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Hazard Remediation reviews in Sewickley

  • A
    Allergen Sweep LLC
    Ron was prompt and complete. He removed a small area of mold growing on the ceiling of an upstairs bathroom. After we had a plumbing leak in the attic repaired, Ron quickly came to remove the moldy drywall and replace with new drywall. Everything was done efficiently in one day and we are very happy with the result. Ron was professional, informative, and easy to work with. The cost was reasonable. We highly recommend Allergen Sweep and would use this company again.
    - Jane G.
  • A
    Inspectioneering LLC
    Rob was extremely thorough and professional. He covered everything, and I mean everything, from basement to attic and all points in between. Services covered two buildings. Performed everything on a Sunday as well. Tremendous customer service.
    - Chris P.
  • A
    Allegiance Home Inspection
    I needed to have a quick turn around on my home inspection and Josh was able to schedule me for the next day.  He was on time, and came prepared.  He was very professional and very thorough.  He explained the whole process to us and gave us a review of any issues before he left.  He also gave us an expectation on when to expect our report and radon test.  As promised, we received our very detailed report the next day.  I never expected the report to contain such detail as the one Josh provided.  I also needed a pest inspection and Josh went ahead and scheduled that for me.  The contractor arrived on time and was also very thorough and very professional. 

    Overall I am very pleased with the service Josh provided and I would use his services again and recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.  A+++  Thank you, Josh!
    - Christina R.
  • A
    Allegiance Home Inspection
    First off, I needed an inspection on my new home just prior to the expiration of my one year workmanship warranty with the builder.  Josh (owner) provided me with a thorough report of several issues that I would not have discovered on my own as some of them were on the roof, some were in crawl spaces, and some were simply my lack of knowledge in terms of whether or not something was done correctly (workmanship, code, etc.).  I am now in a better position to go back to the builder and get the issues Josh uncovered and documented in his report fixed now vs. me having to pay to get them fixed at some later date - at my expense.  Josh was very professional, knowledgeable, and punctual.  I would say he exceeded my expectations.
    - Bill H.
  • A
    Airtech Radon Services Inc
    We bought our new house 2 month ago, the radon level were checked as 2.7.  But when I  tested again and found
    that the radon levels were much higher up to 5.6. I called Airtech and got a quote over the phone. They called the day before to confirm the appointment and showed up on time and performed the work in about 2hours. At the end of the job they left 2 radon test kits and picked them up next day. 2 days later. They  emailed me the results of the test is 1.1 and  we are
    below 1 unit of radon now. Overall I am very  satisfied of their professional job.
    - Ye P.
  • F
    Ed Lampl - Environmental & Home Inspections
    WORST HOME INSPECTION EVER and caused (and is still causing) so many problems and extra expenses.
    DO NOT USE THIS GUY! He is so unprofessional, I don't even know where to begin. First, when I called him, he asked where I got his name (Angie's List) and then said "well you can't please the world", (referring to bad review that was posted about him). I saw that review about him, but since all of the rest were good, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Now I have no idea how those good reviews got there.  I am sure he must have posted them himself or paid someone to post them because there was just so much wrong with the way he operates, I am sure no real customer would have given him positive comments). Then, instead of taking my name and number like a professional, he tells me to email him my name and the address of the home and day and time of the inspection that we agreed on. I should have just walked away at that point because I had a bad feeling. 
    The day of the inspection, I arrived at the house at 9 am (the scheduled time), and he was not there. Instead, the owner was home and told me that when he came to drop off the radon test a few days ago he told her the inspection was in the afternoon. She has a young baby and then had to scramble to make child care arrangements for her baby, bringing extra bottles for her. She told me that when he dropped off the radon kit he was intoxicated and rude. 
    Finally, at almost 9:30, he shows up and he does in fact appear intoxicated or under the influence of something. Immediately, he starts saying very rude and inappropriate things about the homeowner, who seemed extremely nice and reasonable to me. He instantly tried to set up this combative atmosphere between myself and the homeowner. His general attitude and demeanor is nasty. So much so that I stayed as far away from him as possible for the whole inspection. 
    He was repeatedly making all of these cliche comments during the entire inspection ("I'm here for you, there's no dumb questions, this is the most important thing in everyone's life right now", etc). He obviously thought that made him look like a good inspector. But it was so obviously all rehearsed and insincere. 
    The longer he was there, the more agitated everyone felt. There were other people with me and we all felt the same thing. We witnessed his rudeness to the homeower so many times. 
    During the inspection, he was outside smoking cigarettes (?), which I also thought was inappropriate. He used this device that he spoke into instead of entering information manually into a computer. Because of the voice-recognition technology that he relies on, when the report came back there were many places that you couldn't even figure out what was on the report. That was not helpful at all. 
    In the beginning of the inspection, when he "tested" the water, he said "We have a failure on the water test". The way he said it was very odd. I couldn't put my finger on what didn't sound right about it, but I just got the feeling something was wrong. Already at that point, I did not trust him and did not get upset about the water because I knew that I was going to just read the report and research anything on it and figure out myself whether or not there was something wrong with the water or anything else on it. 
    During the inspection he took down a ceiling panel to check plumbing and did not put it back. The homeowner came back and told me about that and was very upset (understandable). So I was putting the panel back up myself, when he came in with a crow bar and started pushing on the wood with the sharp end of the crowbar, so as to put an indentation on it. I told him immediately to STOP and he did not. 
    He was there almost 6 hours, which was way too long. The  house is less than 1200 square feet. During the inspection, I did not want to be anywhere near him because he is so obnoxious and annoying and being near him just made me feel stressed out. That is not the purpose of a home inspector. I have bought many homes and had many more inspected. I have always followed the home inspector around and asked many questions. In this case, I know nothing about the house I am about to buy because I wanted to stay as far away from him as possible, and also I don't trust him and have reason to believe that his test results were fabricated.
    At the end of the inspection, I gave him cash ($670) and he was very excited about that. His reaction was "Oh, cash is king. Memorial Day weekend is coming up. You never know how much cash you will need". Not a professional reaction, in my opinion. 
    After the inspection, he emailed me the report, which again reflected the "failure" on the water test. The day before the deadline that I had to respond to the inspection, I was trying to figure out what to do about the water test "failure'". I called my lawyer (obviously costing me more money) who asked me to email him a copy of the certificate. It was only then that I knew I was supposed to have an actual certificate. And it was then that I realized that the inspector did not include the actual certificate stating the results. I didn't even know there was supposed to be an official test certificate, since I had never lived in a house with a well or tested a well. In the end, the fact that he did not send me a copy of the certificate caused MAJOR problems for the whole inspection process, including a huge delay in all of the deadlines that we needed to meet, and more undue stress for all parties involved.
    So I called him to ask him to email me the certificate immediately because I have a deadline in 6 hours. I was very surprised when I got an email from him with a water test certificate for the WRONG HOUSE! I had to email him several more times after that to get the results. Instead of emailing them to me, he emailed them to the sellers' realtor. I did not have that report in my hands until after 3:00 (the sellers' realtor emailed it to me, not the inspector), and the deadline was 8:00. (I should have had that certificate a week before).
    I am a teacher and I had to cancel my teaching that day so that I could do everything I could to try and meet that deadline. I lost more money because of that. 
    On the certificate, the exact test result number was 20, and right on the certificate, it said that hospital-safe was 100. Anything less than 100 is safe. Since that was confusing for me, I called the company who made the testing device. They informed me that the only way he could have come up with a failure with the number 20 was if he had re-calibrated the device to show a failure. 
    Since I now had a certificate stating a failure, I had to have the water re-tested, at my own expense of course. And since I realized that he had to have done something to his testing device to make it show up with a failure result, at that point, I realized that I can't trust anything else in his report either. So at that time, I decided that I need to have the electrical system re-inspected as well. It's a good thing that I did, because it turned out that the entire electrical panel is not up to code and needs to be replaced. I do not have the time or money to have anything else re-inspected.
    Now I basically need to disregard everything else in that entire report and probably pay for another home inspection at some point after I move in so that I can know for sure if there is anything major wrong with the house, since it is too late at this point to get another complete inspection before closing. So now I am buying a house that for all intents and purposes has not been inspected.
    When I was calling around for re-inspections, I happened to call a company who tested water and told them the situation. They asked the inspector's name. I told them. They said "You don't need to say any more. We know all about this guy". I tried to get more information about what they knew about him but they would not reveal it. They did give me the name of the person at Pro-Ashi who I can report him to, and believe me, that is next on my list, as well as ASHI and the BBB.
    This guy has caused so much unnecessary stress and wasted so much of my money during this entire process. I have never met a more miserable person in general that him. Because of him, there has been so much unnecessary tension created between myself and the sellers. It has caused so many delays, and extra work when I have other necessary things I needed to get done for the sale/purchase process. And not only that, but now I am buying a house that could have all kinds of other problems, and I won't know until I live there.
    I urge you NOT to use this guy. He has caused nothing but problems for me.
    - christine s.
  • A
    Airtech Radon Services Inc
    Highly recommend Very easy to schedule the installation The installers arrived on time and ready to work They toured the basement, determined the best place for the equipment, and then quickly and efficiently installed the system. Very impressive and guaranteed.
    - Cindy S.
  • C
    Multi-Spec Home Inspection

    I am having to amend my outstanding review of Multi-Spec based on issues that developed during my first year.  The report indicated my wood stove was satisfactory but after using it the first month I realized it burned much too hot.  Discovered it only had a single wall and was placed too close to the wall/furniture.  It was dangerous to use so replaced it and moved the location.  The report also indicated my original  clay tile roof was satisfactory with one cracked tile at the front and some sealing needed at the rear rubber.  After a couple attempts to repair serious leaking in my bay window a couple months ago, it was discovered I had cement tiles that were 20-25 years old. Additionally there were gaps that permitted water to seep through and the paper/plywood was rotted.  Cost of repair was $6,500 for the small back section only.  Decided to bite the bullet and replace the entire roof because of the uncertainty.  The roof needed 44 new sheets of plywood and cost $38,500.  

    - MEG F.
  • A
    American Mold Remediation LLC
    I cannot praise American Mold highly enough for the professionalism, thoroughness, care and concern that the owner, Brandon Schwab, and his crew brought to my basement mold remediation job. Brandon was among five remediators I interviewed extensively. I received price quotes from four. (The fifth was unwilling to quote the mold job without also being awarded the water remediation, which he insisted would necessitate a new drainage system and sump pump, but that actually required only rerouting a downspout.)
    American Mold���s pricing certainly was competitive (not the lowest, though well below the highest). Far more importantly I had tremendous confidence after talking with Brandon that he knew his trade well and that he takes personal responsibility for ensuring that he���s left a house mold-free and healthy. It was clear to me that remediation isn���t just a job to Brandon. He treats it as a science, choosing products and processes that are both effective
    and safe. He also doesn���t cut corners or hurry the job as some others seemed inclined to do. (One said he���d be in and out in a day and a half, which I knew was impossible for a thorough job. Another balked at using ���negative air pressure��� to protect the upstairs.)
    There were no such issues with Brandon. To him, ���negative air��� was simply a given, without which the job couldn���t be performed correctly. In fact, he went above and beyond the call, running a large HEPA filtration unit upstairs in addition to drawing air downstairs with the negative pressure. Following a week���s worth of drying, demolition, remediation and sealing, the crew painted the floor and left the basement far cleaner than they found it. I���d hire American Mold again in a heartbeat!

    - pamela g.
  • D
    Home Pro
    11 Years ago we used Tom to inspect our house. We were pleased with his service so we called him up again for the house we are moving to. Our first appointment was scheduled for Thursday. Enroute 30 minutes from the scheduled time, Tom called to cancel. He was sick. He offered to reschedule the next day but I suggested 2 days so he had time to recover from the flu. Saturday, with baby in tow we showed up righ ton time 9am. No Tom. We waited a total of 45 minutes, calling every 15 (although never got a hold of anyone). We never got a call to cancel, we were just stood up. According to our realtor, she had experienced this once from him before. We nor the realtor will use him again. We never did hear from Home Pro - even with an appology for not showing twice!
    - Vern M.
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