. Good communicator. Looked over the roof for any issues while he was here, and also evaluated the pitch of the gutters. Volunteered to flush the gutters that had the most leaves in them with water so we could be sure that they were clear. Swept off leaves that had floated onto the roof while he was cleaning. I highly recommend Brad.
    - SUSAN C.
  • A
    Mr. Williams provided next day services and called me within 30 minutes of arrival. I have a two story house and he and his coworker completed the job within that same time frame with pictures of the clean gutters and where the clogs were located. I would hire them again! The cost was actually under his original quote!
    - charles m.
  • D
    Overview: It went very badly. We started discussions in March 2016, signed contract in mid-June 2016 and Brandywine said job would begin in mid July. A series of problems occurred, and on September 21 the Brandywine team walked away from the job before starting. We were left with 6 months of wasted time and nothing to show for it. Specific negatives on Brandywine: After we signed contracts on June 14, 2016 for everything but copper roof, we were told mid July start. On July 19 July Brandywine said their key person on trim was injured and would be out for "a few days" and in 48 hours they would let me know new date. On August 4, 2016 (6 weeks after contract signed) Brandywine called to say that there was no Hardie Plank available in the color we wanted and they had to order from manufacturer and there was a 4-6 week lead time for Hardie Plank. I asked why H-board/Hardie Plank had not been ordered in mid -June when we signed the contract because now we lost 6 weeks, I did not get a good answer. On August 24,2016 we signed the contract for the copper roof project. Hardieboard and metal trim finally delivered on Sept 7 2016. Trim was wrong texture, nothing like the sample we agreed to. Also the shutters were the wrong dimensions. Obviously the materials had not been checked before delivery and/or someone had been careless at Brandywine when ordering. Brandywine salesperson (Shawn) said he thought trim was "ok, just a different interpretation". I complained to Brandywine owner (Josh); Josh agreed that the trim texture was not correct (he used the term "cartoonish" and Josh said he wouldn't want to have it on his own house) and he would order new trim. On Sept 7, the person from Brandywine who actually was doing the trim work examined the job (for the first time) and said he was not comfortable he could do the job well. However, new trim was ordered by Brandywine in the correct texture, but it turned out to be completely different color when it arrived Sept 21. Unbelievable. On Sept 22 Brandywine owner (Josh) said "we're sorry, we need to walk away from this job"; Josh added that he was losing money on the job because of material he can't return. They didn't call us; I had to call to find out what was going on after all the materials were picked up by the building supply house and one of their employees. All-in-all a painful experience. While my experience was negative on balance, there were 3 positives on Brandywine: Brandywine team spent considerable time with me and my insurance company arguing for more reimbursement. Brandywine team was reasonably punctual during sales process. And Brandywine team walked away before starting construction (as opposed to walking away mid job which would have been worse).
    - SUSAN C.
  • A
    After a bad snow storm, a water stain formed on my 2nd floor ceiling.  I called Bafundo to check out what I thought was a roof leak.  I have a 25 yr old roof and I was expecting to be told it was time for a replacement.  The team did a thorough inspection of the attic and roof.  I was told the water stain formed from snow blowing into the attic.  My roof was fine and had a few more years of life than I expected!  They also advised of some siding which looked problematic.  I will be calling them back when it's time for a repair or replacement.
    - Anthony C.
  • A
    Contractor was very responsive to my needs. I'm very happy with the quality of the work. At the end of the project, I had a "punch list" of five items that needed attention, and the contractor came back within a week and fixed them all.
    - Janet E.
  • A
    Our home suffered damage from a hail storm and many of the homes in the community were getting their roofs and siding replaced which was covered by their homeowner's insurance.  We were originally hesitant thinking that our roof was fine until we took a closer look and saw little holes in the shingles and dents in the metal roof venting and cracks in the window sills.  A number of homes were using Best Contracting and they seemed to be the most careful and respectful of bushes and landscaping surrounding the homes they were working on.  So I called and talked to Myron Stoltsfus who then met with us to quote the job.  He explained how the typical insurance claim works and was spot on in how it ended up working.  He provided an estimate to us and the insurance company and then met with the insurance adjuster to go through his estimate as it applied to our house.  The claim and estimate were approved by the insurance company and after the job was finished, we received the remaining cash held back and paid it to Best Contracting. for a job well done.

    Myron was an absolute gentleman and a pleasure to work with.  He knew his stuff and was very personable and professional.  I would HIGHLY recommend doing business with Myron.  I found him very honest and trustworthy and always kept his word.  And the quality of their work was top notch.

    - Bob N.
  • A

    My roof was damaged due to the May 2014 hail storm and I called several roofers for a quote.   I'm in the IT industry where computers are either right are wrong, so I have had problems with past with home contractors where they tell me "it's good enough", or "it's straight enough", which starts a bad discussion with the contractor.    Plus, I google everything and watch every youtube video on a topic.

    Gary was great to work with, he was very client facing, friendly, and knowledgeable, and answered all my questions.

    His roofers are not subcontractors and full-time employees, so he has line of sight into quality control, where other roofers don't even know the contractors coming to the job site.

    His price was right very fair and lower than the other roofers who took advantage of the storm to make more money.

    When his roofers were at my house, they answered all my questions, and told me what they were doing and why.  Very friendly.

    - Lawrence D.
  • B

    We had damage to our 21 year old roof, gutters, downspouts and aluminum capping from a hailstorm.  Early on we decided to only repair the roof at this time and to do the rest of the repair work later.  We interviewed 8 roofers (in order to view a number of different shingle brand samples to find one we liked the look of) and received  bids from 5 roofers. We did not choose PJ Fitzpatrick (PJF) for the job.  (Roofers tend to be only certified in one maybe two brands which provides the best warranty for the homeowner and only by meeting with the roofers can you see samples of shingles.)

    Going into the bidding process, we thought that PJF would probably be our choice because PJF has done several small repair jobs for us over the years and also had done our annual gutter cleaning a few times and our experience had always been very good.  In fact, a year prior to the hailstorm PJF did a free evaluation of our roof and did a computer based presentation on roofing, the PJF difference and we were impressed.  We learned a lot about the intricacies of roofing and all the important elements involved in getting a good job done from this presentation by PJF.  It's not just about the shingles.  This time David Zimmerman was the sales person and he was professional, very responsive in getting us addresses of finished jobs for us to look at, answered all our questions and wrote up a very detailed estimate.   

    When we looked at some of the roofing jobs that PJF referred us to, we saw things that concerned us.  On some of the jobs, the shingles covering the roof vent at the top of the roof were not even, and they did not look crisp.  In some cases, it appeared to our eyes as thought the roof vent sagged (i.e. the roof vent in the middle of the roof was lower than nearer the ends of the roof).  We also didn't like the look of the added venting system they were recommending. 

    Another concern was PJF?s attitude towards possibly discussing their bid with our insurance company given that we had a claim for hailstorm damage.  PJF said words to the effect of ?we don?t really talk to insurance companies ? insurance companies pay pennies on the dollar, and that?s too bad, but that?s just the way it is?.  Every other roofer we interviewed was willing to talk to our insurer.  The roofer we chose spoke to our insurer, and got our reimbursement raised by several thousand dollars.  We were surprised when PFJ was not inclined to talk to our insurer on our behalf.. 

    Then there was their price.  PJ Fitzpatrick?s price was +59% higher (about $10,000 higher) than the roofer we went with on a ?comparing apples to apples? basis, even after all of PJF's "discounts" such as the "repeat customer discount".  We knew of course that PJF generally charges a higher price than competition but we didn?t think it would be almost +60% higher.  They do provide one of the best roofing warranties in the industry we found.  And said they could get the job done in one day.  But that's a big premium. 

    Another concern was PJF?s approach to evaluating the ventilation of the roof.  As background, any roof has to be properly vented, with a certain amount of air coming in through the soffits and air exiting through the roof vent.  To know if you have enough air coming in & going out, the Airvent website has a formula that you can use to figure it out for yourself ? you measure how many square feet of soffit you have (and you make sure soffit is not blocked by insulation or junk), how many linear feet of roof vent, and you plug your measurements into the Airvent  formula.  It takes some time but it is not very hard to do.

    PJF?s approach was simply to look at the soffits from the ground and say ?I know from experience, there?s not enough air coming in through those soffits, you need better ventilation -  you need an edge vent system to move more air in?.   I?m sure they believed that we did need better ventilation, but I would have expected PJF to do the calculations and show me the results.   When I did the calculations, it turned out our attic did not need more ventilation and so I didn?t need new soffits or an auxiliary edge venting system.

    Buyer beware.  When shopping for roofing there's a lot to understand in how the job's going to be done.  I highly recommend going to see finished samples of their jobs.
    - SUSAN C.
  • A

    We had damage to our 21 year old roof, gutters, downspouts and aluminum capping from a hailstorm.  Early on we decided to only repair the roof including replacing 3 skylights at this time and to do the rest of the repair work in another job later.  We interviewed 8 roofers because we were finding it difficult to find an architectural shingle we liked (they've gotten very busy looking which we felt wouldn't look good with our varicolored stone façade) and received bids from 5 roofers. We did not choose Advance to replace our roof.  

    Rodney Fisher, our salesperson, did a good job presenting the company and discussing our particular roofing job and prepared a detailed estimate.  The pricing was in the middle of our estimates.  Rodney was responsive to our questions.  And to his credit, when we said we were going with another roofer Rodney asked how he could improve ? I respect that.  

    A key reason that we did not work with Advance Roofing is that we could not find a brown shingle that we liked (as much as another brand) from their key shingle supplier (notably Owens Corning for which they are a Platinum Preferred installer which gets you the best warranty from the manufacturer).   

    Another concern is that Rodney recommended that instead of a roof ridge vent, we could install an ?attic fan?, otherwise he felt we needed more soffit vents where other roofers said that wasn't necessary since all are soffits are already vented.  That would have raised his price another $4,700 making the quote one of the highest. Other highly rated roofers we talked to said that attic fans can sometimes change the pressure of exhaust for furnaces etc. due to their air draw and can pull exhaust gases into the living space ? also that attic fans do not evacuate a attic?s area evenly.  I haven't researched to see if this is true, but in any case, the recommendation of an attic fan to us was not a positive thing and the logic of the other roofer's opinions rang true for us. 

    - SUSAN C.
  • A

    We had damage to our 21 year old roof, gutters, downspouts and aluminum capping from a hailstorm.  Early on we decided to only repair the roof at this time and to do the rest of the repair work in another job later.  We interviewed 8 roofers and got bids from 5 roofers, including GP Martini. We did not choose GP Martini.

    We heard of Martini from the regional salesperson of the shingle manufacturer that we chose (Atlas) after we asked him ?what roofers do a good job with your shingles??

    Gary Martini (owner) got in touch with us right away and did a very good presentation at our home.  Gary was responsive and helpful in answering our questions.  His pricing was fair and the estimate/quote had a good amount of detail although not as much as we would have liked.  

    Gary offers a very good guarantee on the work that his team does and that guarantee is valid for life of your roof, transferable to another buyer - this guarantee is stronger than most other roofers we interviewed.   As we saw more of the Martini roofing jobs, we had  a number of questions about details of how his team did flashing, counterflashing etc.  Gary was very responsive and informative.   Our  interaction with Gary ended after Gary reached out to me and said that based on the number of questions that we had, we might ?fit? better with a roofer who had more folks to answer those questions .  Actually, Gary handled what could have been an awkward situation very professionally and well.  We wanted more attention (in the form of answers to questions) than Gary was comfortable with.  Gary saw this, and politely suggested that other roofers might be a better fit. In any case, the roofer we ended up with did answer a lot more questions for us, and we're very happy with the roofing job that we got.   

    - SUSAN C.
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