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    Inch by Inch Construction, Inc.
    Andy took a shell of an idea for a shell of a basement and created a very warm living space with several custom industrial or rustic style elements. The project included installation of drywall and doors, flooring, cabinetry, custom wood and metal design elements, painting and staining, and installing an egress window. His team is both talented and friendly. They worked to go above and beyond what we asked, demonstrating creativity and initiative. We through several curveballs at the team, and they said, ���Okay, we���ll frigure it out.��� And they did! We are fortunate to have our basement remodeled by Inch by Inch Construction. We love it!
    - Russell A.
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    Inch by Inch Construction, Inc.
    The basement worked on is in a large 5 yr. old ranch home.. We wanted to create a comfortable area in about a fourth of the existing area. Right from the beginning Andy listened to what we wanted to create and went about bringing it to completion. He is a complete professional who knows his craft and is an artist in his approach. The work was completed in a timely manner and the finished product was even better than what we had envisioned. Andy brought in various skilled workers who built the rooms, placed the electrical work, doors, floors and completed the plumbing and painted the entire new area. Workers were courteous, conscientious and very neat. The men came when they said they would; made certain we got what we wanted; put up with our curious 6 yr. old grandson; and left everything neat at the end of each day. Andy did several little things that made the finished project seem more home-like rather than an empty room, bathroom and hall. An instance in this was the creation of shelves in the closet in the bathroom and the chose of vanity in the same room. He always kept an eye on what the finished product should look like. Overall we could not be more pleased with his and his workers work and work ethic. They each took pride in their workmanship.
    - Bernadette V.
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    (We are a household of 4 adults with 3 toilets, a water softener, well pump etc.). He strongly encouraged us to use the enzymes for the next few years and it would help a lot!! He is really nice, informative and called on his way even though the office had already said that he was coming. We've had two great experiences with Tony and Walte's now and are putting ourselves on a schedule of having the tanks pumped about every 30 months. Definitely would highly recommend Walters Environmental Services to anyone!! *We also spent another $60 for the box of Lenzym/Bio Blocks, so our total bill was actually $324. I think that is really good for every 30 months.
    - Kimberly H.
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    Grubb's Excavating
    It turned out very well. They were extremely reasonable. He kind of works by himself. It was approximately $4000. They were extremely friendly, very reasonable and did a great job. I'm probably going to use them for some landscaping.
    - Sally S.
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    They came out on a Sunday to show us what they can do and what needed to be done for the house wall and they built up the supporting wall then hand mixed cement and pored floor. Added the pump and drainage . Came in professional and clean with no mess. We are very happy with the results. Thank you.
    - Mary M.
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    Shelley Basement Systems

    July 14, 2014

    Shelley Basement Systems

    Below details the situation that
    occurred at 1316 Mt Wilson Rd, Lebanon-

    July 7 ? My tenant, Beth Kohr, called to Shelley Basement
    and spoke with Jay. She asked Jay to confirm the scheduled arrival for
    Thursday, July 10. Jay said he was not sure, he had another job and would let
    her know on Wednesday. During that conversation Beth explained that Mary and
    Jose Melendez, the home owners, were traveling from Virginia to oversee the
    work, that it needed to be confirmed the work would take place on Thursday and
    Friday and not be continued into the following week. If that was going to be,
    then the work needed to be started on Monday, July 14 and not extend over the
    weekend giving the tenant limited access to her bedroom and no use of her bed.

    July 9 ?Jay called Beth and said the work would begin on

    July 10 @ 8 am -The workers arrived. Beth spoke with them to
    confirm the work would be complete by Friday. The response was ? ?we have
    another job we need to work on, we won?t be here all day. Beth asked ?why
    wouldn?t you finish that job first and begin this one next week??  The response was ?then we?ll get
    further behind schedule, besides, that is a $10,000 job compared to this $3500
    job. Beth again stated she did not want to be without a bed throughout the
    weekend. The workers said they?d do the best they could.

    July 10 @ 6 pm ? Beth comes home from work to find the
    living room tile tracked with dirt and the entire bedroom carpet seriously
    marked with rust and red dirt tracking (pictures are attached), as well as a
    very strong fuel oil odor from the oil tank removal. The only work completed
    for the entire day was the removal of the oil tanks, which in the process
    caused the serious damage to the carpet, door frames damaged and dents in a new
    steel entrance door.

    Beth did give the workers a drum and a pump to remove the
    oil from the tanks, which they said they were not aware as being part of the
    job. Mr. Melendez told them it was discussed with Jay.

    July 11 @ 8am ? The workers return. Jose was here to oversee
    some of the work, during that time dirt was being removed and it appeared
    progress would be made, Jose left about 1 pm. When Beth returned home from
    work, she found a terrible mess and more damage. The living room floor was
    tracked with dirt, the bedroom had canvas tarps throughout the room that was
    completely covered with red dirt, there were items on the wall that fell and
    broke caused by the jack hammer. The area being repaired only had some of the
    required removal of dirt, no other repairs were started and none of the mess
    was cleaned.

    July 12 @ 2 pm ? Beth returned from work hoping to find the
    job completed. Instead, she found the oil tanks had been removed from the yard,
    but there was no one inside the home to do work and the dirt covered tarps
    still in the bedroom.


    Jay was here to pick up the tanks. All of the material and
    tools were placed next to the tanks. When Jay saw those items, he should have
    known the work was not completed and he should have initiated contact to check
    the status of the job.

    At that point Beth contacted Jose. Jose began to attempt
    contact with Shelley basement. After numerous phone conversations over a
    several hour period it was disclosed by Jay, from Shelley Basement, that the
    workers who have been on site were sub-contracted by Shelley.

    That was not disclosed or part of the agreement when Mr.
    & Mrs. Melendez made the work agreement with Shelley Basement and they gave
    a $350 deposit.

    Jay refused to complete the work, he wanted ?Josh,? the sub-contractor
    to complete it, Mr. Melendez made it clear after the poor workmanship and work
    ethics of Josh and his crew, he did not want them back to work. When Mr.
    Melendez insisted this situation be addressed, Jay responded ?I have plans to
    go to the river tomorrow.?

    Beth had plans to spend the weekend with her military sons
    who recently returned and to celebrate her son?s birthday. She was not able to
    leave her home in the mess and shambles it was. She also has a white cat who
    was being impacted by the red dirt throughout her home.

    Mr. and Mrs. Melendez were expected and needed back in
    Virginia. Their return trip was delayed by an additional day trying to resolve
    this situation.

    July 12 @ 4pm ? Frank?s carpet cleaning arrived to pre-treat
    the rust stains on the carpet. He said each day the rust set, the more
    difficult it would to be removed.

    July 12 @ 6 pm ? Palmyra waterproofing arrived. They stated
    the ?planned? repair work by Shelley Basement would not be proper. There needs
    to be a cement footer for the drain and the dirt would then need to be sealed
    with cement, not plastic and stone as planned by Shelley Basement.

    An issue that arrived in the interim was a brief rain storm.
    The water came through the walls and since the job was not completed, there was
    not a pump to address that issue. When the dirt became wet the oil odor became
    more pungent, which brought to our attention that oil may have been drained
    into the dirt and then covered by other dirt.

    The dirt will be tested! And proper steps will be taken
    after results.

    July 13 @ 10 am ? the worker who was overseeing the job
    arrived to pick up his tools and material. He was asked how they disposed of
    the oil from the tanks, he said ?they were empty.? Mr. Melendez is confident
    there was approximately ¼ tank of oil in one of the tanks, which takes us back
    to believe the oil was drained into the dirt in the basement area that is being

    The tenant, Beth Kohr, has been inconvenienced by having her
    bedroom displaced and unable to use her bed since July 10 and it will continue
    to be that way until the job is completed and the final carpet cleaning is
    completed, possibly not until July 23rd, when the new company will
    be available, there is a serious oil odor that needs to be addressed. She has
    had to clean the floors both Thursday and Friday and again Saturday since the
    workers did not appear for work.

    We are at this time asking Shelley Basement to compensate
    Mr. and Mrs. Melendez for their expenses.

    Shelley Basement did not stand by their proposed contract,
    first by hiring a sub-contractor, not having Shelley Basement employees, next
    by not protecting the carpet or their property (doors and door frames),
    completing the job in a timely manner as proposed, inconveniencing their tenant
    in a much more serious manner than thought and by misleading Mr. and Mrs.
    Melendez with the plan and materials proposed.

    We would like the following reimbursements:

    $ 300 To Frank?s
    Carpet cleaning, paid by Mr. Melendez

    $ 600 To compensate
    our tenant Ms. Kohr, that we paid upfront.

    $ 1400 To
    replace the front dented steel door and repair both damaged door frames.

    $ 1000 To encase
    part of basement where Shelly (sub contractor Josh) dumped the oil in the

    $ 350 Return my

    $ 1350 for
    travel expenses to PA from VA for this job and in convinces.

    Totaling $ 5000.

    Your website quotes ?you won?t find higher quality
    craftsmanship,? I am seriously disappointed and disagree.

    We are expecting Shelley Basement to stand by their word.
    Mr. and Mrs. Melendez need to be compensated. We would like to resolve this

    If we do not here from you to resolve this matter, we have
    no other choice than to pursue legal action.

    I called Mr. Shelley and let him know that they didn't even show up on Saturday. He did not want to assume any responsiblity for the entire mishap. He never told us he was going to subcontract the job to somebody else. Not only did I lose money for something Mr. Shelley should have done, I have to pay out of my pocket. I sent him a letter including pictures of all the damage. I still haven't heard back from him.

    Overall I had driven from Virginia to Pennsylvania to supervise the work. He said he was too busy to help because he had plans to go to the river and he wanted me to call him back. Very unreliable. Horrible experience.

    Mr & Mrs Melendez
    - Mary M.
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    Keystone Foundation Repair Inc
    Written via an IPad so I apologize ahead of time for any mistakes. After dealing with 3 different contractors and estimates I was at a loss as to what to do. A co-worker happened to notice a Keystone Truck on his way to work and asked if I had tried them. I thought I was done with estimates and was close to making a decision but something told me to call Keystone for one final estimate... and so glad that I did. Ian was my sales rep that came out to review the property. All though he did not go to much into detail (partly because I was already aware of a lot that needed to be done) he was by far the better sales person with offering a very nicely done sketch of exactly what needed to be done. Also, instead of offering just one estimate for the overall project, he did 3. One for the wall needs, one for the waterproofing needs and one for the sidewalk need. Backstory. My home has always had issues with water, but after major issues with Tropical Storm Lee (fire department had to pump out my basement twice in 3 days and then left a big pump with me that continued to pump out water for 3 weeks after).... needless to say the flow of water in my basement after that was bigger then before....I had cracks show up in the foundation and walls were starting to bow in. Keystone's solution was 23 carbon fiber straps on 3 walls, trenching around the entire basement, updating the two sump pump holes that I had and putting putting hi-flow pumps in each pit. They also corrected a slanted sidewalk I had at the side of my house by "pumping up: the concrete so water flowed away from the house. Ian was great with answering any questions I had and even come out to do another estimate when I wanted to know if the outside should be done instead of inside. Cody was the foreman and had Dwayne, and Steve as a part of their team. At one point there was more guys here, but do not know everyone's name. Cody did a great job explaining everything to me. About 4 hours into the job, Cody discovered that I had a wall where the cinder blocks were crumbling and the wall needed to be reinforced with concrete. This was a big set back in cost.. Original quote was 15700 but with the new issue it was an additional 3,500. However, it needed to be done. Because of this the initial 3 days were done, and most of the walls trenched, but they needed to allow the concrete to dry so they had to come back in 2 weeks to finish the job. Every time they were on time and professional. They did a great job cleaning up after themselves. I am a little concerned with the concrete in the yard in one spot, but it can be reseeded in the spring. I have a high water table so the pumps have been going off a lot since the job was done. I did have one small leak and some missed cracks that were not filled. But after a call back and some time to wait, a gentlemen is here today to fix it. I have had no water on the floor since this big project was done. Originally the thought was to take the sump pump line out about 4 feet into the yard, but after some discussion with Cody, we got the line out to the street and so glad we did because there are times my sump pump is going off every 30 seconds. I highly recommend them to anyone that has an issue they need fixed. Feel free to email at with any questions.
    - Thomas S.
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    Nolt���s Excavating LLC
    They started at the wrong end, had to call supervisor to have him visit the site and see for himself to which he instructed it has to be changed. We were given an est. That included an ellipse finishing point which never was installed. When asked about it (it was included in the drawings) we we're told it would be an additional $750! We refused to pay more and never got the finished product that was drawn out. Probably should have sued but didn't. I had just had a newborn baby at the time. Workers were young and immature and left trash and mud all over our patio furniture from their boots. Had to hose it off. I would not recommend this business to others. We got a recommendation from a state cop to hire them and regret ever listening to him.
    - AJ S.
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    Fahnestock Excavating Inc
    We asked this firm for an estimate for grading excavation and installing a swale. Way too expensive! Wanted to overhaul our entire landscape on one side of our home which entailed all kinds of costs, equipment etc. we wanted simple and got extravagant with a cost to match! Very nice owner, but just didn't listen to our plea. Also we had to keep calling to even get the estimate after owner arrived said they kept losing our phone number. Not sure that is a good thing. Didn't hear back from them for over a month.
    - AJ S.
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    Fahnestock Excavating Inc
    We had two large trees with stumps ground several months ago. The felling of the trees caused deep holes in the ground where the limbs hit. The stump area was very uneven and grass would not grow because of the wood chipped soil. Using Angie's list, we called Dwight Fahnestock up to see if our request to have the area ripped up, re-sculptured and reseeded to make it into a usable lawn again would be something that would fit into his area of expertise. It was and we requested that he choose a time that would be suitable to fit it into his schedule. A few days ago he came out to do the job stating that he expected to finish it that day. About an hour into the job pieces of the tree roots were being pulled from the ground and when I used the words ripped up, that is exactly what was happening. Pulling roots is not pretty but I could see it was being done the right which is the way I like things done. My personal opinion at that time was there was no way it would be done in one day, which would have been fine. I left to go golfing and as I drove down the road coming home around 7PM, I expected to see the equipment sitting there so the job could be finished the next day. Instead the equipment was gone and the area was re-sculptured as requested with straw covering the newly spread grass seed. I was amazed. Downspout water runoff will be a very welcome thing when the heavy rains come by again. We could not be happier with the results and the job came in under quote because we did not need any topsoil and nothing had to be hauled away. If we ever need excavation work done again, Fahnestock Excavation will be at the top of the list.
    - Ronald B.
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