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Pet Care & Health reviews in Quakertown

  • A
    Dorri The Pet Sitter, LLC
    Dorri was great, she was extremely accommodating and professional. The daily texts and pictures were much appreciated. It was clear she cared as much about my cats well being as I did. I felt she was reasonably priced for the services we discussed, but she also vacuumed the litter box areas and emptied trash to ensure everything was nice and clean when we got home. I will definitely use Dorri again.
    - JoAnne Q.
  • F
    Sitters4Critters LLC
    In the interest of fairness and candor, I?ll start by saying that the owner (Tristan Hamburg) did refund our full payment for 3 weeks of house-sitting and paid the avian specialist?s bill for our parrot?s leg injury. In addition, he has told us that he is stepping away from managing his business to get himself on track personally and has hired a person in whom he has complete confidence to take over in the meantime. We wish him well, as we believe that he sincerely wants to do the right things for the animals and homes that have been placed in his care.
         But the rest of this review is entirely negative and is fully consonant with the other two ?F? reviews that are here. There were serious problems with communication, responsibility, and truthfulness. Whatever his intentions, he and his partner/employee failed us in every way.
         We booked Sitters4Critters to provide 24/7 house-sitting from June 16 through July 7 while we were on holiday in Europe. We have two friendly dogs, a parrot, a few goldfish, and a very small flock of chickens. It?s not a difficult job ? our dogs have a fenced yard and don?t need to be walked or have their poop cleaned up, there is a swimming pool and hot tub for the sitter to enjoy, we provided professional house cleaning and pool maintenance, and we have an enormous library of books, movies, and music as well as the ?ultimate? FIOS television package and fast internet service.
         Tristan sent his partner/employee Christine to provide the service. She had taken care of our house for a few days twice before: in November 2013 and 2014. We didn?t know then that she had left the house in less-than-ideal condition for the friends who took over from her because they didn?t tell us, and we didn?t think to ask them about it until we had this experience. And, because we first booked with this service before the other  two ?F? reviews were posted and didn?t check back, we have learned about this owner and his partner the hard way.
     The major problems were these:
    • 1) Christine was supposed to arrive an hour before we left for our plane on June 16, but she didn't show up. After waiting for a half-hour, we called Tristan. He told us she was at the other end of the county walking dogs, and so we had to leave without any hand-off conversation. Because of the length of our flight and the time difference between PA and Ireland, we had no way of knowing that she had arrived until the following day. Tristan lied about the late arrival, insisting that he had not known about the expected start time, even though he had previously acknowledged receiving our emailed schedule on the day we sent it, saying he had read it and had no questions. Christine told us later that she knew about the arrival time and had argued with him about it.
    • 2) Our parrot Corky was neglected, injured, and her health was jeopardized.  When we returned on the afternoon of July 7, Christine was still clearing up her things. We talked with her in the kitchen about her stay and didn?t tour the house until she left. As soon as we went into the living room, we saw that our parrot was holding up one foot and touching it constantly with her beak, and she had trouble climbing in her cage. We could see a very large rough, red area on the tops of her toes on that foot as well as on the back of the same leg. It turned out that she had what our avian vet called an entrapment injury. which meant that her entire leg had been tightly caught in something that caused her to rip off large amounts of skin in order to pull it free. We reported this to Tristan by email the same day. Christine denied any knowledge of the existence or cause of the injury, but it must have happened at least a day before we returned because the wound was dry and scabbed over. The parrot?s difficulty with climbing and perching should have been obvious to anyone who was actually paying attention to her. The paper in our parrot?s cage was not changed during the entire 3 weeks we were gone, which meant the open wound was exposed to bacteria in droppings and uneaten food. Christine said she couldn?t figure out how to get the dirty paper out of the cage (you reach in through the large open door and roll it up). 
    • 3) In addition, we found that Corky?s food dishes had nothing but empty seed hulls. She was hungry, as we saw when we refilled her dishes. Christine volunteered that she had fed her once a week. Our written instructions (in 2 places) said to empty and refill her dishes every 2 or 3 days.
    • 4) Christine bought a parakeet in a local pet shop while she was staying in our house and put its cage on our dining room table, about 20 - 30 feet from our parrot?s cage. She never asked if she could bring a strange bird into our home and seemed to be completely ignorant of the health risks that it might entail. There seemed to be no point in talking with her about it when we arrived as it was already done. Tristan, however, was aware of it during her stay and should have told her to remove it.
    5) When we went out to gather our chickens? eggs the morning after we returned, we saw that one of our 4 hens was dead in the middle of their small fenced yard. Really dead. It was rotting and putrid. It came apart in my husband?s hands as he tried to pick it up to dispose of it. It had been there for quite a while, despite being easy to see while standing at the nest boxes.
    6) The chickens were all but out of food, despite our detailed written instructions that said to refill their large feeder halfway through the 3 weeks. Fortunately, their water was automatically topped up.
    7) The house reeked of cigarettes when we stepped in, although it took me a little time to realize what the stale, stuffy smell was because the air was so hot and humid as a result of a sustained heat wave. Tristan assured me afterward that Christine had smoked only outside and that the smell must have come in on her clothing. Wrong ? even the carpet smelled so bad that I had to shampoo it. Tobacco smoke is highly toxic for birds, and a professional pet-sitter should know that.
    8) For an unknown amount of time, Christine also had her toddler child here. We were not asked if it would be all right, and we would not have allowed it. Our house is not set up for children?s safety in any way. We returned to find 2 large urine stains on our mattress, which Christine blamed on one of our dogs during a thunderstorm the night before we came home. He has never wet anywhere in the house for any reason, and the stains were completely dry despite her assurance that she had tried to clean them. We believe the child did it and that Christine lied about it.
    9) When our house cleaning service arrived halfway through her stay, the kitchen was so filled with dirty dishes that they ended up washing them for her (not their job) so they could do the cleaning that was their job. The bedroom floor was so covered with her child?s toys and other gear that they could not vacuum it properly. And the cleaners? arrival was written on Christine?s daily schedule, so she should have had the house ready for them. Tristan said in reply to our complaint that the dishes were only from breakfast that day. Not possible ? the cleaners said the sink was overflowing, the food was crusted on the plates, and more dirty dishes were stacked on the counter tops. Once again, our complaints were answered with lies.
    10) After Christine left, we discovered five greasy, scorched frying pans hung up as clean, several food-smeared chef knives in the knife block, and an unwashed broiler pan in the oven. 
    11) We had to email and ask for information updates from her throughout our absence, despite promises of frequent communication on their website. Each time, Christine replied that things were fine and that she had no questions or problems. She had both, as we discovered later. 
    There?s no point in going on, although there is more. While our two dogs and the goldfish appear to have been adequately cared for, the substandard service that we received overall, the stress that all of this caused and continues to cause, and the damage to our home and animals are beyond unacceptable. The owner and his partner Christine did not do what was agreed or tell the truth when things went wrong. Our money was refunded when we requested it, but we would rather have paid for and received the services we expected to get.
    - Lynn H.
  • A
    My Westin has a separation issue, but he loves coming to jeans. I can rest assured jean takes the very best care of him when we are away.  the  area where the dogs run is enormous and they are exhausted at the end of the day., not like sending your dog to a regular kennel, where they are in a cage all day and evening.  I love that jean only takes in small dogs, and I don't have to worry about his safety He was bitten twice at a previous vet/.daycare.
    - c b.
  • B
    Quakertown Veterinary Clinic
    Quakertown Vet has 24 hr emergency care . When my cat suddenly started dragging his lower body across the room at almost 8 pm., I raced to the best emergency vet in the area. We had to sit a few minutes, considering no one else was there, that was upsetting since there was obviously something seriously wrong. The vet knew right away what was wrong and said treating him would only make him miserable and he would suffer. She strongly suggested putting him down. Not prepared for that, it took a bit for me to make a decision and get family there.
    I have had pets euthanized by Quakertown Vet in the past. They are very thoughtful and caring. They relax the pet with anesthesia first and then the pet slips peacefully away.
    Quakertown vet is pricey. I used to take all my pets there for everything, but because they charged full price for each pet even when brought together and it was more than other places, I began to get my pet shots and anything not an emergency done at other local vet offices that cost less. But for any emergency care, Quakertown Vet is hands down the best.
    My favorite vet there is Dr. Consigli. We first rescued the cat I recently had to put down in 2002 and the cat only weighed 1 1/2 lbs and was sick. I brought him to Quakertown Vet, and lucked into Dr. Consigli seeing us. Since the cat was a stray and I was using my own money trying to save its life, Dr. Consigli worked with me charging me less than normal. The cat did not respond to any treatment and was suffering and could not eat. I finally brought him back to have him put down, and Dr. Consigli suggested trying one more thing first. He kept him and did exploratory surgery - and ended up pulling a polyp out of the cat's throat the size of a large shrimp. I brought him home, and he was well immediately. He gained 9 lbs and except for having to get steroid shots twice a year remained healthy until I brought him in to this visit that I am reviewing.
    I strongly recommend Quakertown Vet and their expertise. The place is clean and does not smell like some offices do. The cost is the worst thing about this vet office. It is way overpriced. But they are very good vets and if cost is no object, or you are in an emergency, head straight there!

    - Lou Ellen R.
  • A
    Sitters4Critters LLC
    It went extremely well. We got daily emailed reports on the animals (including whether our terrier was cooperating with taking his meds -- and he was). When there was a power failure in our area on the second day, we were contacted by them for instructions because our backup generator shut down almost immediately as well, and our house-sitter (Christine) needed advice because she had no lights, water, or central heating. They were ready to send a second person to help deal with it if necessary, but the power was restored in an hour and no further help was needed. Christine not only did the work she was contracted to do but also did some house-cleaning beyond basic maintenance. Christine even was able to make friends with our parrot, which is no easy task. She left a detailed note for our friend who came to take over the job later on the 27th. He arrived to find the house clean, the laundry done, and the bedding changed and ready for his use. We felt completely comfortable with our house in this provider's care and would definitely use them again.

    UPDATE 7/7/2015:
    See our review of another, longer round of house-sitting. Although this review is essentially accurate, it stands in stark contrast to what happened at our house between June 16 and July 7, 2015..
    - Lynn H.
  • A
    Quakertown Veterinary Clinic
    Dr. Geller's assistant takes down the information. If there are any additional problems. Dr. Geller examined my dog to make sure that she is healthy all over. Dr. Geller asks if you have any questions and then explains every answer in detail so you understand.
    She needed her DHP 3 year vaccine which he gave her. My Misty is very timid and he makes her feel comfortable. We were very happy when we left.

    - Andrea K.
  • A
    Mill Pond Veterinary Clinic & Kennel

    Our dog normally whines around us when we're not keeping him busy. He would "graze" instead of eating in one setting. He would always be in our face while we are eating.
    After we picked him up, it was like they gave us a totally different dog. Lays down nicely, not a whimper since picking him up (it's been over a week now) and he's not in our face while we're eating.

    They keep the dogs grouped by type and personality. I am sure that he was put in his place (socially). I would recommend them to anyone.
    - Terrence C.
  • A
    Petsitting By Christine
    Christine is wonderful. She keep notes, communicates well, is calm, cool, and collected, and incredibly capable. My animals are like my kids so I am very picky about who takes care of them. I believe that she really cares and that enables me to have a relaxed vacation knowing she's in charge.
    - LISA P.
  • A
    Creature Comfort
    Sadly, we haven't used Angie's List very much. That's why I stopped the subscription. We did use one dermatologist we found on Angie's List, and we had a very bad experience with him. His name is Dr. Schrager. We paid up front for the service, and he never submitted any of the bills to our insurance company. They told us it was too late to submit the bills, and he had more than enough time to do that. Also, his diagnosis was not on target.

    Elaine is phenomenal! She is excellent, and really cares for the animals. One time when we were away, one of the dogs became ill. She took her immediately to the animal hospital, and she stayed. Another time one of the dogs was so ill that she needed to be put down. Elaine came and sat with me. She said she felt like it was one of her babies. It's really not about the money, she really, really cares about the pets. Our experience with Elaine has been A Plus, Plus, Plus! We already have her booked for several dates.
    - kathryn s.
  • A
    She does a very good job and is very straight shooter.  no bs as with other clinics.  She did what our dog needed, did it fast and caring and was the cheapest vet we have ever been to.  We have since moved and wish we could keep going to her but would recommmend her to anyone.  only complaint was receptionist
    - NEIL K.
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