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    Meredith Home Improvement
    Started well and ended with terrible quality and terrible service. Very professional person surveyed and quoted the job....Then Roger the contractor showed up. He was initially responsive, but grew worse and worse. He eventually became so rude and harsh to my family that we had to call Ty Meredith and ask him to never let Roger return. The next crew they sent was a young kid who brought his girlfriend to help. He was extremely incompetent and made many mistakes (some we only learned about later). Here are the details of the issues. 1. After promising to never do so, they left the gutter off the house twice with pending storms. The water was directed towards the house and flooded our upstairs bedroom. The second time it flooded into our basement by pouring through the door. The third time I had to get up in a storm and attach the gutters myself. 2. In filling screw holes in the composite trim boards, the manufacturers instructions recommend plugs first and if not plugs a specific caulking. I printed out and showed him the instructions. He continued to use un-paintable 100% silicone caulking. We now have a huge mess. I can't paint any of my trim and they are picking up dirt and look terrible. 3. They put a ladder against a window and cracked the frame. 4. They did a terrible job on the fit of the trim around the most visible door and there are terrible joints between the boards. 5. Some time later, a lot of the siding started coming off the house in multiple locations and we found out that it was carelessly just nailed into the foam board instead of into studs. Initially Meredith was responsive (especially Keith). They removed Roger, they promptly and professionally repaired the window, and they gave us a good discount to cover the flooding and gave us a 13 year labor warranty (initially was only 10 in the contract). Now it is 2 years later. When the siding came off the back of the house, it took many weeks of calling to get them to respond. They finally sent someone to fix the siding. The gutter also fell off and had to be repaired. Now more siding is coming off and it has been weeks and weeks of calling day after day and they either don't answer the phone or don't call back. We still live with the terrible appearance of the dark dirt stains in all the caulking of the trim we can't paint or clean and we live with the siding coming off the house. Losing hope they will ever call us back. Has turned into a terrible experience. Never ever use Meredith.
    - Vicki and Daniel C.
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    Elite Renovation Corp
    Mr Wetmiller and his team were professionals for the duration of the project. They were extremely prompt, hard working, and courteous. He constantly kept us "in the loop" with the steps needing competed when we asked and always ways quick to respond when we reached out to him. They left no concern for details being over looked and left us thoroughly please with the finished product. We know we made the right choice hiring Elite Renovation, they were excellent.
    - Dylan L.
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    Blaine Fence
    Frank and his crew were fantastic. They were on time and installed posts and rails the first day, and the slats the second. They were quick, professional and even dealt respectfully with our crazy neighbor. The work is top-notch quality and I would highly recommend this service if you need fencing. 
    We had 385' of fencing installed and he honored the 5% discount from Angie's List.
    - Victorria W.
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    A Preferred Restoration
    If I only knew then what I know now...

    The company was prompt coming to our home after we were struck by lightning in July (yes ..months ago) They put yellow tape up around the area where the chimney fell, and picked up the brick.  Inside they did a walk through with our adjuster. They said they needed a ' cherry picker' to remove the brick that had not fallen. They would be back Monday.. 2 wks later we received a letter from our ins co that said we would be responsible if we did not get the rest of it down.  I started making calls to chimney repairs locally. Miraculously a mason appeared Monday (3wks) I wondered what all the noise was outside. He had the scaffold built halfway up the side of my house. Never thought to knock and introduce himself?

    When the girl came to clean the first time, I expressed that I thought it a bad idea. The chimney had not been started at this point, so all the soot would still be coming in. She agreed. So only a few things happened that day. Which included tons of stuff going to the dry cleaner, which is a whole different story, and also has a bad ending. The girl cleaning came back after chimney was done. (there are several steps I am not including, but not important in the grand scheme) She had two helpers that made it clear they would rather be anywhere, but working in my house. Items were cleaned with detergent and put in a boxes in my hallway. The room washed down and carpet removed. The room was completely empty. I was not satisfied (the ocd in me) so I washed it down several times, repainted ceiling and floors with a special sealant paint.When i started to return things to the room, I found 2 broken items, one a knick nack , but the other was an ornament my mother bought me.  They were in boxes at the bottom of the pile in my hallway. We asked preferred to replace it several times..and they had every reason to pay it in the future but never did.  It was not so much the money, but the careless manner in which it was taken care of. You can't buy it now, and on ebay, if you find it, is a few hundred dollars. There is also a matter of a chimney cap. Now when  it rains, you can hear rain running down the chimney. That didn't happen before. New brick does not mach old brick.

    There was a serious lack of communication between Preferred and my adjuster. I don't know whose fault it was, but we are the ones put out.  We wound up doing a lot ourselves.

    Every one of the people I met from Preferred gave me their business card. I didn't know who I was supposed to call. my house is almost back to normal, except that I still have some soot show up on my hands in that one particular room. 

    I have heard that restoration companies are slow, but really? I wanted my house and my life back to normal. I was off work because of surgery, but how is this handled when people work?

    I did not want to post a review until I was sure this ordeal was finished, I do not like to give a bad review.
    - Linda G.
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    Keystone Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning LLC
    Mr. Botti and crew were very professional, punctual, and completed excellent work. We would highly recommend his services. He had to transport water since we are on a well which made the job possible and completed the job in a timely manner.

    - Mary Beth H.
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    Kenyon Painting Company
    He started out okay. I wrote one review where he did paint my closet doors but he didn't finish that. He has been totally irresponsible. I will give him an F. After he did what he agreed to do under Angie's List, he wanted more work which I have for him. He was very poor at showing up. He never finished the work like he never put trim up on the walls. He just keeps getting worse and worse in responsiveness. His price was fair but his work ethics was very poor.
    - JoAnn S.
  • D
    Alpha Contracting III LLC
    They just had to come and repair some of the stone damage.It  took them forever to get here; we contacted them at the beginning of April but they got here around the end of April or beginning of May; this frustrated us because, we had to keep calling them. And actually, my husband told me that they need to come back because part of their work doesn't seem straight. For the bathroom remodeling, we showed them what we were interested in but they never sent us an estimate.
    - David S.
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    Kosta Painting & Refinishing LLC
    Overall my wife and I are happy with how the house turned out.  They were able to get the job done in 5-6 days, I can't recall the exact number.  It did take a while for them to get to our job, but it took us longer than what I wanted to get back to them with us accepting his bid.  I'm sure this pushed us back on their schedule which is understandable.  Unfortunately, some other painters weren't so punctual with their bids and it held us up with making our final decision.  Kosta came is THOUSANDS of dollars less than the next closest bid.  I believe they would have prepped the surface in a similar manner as well, not completely stripping the old paint, and they weren't going to use as good of paint that Kosta did for our job.  I would definitely recommend Kosta and plan on using them in the future for some other refinishing projects that need to be done.
    - Shane D.
  • F
    I am simply amazed with the lack of respect, and terrible attitude and customer service I received from this so called business.

      I contacted the number listed on this site, and spoke with who I believe to be Rick.  I asked to have an estimate for my home to be painted, and I gave him the city I lived in.  I was advised that he would be in the area the next day and he would be out then.  He asked me to text him my name and address, which I did.  The next day came and went, no one ever showed up.  A few days later I received a text message from this individual asking to come out on another day and I was given a time frame.  This was totally out of the blue with no regards to the fact that no one showed up the first time.  It was at this point I knew things weren't going to work out very well.  I did however agree on the second time and date offered for the estimate to be done.  Again the day came and went, no one showed up, no phone calls or text messages, and no one knocked on my door.  A few days later I receive another text message asking for my email address because supposedly he was having trouble with his email and couldn't find my address.  He was having trouble finding my email address BECAUSE I NEVER GAVE IT TO HIM.  Again, no regard to him never showing up on the first or second time and date agreed upon for the estimate.  It is almost like this individual is intoxicated or something during these correspondences.  I ignored the text at first because I had made up my mind that I wouldn't do any sort of business with a business with this lack of respect and erratic behavior  The following day I received two texts messages again asking for my email address.  I replied to the message stating that I didn't understand why he needed my email address, and that due to the two missed commitments I was taking my business elsewhere.  I received a reply to my message stating that he did indeed come to my home, and that he had a bid ready to send to me.  This message was ended with a statement of him advising me to take my business elsewhere.  I didn't reply to this message with the assumption that the conversation was over, and our attempt to do business together was also over.  Then approximately four hours later, keeping in mind it is now after 9pm, I receive another text message stating "You probably could not afford me anyway".  I replied to the text stating that I didn't know what his problem was, and that he supposedly could come up with a quote by simply driving by my home, and that he didn't need to text me anymore.  He responded back with "Whatever keep looking and leave me alone" which was then followed up by ""You couldn't afford me anyway".

    This guy is unreal.  He is rude, and acts like a child.  Like I previously stated his behavior would lead me to believe that he is on some sort of substance.  His correspondences were at random and made no reference to any previous conversations and he just acted like nothing in the past ever happened.  The part where he acted like he had my email address at some point still baffles me.

    Update: 4/12/2012.
    I've added the screen shots from my cell phone that show the exact conversation in rebuttal to his claim of me being a liar.  As you can see in the screen shots he texted me again regarding my review here on Angie's List and it seems that he has no concern for what people think of his business or his actions.  In reply to his supposed claims of having two deaths in his family, I obviously can neither confirm nor deny this.  However, if this were the case a phone call or text message explaining that extenuating circumstances arose and that he would need to reschedule would have been sufficient.  In my opinion none of this individual's actions were NOT justified even in the event of a loss of a family member.  

    I hope that others will see this review and see how this individual handled my situation, and that his response to my review was to try and illegitimate myself, and my review simply to attempt to cover up his actions on the basis that others have given him good reviews in the past.
    - Shane D.
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    James Scheerbaum Contractor
    We received a call on June 30th. The job was to start on Tues. July 5th,2011. We were told they would start then, after the holiday. We came home Friday the1st of July to the dumpster in front of the garage door. 5 days early- unexpected. Ok, now we can't access the lawn tractor. Jim did NOT mention that when he called to tell us the start date.

    They showed up on time promptly on July 5th as stated. We mistakenly trusted that we could go to work and leave them to work as professionals. We came home after work on the 5th, they were gone, the siding was completed, the roof was almost completed , but for the caulking of the flashing and some other minor things. Jim called my hubby late day on the 5th to let him know it would be completed early on Thurs. the 6th. Would someone meet him to pay him by noon?
    My hubby explained he had a meeting and would meet him there at 4:30 , there was no way he could leave to be there earlier.
    Jim agreed to that.

    We arrived home on the 5th from work-The front yard hard massive wide tire tracks,ruts in it. The entire wall, even farthest from the house at the top of the driveway near the street had been walked all over with dirt/tar foot tracks. There was NO reason to walk along it like a balance beam.The main first tier and planting area closest to the house was filthy and it was obvious they had no concern for their surrounding. Our new paver sidewalk was scuffed and had scratches in the colored stone. I looked around and saw cigarette butts all thur the driveway, and all thur the yard all the way around the house, even an empty pack crumpled. plastic wrappers.drink cups laying on the side of the house.
    * The ridge vent along the top of the roof line was obviously installed incorrectly for there was a hump in the very middle.
    *My hubby went up into the attic and noticed that the old triangle gable vents were never removed, and no wood had been cut out to fit the new longer rectangular ones. So, the vents we completely useless with no air access to pull thur. It was excessively HOT in the attic. NO air was exiting thur the new ridge vent.
    We tried to call Jim after pm - to tell him about the air flow/lack of in the attic. No answer. No voice mail. My hubby called him early around 7:30am on their final work day the 6th, and told Jim Scheerbaum our concern about the ridge vent being humped up in the middle of the roof. And that the attic had no in take flow from the gable end vents since they did NOT cut out for the new different sized ones. Jim told my hubby and quot;Oh no, that can't be left like that. You have to have the air flow, it should be cut out. No problem I'll call my guy there and tell him to go up and pull off the gable vents and cut the wood underneath out to open it upand quot;
    My husband told Jim, and quot;before you have him do anything, call me back first because it may need to be cut from the inside attic to ensure there is enough opening in the wood.and quot; Jim told him , no problem, I'll call you back.
    My husband received a call about an hour later, Jim told him and quot;my guy went and drilled a few one inch holes in the wood, that will give enough air flow. If you seem to think it's staying too hot in the attic in the next week or so, call us back and I'll have them cut out the wood.and quot; To the reply my husband asked why did you do anything before calling me back first? Jim told him the holes should work fine, and not to worry he was local and wasn't going anywhere.If we needed him to come back, he would.
    I actually went to the house and tried to catch the guys before they left, but I arrived around 12:00pm and they had finished and left.

    I walked around the sides of the house and was expecting to see a good bit of wood shavings from them drilling the holes since the planking is an inch thick. Just a few shavings on each side, and a mess of cigarettes and scattered debris - including their rusty old 1 inch drill bit left behind. Needless to say - the clean up job was pathetic. But the hump was out of the middle if the ridge line, and the roof was finished and looked nice.So did the siding. I call my hubby and left to check on my elderly mom.
    Now there had been a prior agreement that Jim meet my hubby @ 4:30 on Wed.the 6th to look over the job, get paid the balance and to provide us with a paid receipt that included his 1 yr labor guarantee along with the warranties for our Alcoa siding and the 30yr arcitectual shingles. By pm Jim called to say he couldn't make it, he was going to the fair with is wife, and could we just leave the check in our mailbox for him to swing by and pick up?
    This went back and forth with my hubby- no we aren't leaving a check in our mailbox, why can't you swing by early the on the 7th and we'll give you the check and you can give us the receipt. Jim said he would leave our receipt in our mailbox. Now I was getting curious.
    Why won't he come get his check in person at the house with us and give us our paperwork regarding the warranties and guarantee of labor???
    Jim stopped answering his phone to my husbands calls by 6pm wednesday evening. But - I had never called him from MY cell phone, so I called Jim. And he answered. When I said HI Jim, this is Yada yada... silence. Hello, Jim? He replied hello. I asked why he didn't want to pick up his check at our house? He said he was done for the night. I said ok why not go to our house first thing 7 am, my hubby will pay you. NO I have to drive far away for an insurance damage bid.
    Now I was wondering what is going on when a contractor won't pick up their money??? I asked him point blank. Jim, do you even have my receipt and the warranty for the materials for us? He said no, he didn't fill it out yet. Why can't he just get his check? I told him that he stated from the VERY beginning that he guaranteed his work/labor for 1 full yr, in writing and the shingles and siding had warrranties. That when he brings those- I'll be more than glad to pay him. He hesitated and said well, I'll get the check from you tomorrow afternoon. I was staying at my mothers 20 miles away, I told him that IF he wanted his check, he would now have to drive out to my mothers home since I was staying there to help her with some things. Jim Scheerbaum agreed that he would drive to my mothers home ( he also had her deposit for a full house siding job) I would give him his check in return for my paperwork after he returned from his out of town and quot;insurance damage bidand quot;.
    Jim arrived as stated after 12pm - I welcomed him into the house - he stood on the porch sheepishly, I said come on in, I have to get the check. He walked in the doorway. I picked up the check and turned to him and asked, and quot;Do you have my receipt and the warranty paperwork?and quot; He said no I don't have it, I just drove all the way from Irwin.
    Not wanting to come across as angry as he was beginning to make me , on account that he has $2500.00 of my mothers money to install siding on her house. I said Jim, you know as well as I do that there is no way I should even hand you this check without you giving me a receipt that it's paid in full with your guarantee and the paperwork you owe me. Give me one good reason why I should pay you now? He stuttered and finally says.... Well I don't have the warranty paperwork for the shingles, I have to get it from the manufacturer. I said..OK what about the Alcoa siding warranty? He said.. well that does actually have a warranty.
    My reply was...So you still want me to pay you , when you stated all along that you provide this guarantee on your work and you can't even take the time to write it up for a customer? That's ridiculous. At that time my mother stepped into the room and softly spoke. Jim , excuse me, but can you give me an idea of when you'll be working on MY house? Jim quickly said and quot;2 weeks, you're next on my schedule. I already have your siding at my building. Yep, 2 weeks.
    I stupidly paid his with my husbands check for OUR roofing job, because he promised to bring the warranties and receipt in 2 weeks... and as of today Sept.2,2011 I have not received my receipt or paperwork, and he NEVER returned to side my mothers house.
    We placed on last call to him on this past Tuesday, my mother asked for her deposit back, and he quipped and quot;I'll be out Friday to bring you your siding, yep, we'll be outand quot;
    I filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office after my mother called and spoke with them. Regardless is he shows up this Friday morning - I am now at her house waiting to see if he shows up, and have my SUV across her driveway so he can't pull in and drop off some lame excuse of materials for $2500.00 and take off. OH- when my mother spoke to him, and he swore again, he would be here this week, she asked for my receipt and warranties, and he said Oh, that's sitting on my desk.

    I would never recommend James Scheerbaum Roofing and Contracting to anyone. He has never once called my mother in over 3 months regarding the money he took from her for the work he is suppose to do. All he says when she calls is, I'll be out in 2 weeks, I'm sorry. Yes, He is sorry , alright.

    He mentioned he doesn't like to use a computer and doesn't have one, well..I do. and I've posted every place I honestly can to warn anyone I can in the Pittsburgh PA and surrounding counties about him.
    We now believe that the materials he used on my house we left over from prior jobs, and since I have a fairly small bungalow home, the warranties went to the original folks that he purchased the materials for and is stammering trying to figure out how to get around providing anything to us.
    He isn't hurting anyone but his business reputation by doing this.

    - Susan G.
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