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Hazard Remediation reviews in Drexel Hill

  • A
    Mold Solutions & Inspections
    Joe and the team were TERRIFIC. I needed mold remediation in order to close a house sale on an extremely tight time frame. They were able to schedule and complete everything by the deadline, despite numerous hiccups (outside of all of our control!) The MSI team stayed patient and addressed everything that came up with professionalism. Joe gave me frequent updates, and guided me through everything that needed to be done to ensure a successful remediation. They then went above and beyond (including cleaning up messes left behind by other contractors..!) and checked back in on the house several times after the job was completed to make sure everything remained dry and clean. Joe was personally invested in my success, and it meant a lot to have a solid ally. My home sale would NOT have closed successfully if not for the timely, extremely quality work performed by MSI. Would recommend 100%.
    - Jessica S.
  • C
    Scheduled for someone to come out to give estimate and take sample of tiling for testing (scheduled 3 days out). After waiting for 45 minutes no one showed. Scheduled with company for them to come later in the afternoon, again after 45 minutes of waiting no one showed. Company called me to say they can't send someone today.
    - Martha R.
  • A
    Radon-Rid LLC
    It went well. It was for the closing on our house. The new buyers wanted an estimate based on the inspection report feedback. We are providing the new homeowners with their quote. They were very easy to deal with, prompt and reasonable.
    - ILEANA S.
  • A
    Mold Solutions & Inspections
    Joe worked under a goo bit of pressure. An employee of my tenant recorded his work on her cell phone. Joe remained pleasant and professional during his half hour in the house.

    I trust Joe and his work ethic completely. Working with him has been a pleasure.
    - James W.
  • A
    Mold Solutions & Inspections
    The tenant was very nervous about the mold and visited the basement frequently during Joe's work.  He remained polite at ll times, although honest with her. When he finished the job, the mold was gone. The tenant wasn't convinced, so Joe returned after 2 weeks to test the air conditioner for mold to assure her.
    There's a reason this company is #1, and that reason is Joe!  I greatly appreciate his honesty, integrity, and excellent work.
    - James W.
  • A
    Basement Pros Inc-Basement Waterproofing, Crawlspace Conditioning, and Mold Remediation
    I called Basement Pros when my husband and I had a devastating flood.  We found out that we had an underground stream and we had no idea where to begin.  We had talked with several plumbers and waterproofers and no one could give us a straight answer.  As soon as I called Basement Pros, I knew I had made a great choice.  They gave me an appointment right away and began the work the day after they came out to assess the issue.  Not only were they punctual, professional, and hard working, but they were kind as well.  They understood that we were really struggling with getting our house back and they provided us with different alternatives to meet our needs.  Basement Pros finished the job ahead of schedule and left no mess behind (and they were even pouring cement!).  They called when they needed to ask permission to do something and explained everything in detail.  They didn't mind when we were looking at the work they were doing and helped us understand our problem much better.  Above all, they resolved our issue and helped us with recommendations for finishing the floors and walls.  We can now sleep at night without worrying about having 3 feet of water in our basement.
    - Jessica H.
  • A
    Atlantic Lead Consultants Inc
    Bruce asked about and listened to our concerns up front, making sure that we had answers to our questions.  He then spent time taking random samples, explaining the rationale for appropriate places to test and based on where we were most interested in testing.  While doing this, he gave us information about what to consider for cleaning and maintenance in an older home in order to keep potential exposure minimized. His customer service was exceptional.
    - Alan and Isobel S.
  • F
    Advanced Mold Diagnostics Inc
    Where do I start?  This has been one of the worst experiences dealing with a business.  I found out that I had a major mold problem in my house.  I?m allergic to mold and was reacting for some time but didn?t know what was happening.  When I realized it, I called in the ?experts.?  This company said that they had $50,000 of equipment and the owner is on the board of so many air quality groups and he is the best, etc., etc., so I thought that I was getting the best.  They were very expensive $700.00 for tests.  Since the damage was extensive, I paid the money thinking that I would be getting a very detailed assessment of the mold problem.  
    For $700.00 I got some graphs, no details of where in the walls the moisture, and therefore the mold was.  The owner, Craig Camel, suggested that I could do some mold remediation myself to save money in one bedbroom that was really bad.  I actually tried that but it was too much, a big job, and should not be done by someone with mold allergies.  Bad idea!  That should have been my first hint.
    In any case, I wanted to get an estimate from him for remediation of the house.  A few weeks went by without any response from them.   I got an estimate from one company who was going to do the entire house using decontamination chemicals, it would have been two weeks out.  In the meantime, Mr. Camel found time to call me back. I asked for an estimate.  He said whatever you get, let me know and I?ll beat it.
    I didn?t call him back with the competitors estimate because Mr. Camel seemed arrogant.  He called me a week later, on a Thursday, Aug 16, because he had a time slot available on Monday for a few days and will get started on my house so I can move back into it sooner.  His price was cheaper but did not include the basement.  He said I can do that myself by clearing out some junk (I guess I didn't learn the first time).  Based on the promise of moving back into my house sooner, and I shouldn?t have chemicals in my house because I?m sensitive to it, so his argument went, I went with him instead of the competitor. Bad idea!
    When he called on that Thursday, I was suffering from ?brain fog? from the mold allergy and was on sleep medication.  It?s my fault for signing a contract under those conditions but I wanted to get back into my house as soon as possible.  That's a lesson to not deal with business in a condition of weakness.
    On the third day of remediation, the kitchen and dining room wall was not done.  I brought this up.  Mr. Camel said it?s not in the contract.  So, realizing another mistake, on the spot, I had to sign another contract to do those walls, costing an additional $3000.00 dollars.  Now, I?m beyond what the competitor offered and the basement still won?t be done.
    I was working in my basement on day 4 of the remediation, with a respirator, when debris (mold contaminated dirt and cellulose insulation) came falling on me and my laptop and workspace.  His containment did't include anything below the floor and he never said that I shouldn?t be in the building.  DON'T be in a building when mold remediation is going on.  Ever since that time, my life has been h***.  I left the house right then and, unknowingly, contaminated my car, work cubicle and laptop.  My stress level went through the roof and I became very highly allergic to the smallest amount of mold.  I also developed a chemical sensitivity and couldn?t wear any clothes that were not 100% cotton.
    I had to buy some new clothes, all cotton, wear a respirator while driving in my car or working at my cubicle.  I had to constantly change clothes because sitting in my car would contaminate them, I became so sensitive.  I finally had to rent a car for a month because I couldn?t drive my own anymore.
    Since the kitchen and dining room walls were not on his original schedule, they now rushed the job.  His trabajadores scratched my hardwood floors moving things; they broke the back panel to the kitchen sink.  The entire thing needs to be replaced.  They broke a window sill in the kitchen and the kitchen sink drain pipe.  They also broke a 12"x12" ceramic tile by the front door.  As of now, they refuse to fix any of it nor compensate me for it.
    ,When I walked into my house after the remediation, I was in shock and still got the mold allergy response.  So, I spent over $9,000.00 in mold remediation and still can?t move back into my house.  I  told the manager, Gary about the debris and to clean it up.  They did come about 2 weeks later, after coaxing, to vacuum up the debris that fell in the basement, the debris that Mr. Camel said was just dust and cellulose, not mold, but was highly allergic for me.  
    Since the job was started so quickly, there was no pod available for putting the clothes in.  So, the trabajadores, que no hablan ingles,  just put all my clothes in one small room and left the door open during the remediation, they didn?t even try to cover it.  I guess that works in Mexico but the contract said that I should have a pod.  Plus, they didn?t remediate the wall in that room (small computer room).  All my clothes got contaminated.  When they were done, they put a few things back but left piles of contaminated stuff in that room, I guess because they were in a hurry at that point.  The second remediation company had to wipe everything down and move it so they could remediate the wall.
    I spoke to the general manager, Gary, who said that there is a clause in the contract that some things may get broken and therefore refuses to pay for anything.  Here?s their disclaimer:
    ?Note: Although all precautions will be taken and because we have no control over how surfaces were prepared or will respond to painters tape, there is no guarantee that paint, wallpaper or finishes may not be damaged and Advanced Mold Diagnostics cannot be held responsible. In addition, we are moving heavy equipment in and out of the property, up and down steps, etc. and again we will take all precautions to protect said surfaces, but we will not be/cannot be held responsible to any damage to walls, floors, ceilings or furniture.?
    Dragging a refrigerator across the floor is not a reasonable ?precaution.? Breaking out a back panel, or a sink drain, has nothing to do with moving heavy equipment.  It has to do with sloppy work and being in a hurry.
    Knowing that I?m highly allergic to mold, why would he even give me a proposal to do partial remediation, leaving moldy walls behind?  Why did he go ahead without protecting my clothes?  The contract says they were going to have a pod, but no pod was provided.  From the contract:
    "Scope of Work:
    NOTE: Storage POD will be placed in your driveway (cars will have to be parked elsewhere). The contents of your bedrooms (clothes and personal items you want to access during the remediation will have to be removed by the customer) will be placed in the POD so we have 6? of space on the front and rear elevation walls."
    I will say that where they did remove the mold and walls, they removed everything, including parts of the ceiling, which of course, is now more expensive to rebuild.  Their containment walls seemed to hold well, but when I told Mr. Camel that I?m still getting the allergic response after their remediation, he said that there is still some mold in the window frames and that I should have all my windows removed and put in a polymer to replace the wood.  Is that realistic?  How much is that, another $10,000?  Insurance didn?t cover any of this.
    When they started removing the walls, they put the debris in plastic bags, all of which ripped and had holes in them, from the ferring strips, as they carried them out and put them on my front lawn for 3 days until their dumpster came in my driveway.  I couldn't even walk past my house because the moldy smell and dust were blowing with the wind and I still see small residual cellulose debris in my yard.  So, no dumpster (for three days), no POD for the clothes.
    Be wary of these guys and their overpriced testing services (his expensive thermal imaging didn?t pick up the moisture in the kitchen wall, even though the paint was bubbling, and there was in fact mold there when they did take it out).   I didn?t get anything more from them than I did the other, less expensive competitor, who had to come in and finish the remediation in the basement and computer room.  I had a very bad experience with this company.
    Their remediation ended on August 24th.  As of this review, I?m still not in my house yet.  Perhaps in another 2 to 3 weeks I?ll be able to move back in.  Don't let Craig Camel bully you into a partial remediation job just because it's convenient for him.
    - d. Anthony H.
  • A
    ValueGuard Home Inspection
    I used ValueGuard's online schedule request form and was contacted by phone within an hour.  Radon testing & home inspection scheduled for approximately a week and a half out.

    ValueGuard immediately emailed confirmation, plus advance instructions for the radon test & home inspection.

    Joe was due to arrive at 9 with the radon test, but was delayed by his first client of the morning and called to let me know.  Not a problem for me.  Joe arrived and worked quickly, was pleasant, polite and informative while setting up the radon test box.

    Mike arrived punctually for the home inspection at 9 am and wrapped everything up and was heading out the door at almost exactly 11 am.  He was pleasant and polite and ready to get started, after a brief explanation and initial questions about the house.

    My husband accompanied him through most of the inspection, answering questions and providing as much access as possible to all parts of our home, exterior and interior. 

    (Joe returned to pick up the radon test box while the inspection was underway, and was just as pleasant and professional as he had been upon set up.  The results of the radon test were emailed to us within 2 hours.)

    Mike worked carefully and thoroughly, and, during the time that I was able to observe, seemed perfectly at ease answering our questions and even educating us a little as he went. 

    Mike promised that our report would be emailed out on a Monday; it was actually in my email inbox by 9 am Sunday morning!

    The inspection report itself did an excellent job of weighing what is common or "normal" in houses as old as ours is, versus specific areas of concern that a buyer's agent or inspector might highlight.  Five hundred dollars *is* a lot of money, but we believe that Valueguard earned every penny of it and should be proud of the excellent rating and reputation they have acquired here at AngiesList.
    - Michael F.
  • A
    Mold Busters LLC
    Larry arrived on time on a Thursday, examined the attic, and began to remove the insulation. We discovered that the insulation was not only roll out bats that I had been adding over the years, but 55 year old rock wool, 3" deep insulation, as well. He worked non-stop (no lunch, no bathroom breaks) from 10 AM to 4 PM, removing 65 full trash bags of heavy, very filthy insulation. He returned the next day, Friday, and sprayed and then fogged  "SHOCKWAVE," an EPA registered agent to kill the mold. He then sprayed, using an electric compressor, "Fosters Full Defense 40-25," to kill and encapsulate the mold. This appears like a white paint on the wooden surfaces throughout the attic. He then removed half of the 65 trash bags and returned on Sunday to remove the rest.

    Throughout this process, Larry answered my many questions with patience. He was careful to use tarps, cleaned up after himself, and provided an invoice for me to submit to my insurance company.

    I believe that moisture had been migrating from my house through the very old and packed, non-faced insulation. Hopefully, with its removal, new vapor barrier insulation with a total of R-43, adequate ventilation from a Smart Vent, and Larry's anti-microbial treatment, this problem has been solved.

    I would recommend Mold Busters LLC for anyone fighting a mold problem.
    - James C.
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